“Lucifer Wins His Own Kingdom”: Imagine a Latent Early Clinton Concession of the Presidency to Trump

With Hillary Clinton’s declining health now gone public, her unprecedented corruption exposed by the pro-Russian WikiLeaks release of the Democratic National Committee’s e-mails and her own from Benghazi suggest the Clinton/Kaine ticket for November is not only in jeopardy, it is growing clearer that she will inevitably lose. In light of this, then, arises inquiry into the extent of the long-suspected political intrigue between Donald Trump and the Clintons — and whether such an arrangement, should it exist, be also flexible for the Clinton campaign to willingly concede defeat nearly two full months prior to the November 8 elections by conspicuously shuttering operations in key swing states as well as toning down campaign rhetoric. The objective would be to destroy conservatism by a socialist infiltration of the GOP through a Trump victory in light of an alleged partnership prominently suggested by Ohio Democrat Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. Given her rapidly sinking polling numbers, Trump holding his ground at around his usual average of 40-43 percent while Gary Johnson feasts off fleeing Hillary supporters, the plan not only could work like a charm, a Trump victory would damage the brand far more than a Clinton win. 


Photocopies of Hillary Clinton’s correspondence with Saul Alinsky, 8 July 1971.

If Trump truly has been in the tank for the Clintons, what would stop Hillary from suspending much of her campaign’s operations over the remainder of the election in light of non-stop leaked e-mails, then subtly hint that she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, advised Trump to enter the race in the days prior to his official announcement due to his talent at popular persuasion, ideological and administrative competency? Such bizarre ideations are not at all complex to understand given the art of war is only won through espionage and reliable insider information. And Hillary Clinton, it should be noted, only differed in her college thesis from Chicago Marxist community organizer and Rules for Radicals author Saul Alinsky in terms of the method; she opposes violent means for persuasion, favoring instead the very Fabian Society and Frankfurt School tactic of ideological subversion through infiltrating government bureaucracies and the nation’s courts.

The strategy for the Clinton campaign due to its Mafia-like organization is the same for any American president’s role with the CIA in she can simply invoke plausible deniability. Imagine, if you will, that prefaced with a full congratulations by the Clintons as well as gradual public displays of support of Trump’s own policies which mirror Bernie Sanders’, that:

  • Once Trump wins, the Democrats can then focus on the GOP as being a tool for the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin – who has proven over the past eight years to be the greatest enemy of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The Clintons can also cry that Trump betrayed their trust in him as an old friend and past donor to the Clinton Foundation. They will then renew demands for a full disclosure into Trump’s 30 years of financial and business ties to Russia and his own admitted working relationship with Putin. This could prove a marvelous excuse as to why the Republican National Committee’s platform was changed into a pro-Russia geopolitical shift through a full repudiation of America’s historic leadership in NATO.
  • The general public could then be left to assume the fix was in between perhaps the one side of Trump, Russia and the RNC; and the other of the Clintons and the DNC, whether or not one ever existed. At this point, the anger and angst having reached a fervor over America’s uncertain future will engulf the nation into a universal crisis over this corrupt bargain should Mrs. Clinton choose to expand her nauseating generation-long “vast right-wing conspiracy” outcry. It would reflect similar such controversies from 1824 and 1876.
  • With the Republican Party’s commitment to Trump openly inclusive of the Ku Klux Klan, Neo Nazis and other white nationalist militias and parties (the fact the openly sympathetic Alt-Right publication Breitbart News CEO Steve Bannon, a notorious anti-semite, and self-loathing Jew and Holocaust denier Joseph Schmitz, are among the nefarious enclave in charge of the Trump campaign should leave little doubt), there should be no trouble scrutinizing why it is noted French National Party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Hungarian President Viktor Orban and Greece’s Neo Nazi party Golden Dawn support him — as well as Kim Jong-Un and Robert Mugabe love Trump. And, after all, Putin is easily Trump’s greatest ally.

Seeing and hearing are not always believing. In politics, the strangest bedfellows inevitably find reasons to become allies. Aside Trump’s daily approach to applying more nationalism to his socialist platform, his socio-economic planks are today only equaled in extremity by the Marxist-Leninist sympathizer Sanders.

As Bloomberg View’s Ramesh Ponnuru notes in his op-ed published from September 18, “the difference between Trump and other Republicans isn’t just that he has different views” — for instance, he has proposed “new child-care subsidies, new mandatory benefits to be provided by business, the removal of millions of families from the income-tax rolls, and an increase in taxes on single people making from $112,500 to $190,000 a year,” while expanding Medicaid. He has successfully left the impression with many that he also has no fear to enforce what his inner party detractors within the GOP predicted. After all, he is no conservative, nor would any of the Republicans he beat in the primaries have considered pursuing such socialist initiatives. It is also imperative to consider that in the eyes of Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus, these fears for years have proven long overstated, or, at least do not apply to Trump given his “forty percent” base has him poised to overtake Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House.

With Trump successfully rejecting his initial key position for deporting all illegal immigrants while implying his support for a Gang of Eight style amnesty bill, it is now worth asking whether Trump initially ran to ensure a Clinton victory, and if she might concede the election given her close ties to Trump and his successful injection into the Republican Party of a hard, secular socialist agenda. Such a prospect stands to be the sickest “dirty trick” ever sprung by the Clintons and DNC with the Trump Alt-Right GOP Establishment in America’s political history. The Trump/Pence campaign is really just Bernie Sanders’ platform with a fascist twist designed for the “deplorable” elements of the “Dixiecrat” Alt-Right.

And if you ask many Republican voters and party surrogates supporting Trump, it no longer is a bad thing to support a fascist, much less elect one over the Marxist sympathizing opposition.

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