McGinty and the Crazy Liberals: Voters Beware!

McGinty and the Crazy Liberals: Voters Beware!


By Dr. Phil Taverna


Kathleen McGinty is one of the liberals propped up by famous liberals like Rendell, Wolf, Clinton and Algore.


She was the Pennsylvania Secretary of Environmental Protection under Eddy Rendell. If you are secretary to protect the environment, would you be concerned with stormwater abuse in the state. I would hope so. Well I called her office several times and she never responded. I used to laugh. She was always looking for publicity and would run these costly ads with her in it, paid by the taxpayer about playing in abandoned quarries.


So she played herself as the darling for Pennsylvania, and she wants to be your Senator.

But look what Hillary wants. Do you really want liberals like this running your country.


I asked McGinty to look into the corruption in Palmer Township Northampton County. A Judge who now sits on the federal court said that this development was proper. The Stormwater management was just fine and peachy. At the time he was a county judge.


The other day a new developer said he is going to develop upstream and that he needs to fix the problems left behind by the previous developer.


Get this, I call it the makeshift swale that never appeared on the original plans, but the waste line in the middle of the swale prevents them from fixing the swale and make it correct or adequate for the stormwater. And they will need to make it wider by getting easements from adjacent properties.


Judge Smith ruled the site was ok. Engineers from schools like Lehigh and Lafayette said it was all proper. McGinty refused to investigate the corruption allowed in Northampton and Lehigh counties.


So I will ask you, Do you need McGinty as your Senator? I hope not!


Why is stormwater so important. The loons are spending trillions on climate change and its propaganda. The liberal media has articles all the time. And the government agencies keep spending billions to prove there is climate change that is detrimental to the planet. Steinem says its having children is the major cause!!!! Maybe her mother should have opted for an abortion.


One of their pet peeves is the rising oceans. In a million years, or maybe 20, places will be under water. This is usually only during a storm surge. Where do you think the storm surge comes from. From all the stormwater flowing down the rivers into the ocean.


In Pennsylvania developers get rich along with some politicians and officials while the taxpayer is left holding the bag for excess flooding damage. And don’t forget you are also paying for all the climate change propaganda and alleged research and monitoring.


Lets face it, if you think Carbon is going to affect the planet and these idiots will fix it, then you might want to place a filter on your mouth and anus. Give me a billion dollar grant and I can prove that its the number of humans causing climate change. And I can make up as many fake models as you like to prove it.


Just this week the NOAA came out and said we were warmer than hell. Threw the hell in for emphasis. I think we had the greatest summer ever. A few days maybe 2 reached above 95. The rest was below that. We call this summer. And the evenings stayed in the 60’s which is great if you have an in ground pool.


And when you look at the made up map by NOAA why are there so many blue areas only in non-inhabited areas. And in my area they claimed it was warmer.


What someone should asked these kooks, warmer then when. Warmer than last year. Last decade, Last century. Now I am not complaining. Playing golf in 98 degree weather with high humidity is not fun. Once I remember taking a shower between 9’s to cool off. I don’t know what world these liberals are living in, but my area is not warmer than the 1970’s. And if you look at it, there are no records set and daily records should have been set in the last few years. And there is no history of that.


So if we really can’t control climate, never had and never will. But we can control the money spent on bogus models to prove that the earth is allegedly warming. Do we really want to swallow the con to make global idiots rich. Where do you think the Clinton Foundation gets its money?   From poor countries and companies that will prosper under climate change forced propaganda.


This is nothing but a con game. We can control stormwater. That is something you can measure. You can see it. We have massive detention ponds  in Palmer Township that hold no water. So McGinty had a chance to fix an environmental issue called stormwater. She chose to make  selfies so she could advertise to Pennsylvania how great she is.


You can only be great if you can fix stormwater, not look the other way as developers get rich flooding our waterways.


Speaking of water, (on the brain) Obama thinks climate change or global warming is the greatest issue facing the global world. I think that justifies the fact that he is an idiot. But one aspect that Obama is willing to make up are droughts. So droughts are man made and liberals can fix the problem by spending your money. If you really believe that con, then please vote again for the liberals.  Of course if you are paid to work in that field, then ok… vote for them


Some will say we had a drought this year, The grass became a little brown. There was no official water shortage claimed. And in my pool I had to remove about an inch or so of rain water to get the skimmers to work better.


So what that tells you is that with all the evaporation etc. The rain was in excess of what was evaporated by the amount of rain we received. I don’t think we can expect more than that from mother nature. Unless of course you are a farmer. But I am sure the liberals will tell you we had a drought. It will get worse in the coming decades and you better stop exhaling carbon into the atmosphere.


Do any of you with a half a brain really believe this nonsense. But a show girl like McGinty should have been concerned about the stormwater abuse in Palmer Township. You have to wonder why she ignored the issue in Pennsylvania. Could it be that the developer lobbyists in Pennsylvania have the ears or purses of our liberal officials.  It is ok if they share the money. But they are too selfish to do that.


If you don’t believe this nonsense, then why do you keep voting for liberals! Maybe it is time to stop voting for liberals or just stay home.









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