Muslim Illegals and Refugees Now Flowing Into the US. Are Radicals Among Them?

Thanks to a push from President Obama, around 2,000-3,000 Syrian refugees have now been admitted to the United States since last summer, and 358 more arrive each week. Will Islamic radicals slip among the many who are just trying to escape war and poverty? That concern has many in Washington calling for an immigration slowdown from Syria, and for more aggressive screening, but the Obama administration doesn’t seem to be listening.

A majority of Americans say they do not want the Syrian refugees coming here, and thirty U.S. governors asked the federal government to halt the resettlement of Syrian refugees until security concerns are addressed. Instead, Obama sped up the resettlement process, with the State Department setting up a special “resettlement surge center” in Jordan to hasten the migration. The staff was increased, and additional processing stations were set up in Lebanon and Iraq. The 18–24 months processing time was reduced to only three months.

There are concerns this will mean even less screening, allowing militants to sneak into the country. FBI director James Comey has admitted that adequately screening the refugees is impossible, and that allowing them into the country comes with risks.

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