Luke, Look at the Figs… There Ain’t no Climate Change!

fgtrWell Obama has switched to climate change. One day global warming, the next climate change. And Leonardo DiCaprio may be just a guy, but he is right, he is not an expert in climate change. And he may not be an expert in anything except kissing up to the Clintons.

Why is the fig so important. To start with figs have been around since the beginning of time. Well about 30 years ago I tried to grow a fig tree. And in the Northeast it is a bit tricky. Even the NY Times had an article that stated: It was so cold last winter that all the fig trees died (paraphrased). What that means is that all the top parts of the unprotected brown turkey fig trees died, but in my area the roots did not die.

So how can the NY Times have all these useless articles about global warming and climate change and it is getting colder at least for last winter and this winter is predicted as being just as cold.. And in the last year I have written several articles about the weather being so much colder then it was 20 years ago. You would think the commie liberals would be celebrating that they alone solved global warming and climate change… But they still want to tax the citizens of industrialized nations like the United States.

Now just maybe DiCaprio’s brain went down with the Titanic. The problem with all this is that the loons said it was the CO2 causing the globe to get warmer. They made up this story about greenhouse gases causing the earth to warm. The only problem is that the world is not warming and the alleged amount of CO2 is increasing! Many experts have come out and said the earth has not warmed. The loser’s lets call them the deniers of real science, hope otherwise. You make up a theory and you scientifically prove it. If you can’t then the theory or poppycock is not true.

And it becomes obvious that the UN and all the other losers in the world think that if they tax the industrialized countries, that money can be sent to developing countries like China and others who will use that money to rid the world of their poor.. You can be the dumbest person on the planet or Dicaprio and you can’t possibly believe that.

So now we have commie Obama making up his own rules putting the coal industry out of business. He plans to tax all the power companies and guess who is going to pay that tax? And once the politicians and commies get their hands in your pocket and wallet and purses like FDR, they won’t let go. It is not the companies that pay the tax, it is the taxpayer that will pay the tax by paying much more for energy. 

A great example of that was Billy Bob Clinton. He taxed the folks so much that there was a surplus and he balanced the budget. But he never paid down the national debt that he caused to be increased. Clinton spent the surplus. So in the end, Clinton was a tax and spend Democrat just like commie Obama. And he added to the national debt.

The fig is a wonderful fruit. If you live in the right climate zone you can get 2 crops of figs each growing season. But in the North East with the growing season being so short consider yourself lucky if you get one crop of figs. And this year you probably struck out like the Nationals. So the question is if the world is getting warmer how come I didn’t successfully grow any figs this year? 

Funny thing, in July this year the temperature dipped into the 50’s. Let me be specific not like the global climatologists like DiCaprio. On July 30th at 7:22 AM the temperature was 58 degrees Fahrenheit! The low for the day was 51. The record high was 97 in 1940 and the low was 50 in 1968. So is the world really getting warmer according to Obama and the other losers?

I enjoyed a week in August in Biden’s state at the shore and I don’t think we saw 80 degrees. So where did the commie climatologists go wrong? In Delaware in August hitting eighty should be a breeze. By the way the average high for Lewes Delaware in August is 85. The average low is 77. Record high is 101 in 1997 and the record low of 47 in 1986. And remember we did not see 80 or above in August 2014 the week we stayed in Biden country. If the world was warming, wouldn’t the temperature be in the 90’s. Only in the mind of liberal Obama. 

Always look at the money trail… Follow the money and you will find the crooks! Billions if not trillions have been wasted on proving that there is global warming. And the UN swears by it. I can tell Obama instead of spending billions on global warming and phony climate change, if he spent a million or two on disproving global warming, he would have saved the taxpayers billions of dollars. Money that could have been spent on education and the poor in the United States and not in India.

If we really cared about the global poor, wouldn’t the money be better used shipping the greenbacks to the poor country instead. I am sure all of it would be used wisely by the poor and there would be no corruption and no world leaders gobbling up the money. Yeah right!

Money, money, money it is all about the money. These commies don’t give a damn about the poor or the climate. They think they can convince the suckers to turn over their money to save the planet that does not need saving.

Again I was at the beach this summer. A beach or ocean that I have seen since I was born. And I haven’t noticed any increase in the sea level. By now, wasn’t Miami supposed to be underwater. Physically not counting the Obama mortgage industry.

Let’s ask you the most important question. Assuming our elected officials were community leaders… Who would you want leading you? Someone that believes in Made-up crap like global warming and climate change or someone who will protect the nation from illnesses like Ebola, Enterovirus 68, and Polio.

Do you want someone to protect you from terrorists that move freely across the liberal Obama open borders?

Do you want someone that lies about the economy and ObamaCare? And are supported by liberal pundits that make up stories about how great the economy is and ObamaCare is so wonderful.

Do you want a leader who has expanded the welfare roles with legal and illegal immigrants while your American Job is sent to other countries?

Maybe next time you should think about who you vote for. Do you want a commie like Obama and the other liberals or do you want someone who will protect the American Dream?   We have a right to a fair job. We have a right to a healthy living, and we have a right to be protected from terrorists. Seems the liberal Democrat politicians are only concerned about their paychecks and benefits! Under the liberals, it will never be your turn. Isn’t it time to vote against the liberal, commie propaganda! If not for you, what about your family?

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