Muslims CAN Stop Islamic Terror

I have a little scenario for you to consider:
Let’s say that tomorrow the United Methodists decided that through a reading of some lost John Wesley texts, they were to kill all non-believers in the name of Christ. Let’s say these UMC terrorists want to usher in the 1000 year reign of Christ and what better way than to give the apocalypse a little head start.
So, these Methodists start raiding, murdering, taking sex slaves and beheading Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and even other Christian denominations all over the country. What would happen?
Let me tell you.
First of all, every Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalian, and even the Mormons would turn in every Methodist radical in the country.

Christian vigilantes would band together to protect those other faiths from any harm from so-called Christians who would commit such heinous acts in the name of their Lord. Christians everywhere would sacrifice themselves to protect anyone from harm in the name of their God. Preachers would denounce it every day, everywhere, all the time. THEY WOULD NOT LET IT HAPPEN. Our government wouldn’t have to do one damn thing to stop that reign of terror. Christians would stop it.
Furthermore, there would not be ANY “Christian nation” (if there is such a thing) on earth that would help finance, sponsor or protect that kind of violence. They could not get financing for weapons ANYWHERE.
So my question – why doesn’t it work that way for Muslims? Because I tell you, 1.5 billion peaceful Muslims could do a lot of damage to 12 million radical Muslims IF THEY WANTED TO. They could discredit that whole ideology in a year’s time if they wanted to with marketing, advertising, protests, etc.

What if they had nowhere to train, no money for weapons, no one willing to sell them weapons?

Why don’t they want to stop terrorism?

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