Media Bias Exposed

In the past few weeks we have been witness to the long time lies and bias of the media elite. In the Republican debate we had moderators who used debunked facts to make the Republicans on the stage to look bad.
John Harwood of the New York Times used a lie in a question to Marco Rubio that he had retracted before the debate even started. When Harwoods boss, the New York Times asked an online question of who made the most ignorant comment, they did not expect the rank and file to say the moderators did.
The sanctimonious and self importance of the moderators was shown quite clearly, exposing the establishment media as a far-left entity and made quite clear to those watching the debate that all they had heard from the right about media bias was indeed true. Major factors in the medias downfall will be the lying that they do so well, the omissions allowed to further the cause of those they agree with, and an ignorance of the fact that reliance on the major media outlets has fallen to the lowest levels ever.

The questions were meant to be mean and used the moderators perceived superiority to sneer questions at candidates to make them look inferior. They had nothing more than bumper sticker ideas when what was needed was questions that moved the candidates narrative forward.
At the same time, the Hillary e-mail scandal, her statements that the VA scandal was not that bad and not that widespread, was ignored by the mainstream media. Of course, Hillary felt no apology was due, and the media, in their silence, agreed.
Along with Hollywood and our universities, they feel the need to lie will not result in any sort of punishment. From what we see on our televisions, to what our children are taught, they use the perception of being the final word on any subject. Rather than being the conduit of information that they were established to be they have morphed into the propaganda and information that socialists do so well.
The week before, there was a committee meeting and questions about Benghazi. Hillarys body language suggested boredom. She couldn’t be bothered to answer questions truthful, that is for the little people. None of this mattered to media, they were claiming even before the hearing was done, that she had made the Republicans look foolish and had won the debate. This remains significant because the reason for the meeting was to help the American people to understand what had happened and why. There were many times when the story had been changed by Hillary, and at least once, in the email she sent to her daughter the Prime Minster, and the Libyan Ambassador that she knew the event was not caused by a video. She had lied, to the American people, but more importantly she had lied to the families of four brave men. Hillary was responsible for the security of those four men, and could not be bothered to explain he part in this debacle. She claimed responsibility during the hearing, then when on to blame everyone else. The media has done its best, along with the administration and Clinton machine to delay, deny and delay to a point where they can say it was so long ago, it doesn’t matter.
There are those who would claim that this is all political maneuvering by the Republicans, but a question that has never been answered. If this was a Republican in Hillarys place, would not the coverage be non-stop, would not Elijah Cummings be apoplectic in getting to the truth Would not that Republican be on TV, newsprint, and radio all day every day until his life was a quivering mass on the floor of Congress.
It is the media who has pushed Black Lives Matter” and the so called white privilege. Both have been used to attempt to push the American people into a small area of propaganda that they are comfortable with. White on Black crime is splashed across the front pages of every major newspaper, and is seen on our television screams for days. But the higher numbers of black on white or even more, black on black crime are swept under the carpet and ignored by the paragons of equality that call themselves journalists. Melissa Harris-Perry has no idea what hard work is and to say no one in this country has done hard work since the slaves is stupidity of the highest level. Perhaps her and the other journalist “victims” haven’t, but there are a great many of us out here that have helped build this country into what it was before Obama and his socialist cronies started tearing it down. Harris-Perry doesn’t understand that most of the people out here know hard work, and base everything from friendship to those we associate with.
They will try to push even harder now that they have been exposed. The outsider candidates are doing as well as they are because the American Public no longer trust the politicians or the media. The fact that anyone considered a Republican or Conservative will be demonized in the media is a given. When the conservatives push back, the media use that as giving credibility to the mainstream lies distorting the information made available to the everyday voter. The egos of those in the media can never accept that their viewpoints are not consistent with American values. Once again, they are convinced that the ideas that foment in the little minds are superior to anything that any normal person could develop.
The debate was pivotal not because of the answers to the probing questions the American electorate may have had, but because it ripped the mask off the media, exposing the decline in media standards, and the far left leaning of the media that is forced upon the American people. Is it any wonder why the viewership of the major networks is declining, and why so many people are turning to alternative media for information more balanced. The mainstream media is in free fall, both in print and over the airwaves, and are being openly mocked, a terrible shot to the ivory towered superior few who deign to tell the peasants what to think.
The mainstream media will also use omission of news stories about any subject that may be detrimental to the Democrats. In the instance of Obamacare, the mainstream media neglected to explain the lies we now know was in Obamacare. We had to pass it to see what was in it according to Nancy Pelosi, because the mainstream media neglected to cover it for the American People. Planned Parenthood is taking federal money to chop up and sell baby parts and the American Public gets silence.
The lies and the propaganda that the American people are spoon-fed daily by the mainstream media is harmful to the fabric of this nation. The free press is believed to be balanced, with scrutiny of both sides, an outcome that has not been fact since the days of Walter Cronkite. This administration knows that the corruption and lying done by this administration will not receive the proper scrutiny has caused the media to become a laughingstock, mistrusted and mocked. Americans are beginning to wake up, and the mainstream media will soon be relegated to the status its deserves, An entity that will be mocked and ignored much like they have mocked and ignored the American People.

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