Mouthy Maxine Part 2

Ever since Donald Trump was nominated as the candidate from the Republican party, there has been an avalanche of lies and deceit.  When Donald Trump became our country’s 45th President, the lies and “fake news” have been an almost daily occurrence. The main objective being pursued by the progressive/socialists , the media, and the globalists is the intent of taking our President down. The secondary objective of all the lies and violence is to assure the American people fall in line behind the agenda  the political cabal wishes to force upon us. This campaign is highly coordinated by the politicians and media and paid for by globalists such as George Soros. It has now progressed to the point of local outcomes being manipulated by those who wish to do our country harm.


One of those working towards the massive change in the culture and virtues that have always been a part of this country is Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Having written about the lies and deceit of Congresswoman Waters earlier (, I have already discussed the personal aggrandizement that her family has amassed through her government connections. But there is another side to this woman that needs to be discussed.

California Democrat Congresswoman Maxine  Waters has been in a shrieking mode since Donald Trump refused to release his tax returns. She is screaming about how we can’t be sure that Donald Trump has no conflict of interest with business dealings he may have with Russia. She has gone so far as to call for impeachment numerous times because of Trump not releasing his tax returns because, well, you know, RUSSIA! It makes as much sense as the other reasons she had dredged up from the recesses of her fevered mind devoid of reasoning. On an almost daily basis, the reason for impeachment expand to cover everything and anything President Trump says or does. But there are things that Congresswoman Waters also needs to explain.

According to the latest House financial disclosure documents, Maxine waters held, and may still hold over $200,000 in Russian linked retirement accounts. These investments were made through a company called BlackRock in their Global allocation and Balanced funds.  Both these funds advised the investors of involvement in Russian precious metals and securities. Waters continues to talk about following the money when it pertains to Trump, but neglects to mention that the 2015 SEC BlackRock filing shows that her family has $2.8 million in obligation to the Russian Federation. Quite the poverty pimp as the signs in her district are continuing to show.

This is the same Congresswoman Waters that had declared to the Westchester-Playa Democratic Club that they must, in all ways, resist Trump, going so far as telling them that illegals in this country, including the Dreamers should be protected from Trump and that this is “their country”.

When questioned about the Trump attack on Syria after the use of chemical weapons, Congresswoman Waters stated that she thought it was done to build up tension between Trump and Putin trying to distract us from the collusion between the two, a statement that has no basis in fact.

Maxine Waters, that paragon of virtue on anything Russian has already been proven to be a fraud. After accusing President Trump of being in the pocket of Russia, holds and honorary seat with the Workers World Party. This radical pro Russian political organization has expressed sympathy for such anti-American states as North Korea, Cuba, Iran and Yemen. The WWP also commends Vladimir Putin for the taking of Crimea and the invasion of Ukraine. The group ANSWER (Act Now to End War and Racism) the socialist group in the forefront with REVCON, another socialist organization of much of the violence and chaos in othe streets of America was founded and funded by the WWP.

In 2004, Water participated in a rally organized by the International Action Center, another WWP offshoot funded by the WWP and George Soros. Waters was listed at the top of the flyer as a featured speaker.

In 2005, Waters sent an aide to the “Peace Conference” of the WWP to speak on social justice. It is sobering the Waters economics are the same of such a socialist group. Those values include telling the CEO of Shell Oil John Hofmeister that she wanted to “socialize” and taking over all the companies in the fossil fuel industry. This was in 2009, and of course, the media said nothing, but it can be safely said the Congresswoman Waters has not changed.

During the past week Congresswoman Waters declared that mainstays of the Trump campaign rhetoric such as calling Hillary “crooked” and “lock her up” chanted at Trumps rallies were something from the Putin playbook. She has such a deep visceral hatred of the American people that disagree with her that she can’t comprehend that there may be some that disagree with her agenda that are intelligent, good people..

It will be interesting to see how those in her district will react when the Trump administration starts making changes that will make things better and the realize that Congresswoman Maxine Waters really is a poverty pimp who has wasted their votes by making money for herself and her family.

Is it any wonder that her constituents have finally started to take heed of the congresswoman who supposedly stands for them?  For over 35 years she has represented the people of a district she does not live in, and has done nothing about the $40 million debt accumulated under her watch in her district.  Her district is a leader of schools dubbed dropout factories and the leading vicinity of gang violence.

In her long and corrupt passage through Congress there is nothing but shameful conduct. She has accused the US Government, through the CIA, of distributing Crack cocaine to young impressionable black men to cause the addictions that run rampant though her district. It was Congresswoman Waters who visited and celebrated a black youth who pulled Reginald Denny out of his Truck during the LA riots, and caved his head in with a brick. She called a rebellion, and is now fomenting another “resistance” to help further divide the country.


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