Muscles: If you Want to Live Right! You better Look at those Muscles!

Michelle Obama walks the family dog Bo on the South Lawn of the White House in WashingtonI don’t like to write about health. But once in a while it is necessary. Most old folks know that by the time you reach 35 years of old, you start losing your muscle mass. Now Lady Obama preaches moving. I hope she isn’t referring to moving you out of your house to a poorer neighborhood. But what would you expect in the Obama economy.

But moving in the sense of Lady Obama may mean just that the cushion on the couch gets a chance to rebound while you move. And then you have the seniors who stroll around the neighborhood. I guess that’s moving in slow motion. Now if you live in a place like Corleone, Sicily. walking to the mother church up and down the hill would be more than just moving.

What I am saying is that muscles are important and since they are all over your body like the Dean Martin gold digger, what are you doing to build them back to what they were when you were 20 years old?

There are muscles all over the body and in the body. The heart muscle pumps an entire lifetime sometimes more. There are muscles lining the inside of the body. The little old bladder even  has muscles. So in theory all skeletal muscles can be exercised and made larger.

Basically your muscles don’t shrink in the sense that cells disappear. So in a healthy individual, all you have to do is build the cells back up that are already present.

And this is the problem. The joints like the shoulder, knee and hip joints seem to create all sorts of problems as you get older. Think about it. It is the muscles that are needed to make the joints work properly and keep them in balance. Once you lose the muscle mass, the joints are under a lot more stress and don’t hold up too well. Also even if you had a joint replaced, what better way would it be to support that joint than by building back the lost muscle mass!

So in a nutshell, building muscle mass, is important, you just don’t move. Taking care of kids and grandkids does not build muscle mass. Think about the knee joint. Work to build the muscles around that joint. Same thing with the back. How many of you have back problems? Have you worked to build those Ab muscles (abdominals)  that support your spinal column? Improving your posture will help ease the stress on the spinal column.

Instead of sending money to our enemies to support terrorism, Obama should be spending money here at home on matters to help you live longer… So learn to vote for the correct candidates.

So there is plenty of information out there  on how to build muscle. Start out small. Measure your muscles before you begin and within 30 days you will see a difference and feel a difference. And some teach that if you do something for 30 days it can become a habit. If things are hurting more than normal, you are probably doing it wrong, seek out a professional. And size of the weight and repetition can be adjusted to meet your life style and make it easier. If you can barely move 2 pounds, then start by increasing repetitions first before you try to increase the weight. Use some common sense and you can regain muscle mass and range of motion. Also keep in mind posture. Most folks have “beer bellies” because they don’t have a decent posture. As you feel better, your posture will improve as well… Just look in the mirror.   It takes time so please be patient and consistent.

Another theory out there is that cells only live so long. There is a point in time where the body begins to shut down. Did you ever have a pet or see an animal that was dying. They seem to reach a point that no matter what you do they are going to die.

The same holds true for the human body. Why do cells that are perfectly normal one day all of a sudden become cancerous or otherwise. And at pre-determined  ages there are substances that appear naturally in the body that  begin to start diminishing. So people take supplements and most people don’t know what to take and how much. Obama should be spending money on this and not feeding scallions to school children.

Some theorists think that antioxidants will slow down the break down of the body. And just about everything including coffee has antioxidants. Maybe someday we will have honest scientists and not global warming alarmists who will have sound data about how to live a long and healthy life. Now we seem to have only salespeople.

The 1950 MD’s taught that all you needed was a salad. That would supply you with all the  nutrients you need. By the 1970’s at least Vitamin C was talked about by gum specialists at NYU.  But wouldn’t you want to know what you needed to take and how much? When in doubt take lots of vitamin C. But in the end will any of these supplements allow you to live a better and longer life? We don’t know that, but we know ice is melting thousands of miles away in the summer time. Which do you think is more important!

So make muscle building a part of your life. You can do that while watching TV or reading an audio book. Think about posture and keep a record as to the size and shape of your muscles.

And if you feel good about yourself, the body time clock will become confused. Instead of shutting down and going into detrimental mode, it will begin to grow and feel good. You may even find Love. You don’t have to look like Arnold 50 years ago, but if you reach down and feel your quads and they aren’t what they used to be, I can guarantee you with the right amount of time and determination, you can build those muscles in 30 days. Start out small, you have a whole lifetime to get it right.

And the next time you are talking to a bunch of bleeding heart liberals, ask them to spend some money on useful research so we can have the most beneficial supplements available to us. I am sure there are things out there that will not only improve your love life, but they will make muscle building an easier job to accomplish and maintain. Without the proper muscle mass your joints and posture are sure to follow a detrimental slide!

Good Luck and may you live a long and healthy life! And may the force be with you.

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