My 100 Wishes For The Legislative Branch

Here it is, my 2013 (100) wish list, for our United States Legislative Branch of Government. 

1. Give loans out to individuals who can afford them, and stop bailing out banks and mortgage companies.

2. Place term limits on all members of Congress and the Senate.

3. Stop authorizing yourself raises and benefits let the American people vote to see if you deserve them. After all you work for us, we don’t work for you.

4. Stop abuses in our health care system on all fronts. No one has the right to throw the first stone.

5. Secure all our boarders.

6. Allow trickle down economics to start with the American people, instead of greedy CEOs and Corporations.

7. Stop allowing our pension system, public and private to be compromised by governmental political fat cats and unmerciful corporate heads, who rob from taxpayers and employees.

8. Stop all excessive bonuses, outrageous salaries and perks, while individuals are being laid off, and fired in the name of a bad economy.

9. Stop the Obama Syndrome, by blaming others; be responsible for your own actions.

10. Develop, improve and stimulate new ways to allow everyone the opportunity to affordably attend a College or University, without initiating an enormous debt at graduation.

11. Stop corruption, and don’t turn your head because the culprit committing the act is a member of your political party.

12. Stop incompetence and waste.

13. Establish energy independence from foreign countries, we can be self sufficient, no excuses this we all heard from the 1970’s, with no improved results. God gave us an abundance of natural resources, including coal and fossil fuels use them.

14. Stop taking care of the world and start helping your own family, the American people, charity begins at home.

15. Stop sitting on your hands concerning Identification Fraud, the problem does exist and escalating.

16. Start bailing out the American people by preserving the American Dream.

17. Start defending the one’s who defend us, the United State Military.

18. Don’t cut one penny of their benefits, and give them the proper equipment and training.

19 Never use our military or their families as political pawns, as in the past, shame on you!

20. Support our military and their families.

21. Help small businesses.

22, Stop using or being afraid of the race card, or not being politically correct when governing. We did elected and re-elected as a Nation a black individual to our highest office of leadership the Presidency. Don’t be intimated or manipulation with such non-sense. This has grown tiresome, and is anti-productive.

23. Never undermined our national security for the sake of being politically correct.

24. Never forsake our National security just to be well liked or cater to other nations.

25. Protect America and the American people, as in your oath of office from all enemies foreign and domestic, including yourselves.

26. Don’t be ruled by the United Nations anti-American politics of destroying our Nation.

27 Never allow any foreign Country to write or interpret our laws.

28. Educate without dictatorship, fear and reprisals.

29 Educate without self imposed political ideals.

30. Start telling the truth.

31. Support family values and structure.

32. Keep God in America.

33. Love our Country and its people.

34 Never relinquish, deny or limit any constitutional rights or American freedoms.

35. Stop raising taxes, especially during a recession, and pay all your required taxes, being a member of Congress doesn’t immune you from this required burden, you inflict on the American people.

36. Read the Bills, before you vote.

37. End corruption.

38. Be leaders, not fearful cowardice followers.

39. Stop Dictatorial Executive Orders.

40. Preserve the Second Amendments and all Amendments to our Constitution, Never Undermine this great cornerstone of our democracy with Liberal, Marxist, Socialistic, Progressive or foreign denigration.

41. Stand your ground; don’t be afraid of the name Barack Hussein Obama.

42. No Amnesty for illegal aliens.

43. Stop the “NannyState” Form of Government.

44. Stop trying to raise our children, allow parents to be parents.

45. Stop telling us and forcing us on what to eat, drink or how to live by placing stupid infringing laws.

46. Don’t deny rightful benefits to all Americans who deserve, contributed and are in need of our help, not those who practice fraud and are out to milk the system.

47. Give America back its pride and dignity

48. Never betray America by taking sides with any foreign leader or country, such as the Democrats did with Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon

49. Improve our quality of life by getting off our backs.

50. Stop dividing America.

51. Stop affirmative action.

52. Protect our life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness.

53. Stop your self serving whining.

54. Stop your greed and idiocies.

55. Be apart of Obamacare, if it is the law of the land, instead of exempting yourselves and your families for a more elite privileged healthcare program, separate from the rest of the Country, you’re not better than us?

56. End Marxism and Socialism.

57. Capitalism does work, leave it alone.

58. Listen to the American people.

59, Obey the will of the people, remember we are a Country, of, by and for the people not the other way around.  Listen to the people and not your pocket books or your self serving agenda.

60. End Forced Mandates and Compliances, get off our backs.

61. Stop imposing hindering and non-productive regulations, which impede economic growth that has a negative impact on businesses and employment.

62. Stop using our food as fuel.

63. Make English America’s official language.

64. Protect our Flag from desecration.

65. Protect and defend all American citizens, home and abroad.

66. Don’t compromise or negotiate with terrorist or terrorist nations.

67. Obey and defend the Constitution, Never compromise our freedoms and liberty.

68. Don’t trust anyone, In God we Trust.

69. Stop giving foreign aide to all those who hate America and to corrupt Countries.

70. Fight dictatorship and imperialistic narcissistic rule in our own Country.

71. Honor and respect all our veterans, don’t undermine their heroic, unselfish achievements, by disgracing them and denying them their rightful place and benefits.

72. Stop Obamacare.

73. We are a Nation of laws obey them.

74. Stop anyone living in this great Nation from disobeying our judicial system by establishing their own laws to follow.

75, End religious prejudice and bigotry within our own government and nation, some selected beliefs are considered untouchable while others are targeted as accepted humiliation.

76. Stop payout, buyouts especially with questionable, unscrupulous companies such as Solantra

77 Stop funding of organizations such as A.C.O.R.N forcing their dishonest, shady unauthorized ideologies upon us and using our tax dollars for abortions, birth control and fraud.

78. Keep your hand off free speech and the internet.

79. Stop illegal censorship.

80. Stop illegal search and seizures.

81. Stop illegal audits by the I.R.S.

82. Stop illegal retaliation on companies or individual that doesn’t mirror your ideologies.

83. Stop illegal acts of harassments, fines, retribution and punishments.

84. Stop illegal acts of hidden government activities.

85. Be more transparent to the American people.

86. Obey and defend the Constitution, Protect America from yourselves.

87. Properly scrutinize all candidates, government officials elected and appointed, to the best of your abilities, no nepotism.

88. Don’t automatically sign a blank check of acceptance

89. Investigate justified allegations of ineptitudes, misconduct from all Branches and Departments of Government, including the President, his Cabinet, and his Czars.

90. Approve a proper budget.

91. Decrease the deficit, without raising taxes.

92. Stop borrowing from China.

93. Keep our products, Made in America.

94. Stop the bogus sense of false security at our airports.

95. Stop abusing our elderly, children, infants and the disabled at our airports, just for the sake of being politically correct and accused of profiling.

96. Profiling is an effective law enforcement tool, use it.

97. Use any and all means to obtain pertinent information from terrorists and our enemies in order to save lives, especially Americans, we are at war, all is fair in love and war.

98. Stop reverse discrimination.

99. Never forget and preserve our American heritage, stop falsifications of our history.

100. Love America, Be Americans, Be Patriots, Be Proud. 

Only we as Americans can accomplish true change, by voting out the ineffective members of Congress and The Senate, whether they are Democrat or Republican. This past national election secured the balance of power, but we must never become complacent. Unfortunately, recent history has proven this fact, that Congress and The Senate are only interested in escalating their own powers. So we must always keep a watchful eye, knowing that we can easily give them their pink slips if they don’t meet with out expectations. 

Remember these words from Albert Einstein on the definition of Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

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