Are you a fan of Dan Carlin, George Friedman, Stephen Kotkin, and Victor Davis Hanson?

Good, because we are looking for an American podcast host who is knowledgeable in the following areas:

  • Military history
  • Firearms history
  • American history
  • Ethics and philosophy
  • Constitutional law
  • Ron Paul’s presidential campaigns

Skill-wise, we’re looking for:

  • Affable personality
  • Confident on-air (radio experience is a plus)
  • An experienced host and interviewer
  • An engaging storyteller
  • Tech-savvy enough to record podcasts
  • A reliable, quiet place to record at with good wi-fi

We think someone in the Intellectual Conservative community might be a good fit for this role.

For more information and how to get in touch with us, visit our job posting.

If you’re curious about the podcast and the type of content featured, have a listen here: The Resistance Library Podcast

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