Low Information Voters

It comes down to how ill equipped the Republicans are when it comes to competing against the Democratic, secular and liberal machines. Keep in mind that the Demo machine buses the folks in. They make sure that they register to vote as many times as possible.

There is a great deal of talking today about the low information voter. Everyone seems to be focused on educating the low information voter because they are so stupid or ignorant that they voted for Obama. This could not be further from the truth. And the odds of turning the low information voter into a well informed capitalist comes in as slim to none. And slim just left the building.


Before we get into how stupid this idea is, keep in mind that almost 50% of the people that can vote do not vote. And Romney lost by about 3.5 million votes. That is a very small percentage of all the folks that could be voting.


It comes down to how ill equipped the Republicans are when it comes to competing against the Democratic, secular and liberal machines. Keep in mind that the Demo machine buses the folks in. They make sure that they register to vote as many times as possible. And they know the numbers. Obama looked like he had no doubt that he was going to win. But he always has that face on. The face of a perpetual campaigner. But the bottom line is that he knew how many folks they were going to bus in at key areas and they had spent their money well.


Jimmy Kimmel has been doing this new sidewalk skit. They make up stuff and then ask the public what they think about it. And in no time they have a bunch of people that make up stuff about the issue. One time they talked about the Power Ball lines in California. There are no Power Ball sales in California. But the last one was about the Sequester bill. And most people made up stuff about how great it would be for the people. Of course they didn’t have a clue what the word “Sequester’ actually meant. But the last person they showed was a Black woman who said she didn’t know what they were talking about. She said she voted for Obama because he was Black.


So tell me again how you are going to teach, educate or bribe a Black woman as such not to vote for Obama or any other communist liberal?  It would cost way too much money and time and at the end of the day they will still vote for a Democrat!


So don’t waste your time. There are more fish in the barrel to go after. Easy fish with better results.


Obama will go down in history as the first Black President. And his presidency will be rated as one of the worse. If not the worse. But if you can resurrect Billy Bob Clinton and parade him around town as though he could only tell the truth and the whole truth… well than anything is possible. Clinton’s economy tanked. and it took President Bush about a year to bring it back. But President Bush didn’t cry about inheriting Clinton’s mess. He just fixed it. And it was fine until the Obama team tanked the economy in 2008 to win the election. And the housing market they tanked still hasn’t risen from the ashes. And there is little hope in sight that Obama the community organizer can  will the economy to get better. Obama has put the economy in such a hole, that Satan himself can not bring back the prosperity we have become accustomed to and enjoyed  under President Bush.


Keep in mind that Obama’s economy is so bad. How bad is it? It is so bad that Veterans are having a hard time finding jobs.  This is after Obama is offering almost $6,000 dollars of taxpayer money as an incentive for each veteran hired. This is while Obama is raising all sorts of taxes including the taxes of ObamaCare. A legacy you can count on.


The other goof in NY wants to raise minimum pay rates. As an incentive Cuomo is also offering tax breaks to businesses. So tell me again how this is going to help. Cuomo assumes that the minimum wage hasn’t kept up with the cost of living. Maybe if he would stop raising taxes and regulations like the other liberal losers, the cost of living would not be going up. Tell me how the cost of living goes up if the economy is in the toilet. Maybe they should raise the taxes on government workers only. Would that lower the cost of living. Some liberals using trickle down economics would think so!


Well enough of that lesson. The bottom line is that the capitalists lost the election in 2012 by 3.5 million votes.  So for argument sake let’s say there are 100 million lost soles out there not voting. So go seek these folks out in the battle ground states. I guarantee you there are thousands of these folks in the states in question. Some are actually registered voters. Find the capitalists that are not voting!


Send out the Amway salespersons and the Jehovah witnesses and start convincing these folks that if they don’t vote they will get another 4 years of Obama or a loser just like him, Pelosi or Reed.


So it would not take a rocket scientist to out canvass the Democrats. They are way ahead of the capitalists in this regard but the rules are simple. If you need 100,000 votes in Pennsylvania then round up 100,000 votes. Make sure that all these folks show up at the polls on election day. If the commies can do it… Why can’t the capitalists do it!


Gather the groups like the Chamber of Commerce, Conservatives, Libertarians and work together for capitalism and against the Communists like Obama. The Rich like Maher are a little confused. They didn’t think Obama would actually raise their taxes. They must be Dumb and Dumber. But someone has to pay for the liberal programs. Why not pay for capitalism so we can get a return on our investments.


It is time. The battle can be won in the trenches if we focus on capitalism. The social issues can be dealt with after you win… not before.


All for one and one for all to defeat socialism and bring back capitalism and prosperity to America. Would you rather have socialism or a Job… Vote for Capitalism.

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