McDonald’s Bonanza the Sure Way to High Wages

fstfmnwgIt is funny seeing all these losers protesting for higher wages. Because big brother keeps shelling out all this money, they just think everyone has money to shell out. At least that is what commie’s like Obama and Hillary want them to think.

But I have the solution and it is pretty simple. It always struck me funny when guys like Malcolm X were able to make a living opening up clothes cleaning establishments in poor neighborhoods.

Why don’t they just open up more businesses. And let the poor people work in the businesses. In poor neighborhoods? Idiots like Obama want to pay to have transportation to move these folks out of the neighborhood to work jobs in other neighborhoods.

It would be cheaper to build businesses in the poor neighborhoods. In the old days poor people had no money. Today everyone has money. They get money for Section 8, they get money for disability. They get money for welfare. And they get money just for the hell of it.

So what they should do is get a bunch of poor people together and chip in and buy their own franchise. Anyone can buy a McDonald’s franchise. Get an Al Sharpton to collect all the money and put together an agreement to own a McDonald’s Franchise. They are nothing but money pits! Put a thousand dollars in and take out ten or more. This is what capitalism is all about. Take the money the government gives you that they steal from others and buy a franchise. And you can hire all the poor people in the neighborhood to run it.

That would be wonderful. And you can work it yourself. Heck you can pay yourself thirty-dollars an hour. And throw in free ObamaCare to boot. Anyone in America can do this. And since you are from a poor neighborhood you can pay the workers anything you want. Hell the sky is the limit!

I am going to bet you that you will have a hard time paying the workers much over minimum wage. Let me tell you why. First off, you will have a tough time finding workers that are reliable and show up for work all the time.

And after you give up your hard earned entitlement to own a franchise, you will have a tough time giving up your hard earned profit to pay some employee who may not be worth it. I think SNL could have skits every week on how this didn’t work out too well.

But yet the protesters and the liberal politicians have the audacity to ask for a higher pay and they never asked the owners if they could afford to pay more. Obviously in this wonderful Obama economy which has turned the Obama corner there must be hundreds of better paying jobs to choose from. So if you don’t like what you are making get a better job. You better make more because the Obama inflation is kicking in. So if you are making 20% less than when you elected commie Obama, then things are costing a heck of a lot more then when Obama sprinkled his commie seeds all over the land. So you make less to pay more. Sounds like communism to me.

If you can’t do that then buy your own business and see if you can make ends meet by paying high salaries like the government.

There was some talk recently about how there are still not many black cops in poor neighborhoods in some communities. Of course the liberal press tries to paint this picture that the whites are being hired over the blacks. And Holder would swear to it.

But for those who have never set foot in the poor neighborhood, things are a little bit different in those neighborhoods.   There are drugs, prostitution, burglary and all sorts of fine upstanding things going on. So if little Ray Rice grows up and tells his friends that he is going to become a cop, I think that is not going to go over too well with the neighborhood kids. If Ray becomes a cop, he knows where all the drugs are, and where all the bad people are. So how is that going to work. So the idea in Wilmington is to set up a relationship with the community so they will be able to handle the thugs and the gangs. Good luck with that one!

Well I can’t imagine the community being real proud of a cop living in their neighborhood. How is that going to work. So Ray has to decide should he become a cop. And there must be a great deal of peer pressure not to become a cop, at least one in their neighborhood!

So their police departments are forced to hire white folks to become cops that probably don’t live in the poor neighborhoods. They live in the non-black suburbia. Can you blame them? So in the end everyone is happy. The black kid who knows all the bad guys and where they hide, doesn’t become a cop. and they get a white kid that doesn’t live in the neighborhood to become a cop. They never state how many black kids applied and how many were turned down because they did not meet the qualifications.

And then the bleeding hearts liberals can complain that they don’t have enough black cops in black neighborhoods. Heck if we can train Syrian rebels to become Navy SEALS, how come we can’t train a black kid to become a cop?

The other problem is finding people capable of being cops. If a minority person is smart enough to become a cop, there are better and safer jobs that would take the person out of the neighborhood for good. So why would a poor minority person want to stay in a poor neighborhood if he could afford not to.

So the bleeding heart liberals should force the middle class and bus middle class people to live in poor neighborhoods. That would make life fair for all. And of course take their guns away so they can’t defend themselves and their families. The dreams of the liberals like Obama are endless and unquantifiable.

One quick story. In England a women was killed by a machete wielding madman who the authorities swear was not a terrorist.   He also damaged a few more people. And the comments that followed the article was about how great England is because they don’t allow guns, even most the police don’t carry.

Are these people really stupid. If this old lady was carrying a sword off shotgun, she could have blown this freak’s head off his shoulders. Instead all she could do was hold up her hands as this madman decapitated her with his legal machete.

The good news is that America does not have a monopoly on stupid people.

People like Hillary think democracies are great because we elect people that make the hard decisions. Tell the commie liberals that when we elect them we want them to vote the way the majority of the people want them to vote, not the losing minority.  

The next time you vote for a spineless politician, see if they understand that simple, basic and fundamental   principle of democracy. The majority should rule not the liberal progressives! If you are tired of the nonsense, vote them out in November!

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