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Anyone whose “job” requires that daily about twenty-five publications be consulted will be a “busy” person. Another upshot is the impression that folly co-governs the world –and that only the bold dare to notice. This writing shows through a sample of oddities what the mental state is of those that rule us.

To begin, a farce inspired by one of the fashionable idiocies of our time. Anticipate the conversion of the joke into a fact in a world where the intolerant lecture about tolerance and peace-promoters are violent.
Here is a way to rekindle Iran’s textile industry and to aid fuel sales. Manufacture American flags on ignitable cloth. Complete the kit with a petroleum spray and matches with a catching slogan such as “Death to America”. This “demonstrator’s starter kit” will fill a demand and should satisfy its producers as well as its users.

2. The “natives” of western countries are urged to be “inclusive”, meaning to enjoy tolerantly multiculturalism’s blessings. At the same time, their leaders tell that in view of their “trauma”, migrants refuse legitimately to adhere to the culture of their hosts or to conform to the laws by which unbelievers govern themselves.
Odd is that these laws force the indigenous to put up with the flaunting of their ways, to ignore migrant crime, and to tone down their own offensive traditions such as Christmas. They are also cajoled to abandon customs disliked by newcomers.
Regardless of pushing “integration” backed by billions spent, migrants form closed communities and run these as extraterritorial entities, while demanding that the majority should adjust to them. Meanwhile, the political class circumvents the problem by preaching that migrants may take pride in their imported culture and then apologize for the majority’s moral inadequacy and past crimes.
That argument caters to the elites’ aberrant craving for self-flagellation that ignores a crucial point. A question arises if the way of life, the religion, the political system of the country fled is superior. Why are the carriers of superior traits “here”, and why are the corrupted unbelievers not requesting admission “there”?

3. Do not dare to pretend that “the religion of peace” is not a religion of peace. If you persist in advocating that, you risk that you will be blown up.

4. All that makes one recall that the Islamic State complains that the bombing to which it is exposed is, well, brutal. The operating principle seems to be, unknowingly but not accidentally, a well-coined phrase of Lenin. It is that the criteria of all moral judgments is “who (did it) to whom”.

5. A generally overlooked incident (May 11) helps to grasp the ambivalent meaning of “peace” and “violence”. The news was that in Spain a “pacifist” Imam has been arrested for beating his wife who had to be hospitalized. Furthermore, he is charged with recruiting radical fighters. Apparently, the pacifism bit in this case is meant to lame the enemy to become an easy future victim. The trick to renounce violence in response to an attack works nationally and internationally because it is not unmasked as meaning “self defense is forbidden”.

6. Applied Socialism is at work in Venezuela. Once again, the saving theory fails to function even if its advocates are willing to slaughter the system’s supposed beneficiaries to prove their point and to retain power to do more good. Totalitarians know that most of the time the people must be protected from itself. If generalized, the case proves that, if you opt to have socialism you are choosing to go on a collective diet because you will not to have enough to eat.
The sad but not surprising news from that country demonstrates what happens when a defenseless society is kidnapped by a dictatorial state’s criminal “apparat” that is manned by armed thugs led by ruthless commanders.

7. Largely through the annexation of the Crimea and the “unofficial war” in the Donbas, Putin has created a conflict with the West. Now he sells himself domestically by boasting that he is best qualified to overcome that clash.

8. Scratch your head. In Switzerland a migrant family of four receives monthly CHF 5000.00 (1 CHF = 1$). That equals a monthly taxed earned income of about 6500.00 and is above the national average. Additional services, such as courses to achieve literacy, are not counted. This creates a vacuum that sucks in more persons and makes the refusal of integration, rated as a handicap, a profitable proposition. One more thing: As soon as an alien gets refugee status or the permission to stay “temporarily”, he has access, without having contributed, to all the welfare services and retirement schemes available to the indigenous.

9. Also elsewhere, the European tradition of generous handouts creates inequities. In Germany, five years ago 4.7 million natives and 1.2 million aliens were on welfare. Today the number for Germans sunk to 3.9 million and that of foreigners rose to two million. Add the (manipulated) crime rate, and the reason for the radicalization of the natives is grasped. Germany and the EU are spending and budgeting billions for “refugees” and their integration.

10. Perusing the responses of those that need to defend criminals and to explain the resistance to integration, an underlying factor emerges. It is that there is a conviction out there that, in the case of certain groups, there is a right to privileges. That translates into a right to make one’s own laws, and into the freedom of those that defend the consequences to deny the truth or to create their own. One of these DIY truths is expressed this way: “I am not a terrorist/Islamist/radical. I am an Idealist and therefore untouchable”.

11. If members of an identifiable group are, due to their values, prone to engage in actions that the majority classifies as criminal and that the perpetrators describe as restitution, then most inmates in jails will be representatives of that group.
In case that certain rejected characteristics match identifiable clans, the result will be presented as proof of discrimination. Once that point is made, the people and the country will be described as “racist” by being “anti-something”. The logic used is questionable even if, especially in the case of countries not well known, the charge is met bashfully. Consider this before you fall for accusations. In Israel, most jailbirds must be Jews. Faulty logic serving a political agenda could proceed from that fact to the allegation that Israel is anti-Semitic.

12. Elements of the above argumentation can produce “interesting” judgments. Bosnia is a Muslim successor state of Yugoslavia. Newly it has been discovered by migrants as a pathway to Germany where, as folklore has it, everything is ample and for free. The problem: One is likely to be stuck in Bosnia. Bosnians feel overrun, terrorized, victimized. Anyone that shares such sentiments is credited by the liberal establishment that works out of the “gated community” to be Islamophobic. That makes out of the Bosnians racist haters.

13. The “anti-“ label is a club swung by the challenged political class. Especially the anti-Semitic mutant is effective in the hands of those who advocate measures whose consequence would eliminate the Jewish state and its inhabitants.
As a corrective consolation, we might bring up that there is something progressively equalitarian about the charge of anti-Semitism. Anybody can be proclaimed to be an anti-Semitic neo-Hitlerite ghoul. Claiming innocence is the impostor’s admission of guilt. One of the favorite targets is Victor Orbàn. The more he can prove “it works”, and the more he is imitated by those that discover that incantations do not work, the shriller the charge. Does it matter that Orbàn has a good relationship with much of the large Jewish community of his country and with Netanyahu who, too, has a border and a people to defend? It is only a question of time before Trump and Kushner will be pilloried as anti-Semites.

14. Ms Dolezal comes to mind when discussing mindless accusations. She is the one that used to be white and became black by a unilateral proclamation. She is now charged with welfare fraud. Sounds like “racism”. Confusing is whether this is a case of anti-white or anti-black discrimination.

15. The now ageing leftist-anarchist participants of 1968’s youth revolt that praised “Marx, Mao, and Marcuse” like to celebrate themselves. It is a convenient accident that this is also the 200th anniversary of Marx’ birth. If asked about their relationship to Marx, in whose name they used to trash places to promote peace, the answer is that Marx was badly applied. As a kid, the writer has heard that one about Nazis. One should make the point that in several cultures, in diverse regions and at different times, the “correct theory” has not worked because of its “inept implementation”. Would it not be reasonable to suspect that not the followers were unskilled but that there is something awry in the doctrine?

16. The hot-and-cold series of pre-nuptial contortions that involve Trump and Kim are, at the time of writing this, in their hot phase, meaning that the show might go on. An interesting aspect of the “preparations” is the attitude of the global elites. They say that caution is in order due to the record of NoKo, also in view of the sensitiveness of the problems and the unknowns. A meeting does not guarantee that the inherited confrontational relationship will be overcome.
Reading between the lines, a suspicion rises. The listing of difficulties and the reference to caution is more than an attempt to assess the hurdles. No, some references to possible failure are an expression of hope. Veiled warnings to Kim to avoid a deal, confirm the suspicion. Apparently, no cause is more important to the establishment than is Trump’s failure. Expect last minute efforts to throw sand into the machine before it begins to churn.
If the talks lead to a result, it will be verbally reduced and others –anybody- will be credited. In case the summit fails, it will all be Trump’s fault and, as crocodile tears run, “we have told you so” will be the official chant.

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