Misused Terms and Disadvantage as a Weapon

Quite often, states and cultures face foes that threaten their existence. Western Civilization -and modernized non-Western countries- confront a peril that has a military-cultural substance. While Communism’s reach has shrunk, the club swung by Islamist fanatics, and by North Korea’s wish for a shoot-out at the OK corral, are real, growing, and colored nuclear.

Those who do not solve problems by kicking cans down the road, calculate dangers by computing the foe’s assets and determination. This overlooks a key element of the formula. Important as the enemy’s muscle is, equal weight is to be attributed to ones means and to the fortitude to use them. By this standard, democracies are not endangered primarily by the might of their external antagonists, but by internal factors. In many ways, “the enemy is us.”

The list of decadent self-depreciation and submissive fatalism is long. Only a few items from a long file of self-inflicted ruin are addressed below.

The trigger here is a personal experience. It came about during a boat trip with old neighbors, salt-of-the earth folks, much appreciated by the writer. Regardless of the small-scale setting, the generalized case tells what ails the West.

Fitting tags for what emerged are “fatalist disregard”, then “slaughterhouse trust”, and “distorted perspectives” when traversing borders brought up illegal migration. In Europe, the numbers, the welfare costs, the criminality and terrorism washed ashore by the tide, is a growing issue to a rising number. As in the US, the repercussions alter the political landscape and politics’ contours. Our little group’s “results” point to a general problem. It is the reduced will to cope with threats due of an inability to believe they are possible because of a mantra that all people are brothers and the conviction that, anyhow, “nothing can be done about it”.

Let this begin with what could be called “the guinea-pig defiance”. The citizens of developed countries abstain from voting, or they cast the ballot unthinkingly, unaware that “it matters”. The swamp-to-be-drained should be thankful for the mandate to continue to rule within the insider network. That complex keeps the mass it regards unfit to govern pacified by cover-ups or by manicured presentations. As long as the inconvenience that grows into a disaster does not touch the somnolent, the docility of the distracted is assured. An negmative upshot is that the unawares, once jolted into action, tend to produce ill-conceived responses. Ignorance creates vacuums and these ten to be filled with pulp. Till the awakening, the warners thatj an elephant is about to enter the room, are cursed for what they forecast, and so they are blamed for “disturbing the peace” by not singing in harmony with the choir.

A widespread assumption is connected to this neutral approach to one’s personal fate. It is that, the private luck of our little world is independent of the outcomes that affect the community. Yes, democracies create protected private areas beyond the public realm. However, societies that have not experienced collective doom, like to forget a critical point. Only a well-run and brawny system can guarantee a private sphere within which autonomous citizens can pursue their private “happiness”.

Complacency at the expense of prevention is amplified by the selectively viewed past and suppressed precedents because, after all, things had ended well. Therefore, the contended avoidance of difficult subjects is justified by a submissive “they must know what they are doing” before the fatalist sight “anyhow what could we do about it?”

Related to the decadent trust that the butcher is benign –being accomodating will soften him- and does not really mean what he says, is applied ignorance. A nice example had been aired in an interview with a central European Foreign Minister who told why his country refuses to accept an unlimited number of unintegrable and hostile migrants. So he was asked, why, having lived for a thousand years with Muslims, the tradition of living together in harmony is not revived. Now then, the thousand years are, at best, five hundred. The hum-dinger is the insinuated bit about  harmonious coexistence. Southern and central Europe’s Muslim conquerors enslaved, impoverished and massacred the natives. The backward projected multi-culturalism hides the reality of centuries of armed struggle against the occupiers that saved Europe from a conquest it did not bother to fear. The analogy is to tell Jews to resume living with anti-Semites with whom they used to coexist. (Oh yes, the diplomat did not even bother to correct the PC-inspired distortion.)

Much of the West’s confusion-fed ineffective reaction to those that contest its right to its way of life is a negative consequence of its historical luck. Even for businesses, an initial advantage can convert into a disadvantage when conditions change. The West has not experienced the full blast of the world wars and real tyranny, genocide, and imposed backwardness. What did not happen due to luck and good leadership appears in superficial “history” as something that “cannot happen here”. It is capped by the belief that misfortune bumps only into the lesser peoples that live elsewhere.

A special aspect of warped perspectives is the “I have no Lexus, therefore, I am poor” delusion. Its sequel is, “I am indigent, therefore virtuous”. The fact is that our region’s statistically “poor” are “rich” in much of the world. They are even better off than the past’s privileged class. Regardless of that, many like to wallow, like pigs in puddles, in a verbally asserted poverty because we play musical chairs around victim status. The winner is the one who is first to claim “discrimination”. Unexpectedly, one of our companions gave evidence of participation in the cult of the blame game.

This is how it went. Over dinner, our group’s oddity occurred to me. Three of our foursome had lived normal, predictable and safe lives. One could think that that condition might be the 3:1 normalcy of our time. Nevertheless, it is my story that is, unfortunately elsewhere, the typical one.

At that moment, the woman exploded. I was told that I should not complain. Frankly, that is something my kind seldom does. In fact, looking back now, having survived, I would not trade my life with those whose record had been spun within the shell of a progressive democracy.

The keystone of the outrage –and with that a wonderful example of a distorted perception of the world- had been that she had suffered “soo much”. After all, her father, a worker, had modest means. She even wore the shoes of her elder siblings. (For the record: she ended up better off than her family, and her grown children have topped their parents’ performance.)

Wisely, I managed neither to smile nor to respond with cheeky questions. Has she ever been thrown out into the snow through the window to save her by a Jewish “mother replacement” when the Nazis came to get her folks? Has she seen her family in handcuffs? Has the Gestapo made her grandfather choose between a full investigation and suicide? Had she stood in front of a class while the teacher told that the scum of the earth, the “enemy of the people” and socialism is standing there? Have the Comrades limited to eight years the education she could get? Was her GPA capped for being a “class alien”? Did “they” come one to take her family away to a bad place? Has she experienced a tree trunk as a “table” that, through the moisture seeping through the “floor” grew leaves? Has she lived expecting to be sent to “Siberia” at a convenient moment?  Has she stood along a wall hoping that the machine gun of the APC will miss her? How often has she been hungry without dieting? What about a bit of forced labor to construct Communism?

Instead of bringing all that and more up, not wanting to sound bitter, and knowing that reality does not matter, I swallowed and apologized for the provocation. I did so although, shutting up meant defeat in the contest of who has the best claim for compensation and moral superiority by being the victim of the greatest abuse.

Therefore, the assessment of the meaninglessness of the terms created by the victim-culture of the pampered, is left to the reader. For me the practical conclusion is: no more boat trips for us.


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