My 2016 Convention Speech

rpblcnntlcnvntnMy fellow Americans. I’m Brad Essex from Wichita, Kansas now living in Tulsa. Tonight I come to you to talk about our next four years. We as a nation need to focus on doing the right things to get back on track. Now some folks think that America needs to be great again. I am of the belief that America is always great.

There are a few problems to fix. First we need to get rid of illegals. No matter how we do it, it must be done. Then stricter border patrols with help from the National Guard. Finally, a fence that will be so secure that illegals will not even think about trying to cross over. We as a nation do want legal immigrants, but they must do it the right way and we shall let you in. Also encourage companies to hire vets and wounded warriors instead of illegals.

Then tap into a prime group that needs to be used. I am talking about black people. Ever since the 60s we have not fully realized the potentials blacks can do for this country. I know folks are saying that Republicans don’t care about blacks, which is further from the truth. I’m tired of seeing blacks killing each other.  And then there’s the irrational fear of cops. We need to let blacks know we will be there for them. Yes, we hate dirty cops too. Though most cops are good. Also give blacks chances to succeed. There is more to dreams then being a basketball player or rapper. We must make them see that being a student don’t mean you give up your skin color. It shows people that blacks are folks who were creative in the past and can do the same things in the future, we just have to give them a chance.

Our greatest enemies are not blacks or gays. One thing, though, transgender is a sickness and needs to be stopped. Gay people are suffering because of the illness of transgenderism. Now the real enemy is radical Islamist extremists. They are hurting our people and the people of our allies. We must take the fight with them and lift the rules of engagement so our troops can fight to win, not fight to survive. Our country must deport anyone who is a Islamic extremist suspected of crimes. Additionally, stop sharia laws from being used as laws in this country.

We must not be the policemen of the world, but we must help those who need help the most, like the Persians of Iran, the Ukraine or any other places where people need our help. The top priority is always our homeland though.

In closing, I hope that we as a nation come together and is a force for change. We don’t need a president or millionaire telling us to be better. We can better ourselves if we help each other out and are vocal about our views. Thank you all for listening, God bless you all and God bless the United States of America.

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