Muslims Everywhere: What are We to do?

Muslims Everywhere: What are We to do?


By Dr. Phil Taverna


It is strange how Islamic attacks are becoming globally common place. And really not much uproar. You think after 911 they would have been eradicated. But it didn’t take long for the liberal loons to blame it on climate and economics.


There are about 2 million Muslims in the United States. Have any of them ever tipped off the government that there were Jihadists in our midst. The Jihadists have been here for a long time. The Clintons protected them in the Oklahoma Bombing. Obama believes in open borders. O’Reilly couldn’t believe there was no one stopping the folks at the border. Obama says come one come all but he will have Secret Service for life to protect him and his family. How about you.


In the book the Chechen Jihad, I am not done with it, but it gives an interesting insight in the problem named Islamic-Jihadists. This has absolutely nothing to do with religion. This is just a bunch of annoying thugs/mercenaries who need to be put to sleep.


The Great President Bush did the right thing. The Jihadists were in Iraq and he killed them. Now “I will stand with you” Obama (as far away as possible) wants to nit pick the leadership of ISIS and expects them to go away. Now there is a legacy! He killed Osama but by that time President Bush had pretty much neutered him and he was a sitting duck, just waiting to be greeted by a bullet from a Navy SEAL weapon.  Where was Bin’s security detail on that evening in Pakistan?


This week a leader has been sentenced to 40 years for what was called ethnic cleansing. He massacred Muslims. And the NY Times weighed in on Brussels and it is the fault of the non-Muslims. The profiling has caused the problem. The drugs have caused the problem. And this has lead to terrorism. Really?


It is not the fault of the nutjobs who want to hurt people for actually no reason whatsoever?

It was interesting reading the book. You really need to get a sense of how this Muslim terrorism works. It is quite ingenious. They hide under the guise of religion and break every commandment known to man. For the sake of religion.


What happens is that they take over an area. Similar to communism. They promise everything. Build schools, Mosques, create markets, jobs, pay a stipend. This can be done anywhere in the world. And they convert them to a more stricter the liberals call it a radicalized Islam. But it all sounds like a lot of crap. Then they start having training camps and attract people from all over the world to come to these training camps. Do you know that Oklahoma City’s McVeigh’s buddy Nichols visited these camps in the Philippines. Judge Garland did not advertise that bit of news did he? But he was the prosecutor!


Just today they reported 5,000 have been radicalized in Europe and sent to Syria. There are training camps in many countries in Hillary’s globalized world. The idiots at the Times blame the white men. If the Muslims were treated better they would not become terrorists. What!


What the liberals need to understand is that these folks are thugs and mercenaries. They serve absolutely no purpose. Idiots think beefing up security and intelligence will fix the problem. The only real solution is a bullet in the back of their collective heads. It is a job. They make lots of money. Free sex and all the drugs they can handle. And most of all bombs and powerful weapons. Like mortars in Benghazi. Most protestors carry mortars in Muslim countries according to Hillary and Obama?


I think it is time to understand that stupid people like DeBlasio can not fix the problem. There was an agency in the police department that kept an eye on the Muslims in NYC. They worked great. The Muslim leadership probably members of the Muslim Brotherhood, convinced the bleeding heart liberals to stop spying on the Muslims. If you stop spying they will stop becoming terrorists. Now do you believe that?


The Chechens terrorists killed scores (thousands) of people in Russia and Caucasus. Here today gone tomorrow. Russia has been fighting these kooks for years. In the 1990’s the Jihadists grew astronomically in the Caucasian area. (While Clinton was chasing Monica around the oral office) didn’t seem that the people (inhabitants) wanted it. But they just took over like a bunch of Nazi’s. Russia fought with them for decades. And it really didn’t change until the inhabitants had enough of the nutjobs.  But this went on for a long time.


Terrorism is not something that grows by itself. It must be taught. No one can hate that much. And as long as the Muslims harbor the terrorists and don’t point them out to the authorities (anonymously), the problem will never go away. I am not sure I would ever take the chance and rat out a terrorist or a gang member. I would just move away. But if someone in prison or elsewhere asks you to become a jihaddist… Are you required to report it!


So since the Muslims will not fix their own problem, the only sensible way to get rid of terrorism is to get rid of the Muslims. Just think under Obama, he has let in and invited legally  over 680,000 Muslims from around the world. And fortunately we have had only a few Islamic attacks. Thanks to President Bush. Tell that to the victims. Oklahoma City, World Trade I and II, and so on and so on. Guys like Obama think it is an everyday occurrence and you should get used to it. Do you agree with Barack?


I think it is time for Hillary to have a town hall meeting and explain that the Muslims will need to leave this country or convert to another religion. The liberals will have diarrhea for months and will probably need free counseling at the universities. But if they won’t help solve the problem, then it really isn’t about religion. The radicalization of Islam is not a religion. The Black Widows that the Russians were able to interview knew nothing about their religion. Some were brain washed and shamed by evil treatment. But it wasn’t about religion. They wanted to become martyrs to end their existence. They just wanted to take a few thousand along with them. I think we used to call this suicide!


Once the Muslim people realize that this is the only way, they will solve their own problem. If not they will need to move to another country and they can look the other way all they want. For the NY Times it is not the poor that become the evil warriors. The money that funds this madness comes from oil, drugs, sex trafficking. And they need Muslims to set up these corridors. They move the vices in one direction and the funds move in the other direction fueling all the training camps that globally provide all the terrorists that they can ever need. Since the 90’s they are trained in weapons, sophisticated bombs and chemical weapons. Now tell me again how the poor people are involved in this.


It is all about power, control and fear. Obama was quick to point out that some one released from Gitmo killed an American. Didn’t the liberals say these nuts could be rehabilitated. Release them in another country. Pay the country to rehabilitate the terrorist and the problem is solved. A bullet would have been a lot cheaper. Explain that to the victim’s family!


So it is time that the adults take control and let the liberal children go back to hiding under the table. There will be a outcry at first when you tell the Muslims to leave. But I bet there will never be an Islamic fed terrorist attack on American soil again. No Visas, no college education for all foreign born Muslims!


The terrorists are just  mercenaries. Not religious zealots. They are cowards. They are afraid to face their enemy. If they can hide among the Muslims, then it is time to demand the Muslims to leave. In this case made-up religious freedom is offset by Public safety.

If a leader says it is about the economy and climate change that leader is an idiot. If you believe that leader, then you are also an idiot!


When Obama kills one terrorist leader, they can be replaced by hundreds.

Obama said this week “United States will do so by offering an example of freedom, tolerance and open (borders) society”.  So he would rather let Muslim refugees in your neighborhood,  and that will stop terrorism. Isn’t it great to think like a stupid liberal?

If it doesn’t make common sense, it definitely is not true.


Support the liberals today. And dream about freedom. Freedom from what!


If we remove the Muslims, there will be no where for the Jihadists to hide!


It is not a Phobia, God forbid. It is survival of the fittest!


Do you want to live as a Muslim under Sharia Law or as a Christian. They will not allow you to have a choice.


They want to change your law. In Belgium the terrorists were free to hide among the Muslims. They will do the same here. Send out the missionaries to convert the Muslims in communities and prisons. By the time they change your government, you will no longer have a democracy!







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