More Immigration Lies

It is clear through the actions and words of the progressive socialists in our government and low IQ celebrities that they are doing the best they can to destroy the culture of our country completely, and to impose further what they feel is a globalist agenda on the citizens of this country. The illegal immigrants they want to see flood our country is nothing more than the fastest and easiest way to reach the third world socialist hellhole that is their utopia.

Over the past few weeks, the leftists have moved up the ladder to another level. We have had Peter Fonda, and list actor that I didn’t even know was still alive calling for kidnapping and putting Barron, President Trumps son in a cage with pedophiles.

We have had Rosie screeching about HHS placing unaccompanied children with pedophiles and not conducting background checks. Not mentioned that the story she cited was written when her Messiah, Obama, was still in office. The story was written in January 2016 when the Muslim-in-chief was still in office. This loudmouth idiot did not apologize or even admit that she had it wrong, and her lie was easily exposed.

And the media is complicit as well. The little girl on the cover of TIME was never separated from her mother. The hoax cover was formulated to do nothing more than to pull at the heartstrings of the low-information voter. Once again, TIME magazine lied and there was never an apology. Nowhere in the story was it mentioned that the mother wanted to use her child as a ticket to a job here in our country.

The talking heads are wringing their hands and loudly proclaiming “What kind of Monsters put children in cages.” The answer is honestly, Barak Obama was the one who first separated children from their parents as required by the Flores decision, a decision that had been the government policy for almost two decades. Of course, this is never mentioned as it would not push the agenda about Donald Trump being a “Nazi” and where the children are held are Concentration camps.

This is all being done to push the agenda further that the progressive socialists are pushing, such as the “Keep Families Together Act endorsed by the majority, if not all of Democrats.  Sen. Susan Collins has said that the bill would essentially prevent arrests within 100 miles of the border, whether the adult is a terrorist, illegal, or has committed a felony. This Act does nothing more than let criminals crossing our border be released into the country in return to “catch and release” that even DHS Secretary under the Obama Administration declared did not work. If it should pass, all you need to stay out of jail is to have a child.  This is the reason the people such as Greg Cosar an Austin City councilman state:

“Poor people of color in our city are over punished and over-incarcerated. If people are arrested less, we can also prevent these same people from being put into the deportation pipeline.”

Our politicians here in CaliMexofornia have already ignored Federal law, and even California Democrat Kevin de Leon bragged about how half his family is here illegally using false documents and eligible for deportation. That being said, why is ICE not arresting them?

The talking heads, like Michael Moore, has consistently told us that President Trump is a foul-mouthed idiot who destroys everything he touches.  They told us, and continue to tell us that President Trump will destroy our republic, and looks to become “King.”  The improving economy, the negotiations with North Korea, the low unemployment numbers, and the confidence that the citizens of this country finally realize again have enraged the progressive socialists. The academics can no longer lie to the students under them about the failure of capitalism. They can’t point to anywhere. ANYWHERE that socialism has worked.

What is not being reported is that the “zero tolerance” policy is working. The highly liberal BUZZFEED even admits that foreign nationals are staying in Mexico. Of course, the Mexican government is upset and is now refusing to collaborate with the United States on curtailing drug cartels.

Politicians are lining up in front of the sycophantic press to wring their hands about the “zero tolerance” policy that has been law since before the Obama administration. Never enforced, it is now being implemented by this administration because it is in fact, the law.

But we have people such as cryin’ Chuckie Schumer, who no more than five years ago agreed with President Trump on the law enforcement of our borders. Also agreeing with Trump was Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and even our first Muslim President, Barak Obama. But now that Trump has enforced the law, all the caterwauling from the progressive socialists is for open borders. They need the votes because the Hispanic and black members of our society have started to understand that the leftists are not the champions they always say they ware. Schumer does not want to fix the immigration problem, not when he feels he can use it to the advantage of the progressive socialists in the midterms.

In the media, CNN and Jake Tapper, with solemn face proclaim that w must show Prosecutorial Discretion in these criminal cases, not mentioning that what they mean is open borders and catch and release, something that has been shown as never working. These families go to all parts of our country and never return for the hearings where they promised to appear. The majority of American citizens feel that if these people are caught, and can be proven to have ignored the proceedings in immigration court, they should be summarily deported.

So where will this all go? Far left Washington Post writer MAX Boot wrote that we should keep these hard-working Latin American workers, and deport the contemptible Republicans. The first thought that comes to mind is that this far left moron, along with Jennifer Rubin, another whack job leftist needs new pool boys, and to pay less than they do now. But this is nothing more than what the other Democrats think. The agenda is to use these illegals to overwhelm the voting of the deplorable who voted incorrectly, and have not learned to vote as we are told by those “morally superior” to the hard-working individuals who are the base of conservative support.


Combined with the media, progressive socialists, and Never Trumpers to attempt to formulate a platform for the midterms, all they can do call those who disagree with them “Nazis” “Racists” and shout at the top of their voices about “white supremacy”, whatever that means. I worked for everything in my life, if that is white supremacy, so be it. I know many people among my friends who are “people of color” who have worked as hard as I did, and have the same lifestyle. But the progressives can only win if they can divide the citizens of this country, and continue the identity politics and tribalism that Obama was so proficient is spreading. Now people are talking about civil war. Is that really the answer, and it may end badly for all involved.

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