Mugged – Conservatism’s Favorite Blonde Gadfly Is At It Again

This book should be mandatory reading for anyone contemplating a class in “Afro-American Studies” after which, they will know why the course is a waste of time.


The election of the first “Black” president was supposed to usher in a new, post racial America.  Instead, it has reintroduced race, which had been on the wane, as a major political / social issue.  The crux of the matter; whenever Barack Obama didn’t get his way, whenever anyone disagreed with him, the underlying cause had to be racism. 


Enter Ann Coulter with her latest exposé, written in her usual style; subjects treated historically with bits of acerbic wit thrown in for good measure.  Ann certainly knows how to write an entertaining and informative book. 


She begins by explaining why any racial divide in America is not a necessity, but has been a matter of political convenience.  She then proceeds through a litany of events illustrating her point, after which she proceeds to cover several high profile cases including detailed coverage of those involving Rodney King and O.J. Simpson, paying particular attention to those facts relevant to the King case, which were not readily available to the general public due to press censorship.  


She next enters into Liberal’s use of race as a wedge to promote their agendas including nationalized health care, non-prevention of voter fraud, abortion on demand and others.  Most recent of these efforts was the instance of equating the gay rights agenda to the abolitionist movement.  She concludes with special coverage of Barack Obama’s racist attitudes, amply illustrated with examples from his own track record. 


As always, Coulter researches her material thoroughly providing numerous footnotes and references where necessary.  Her legendary witticisms are sprinkled throughout the book, providing an occasional touch of comedy relief in what is otherwise a very serious work.  And through it all, she points directly to one fact; that the Democrat Party has been using Black Americans as a captive population, beholden to them for whatever society favors them with, and promotes the lie in their midst that they are incapable of looking after themselves without the favors the Party chooses to dole out in their direction. 


Where there may be one weakness is in her treatment of the post-Simpson trial era, which she calls “Paradise” in one chapter title.  It is likely that if, in fact, racial issues had been sufficiently buried to create a “paradise” at that time Obama would not have been able to exploit it so successfully in 2007 and 2008. 


This book has already proved controversial, and Coulter’s appearances on various radio programs have done little to reduce the issues she raises.  The bottom line is that until enough Black community leaders and their followers rise up to demand that they no longer be used as a political football the issues that Coulter raises will continue to plague our nation.  This is something that Ann Coulter understands and illustrates beyond any refutation. 

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