Misleading “Freedom” Referendum Goes Down in Flames in Scotland

sctshrfrndmIt is a good thing the Scots voted against independence from England. The movement was not about freedom, but about increasing socialism. Both the UK Socialist and Green Parties, along with other left-wing parties, supported the referendum; the Conservative Party (Tories) and right wing UKIP opposed it. Here is an analogy that makes it easy to understand: if California secedes from the U.S. to become a communist state, is it really about freedom and independence?

What has been disturbing about the movement is a lack of informed analysis. Most supporters vaguely claimed it was about independence and freedom, but didn’t get into specifics. There have been plenty of cliches and colorful flags, but little substance. “Yes Scotland” and “Better Together,” the names of the two competing sides, were frequently bandied about with little more.

Reading deeper into the referendum, it becomes clear that proponents wanted to leave the UK in order to implement more socialism than currently exists there. One of the biggest reasons was so Scotland could keep its vast oil reserves all to itself – 90 percent of UK oil reserves are located in Scotland – and use the money to pay for even larger government welfare programs. Another reason was to ditch the current austerity measures being imposed across the UK as a result of too much government spending, and avoid the privatization of government functions. Additionally, proponents want to spend more money on childcare, which they propose to fund by putting 100,000 more women in the workforce, who will then pay more taxes. A final key reason for leaving the UK is to eliminate nuclear weapons. A Trident nuclear missile base is located in Scotland, and seceding would force it to relocate – of course many jobs would go with it.

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