My Conservative Glossary.

As you all know, language is everything. And the control of language is what shapes, determines and wins the national debate. As long as we use the terms of the Left, the Left wins the debate. In order to move the debate to our favor, we need to adopt and use a whole new set of terms. Those terms will lead to the acceptance of new ideas and concepts. This is my contribution so far. I come up with new terms all the time, so I will probably add to this list as situations create the need to define them in new terms.

My charge to you is to add to this list in the Comments section. I know you have great ideas on this. Now is the time to express it. Perhaps I can combine all your suggestions into a future glossary that everyone can use. Please add your own terms and definitions. Consider this list just a start. Here is my Conservative Glossary.
Gender Erasing — Whenever the separate gender lines are erased and we get stupid policies like bathrooms and locker rooms for everyone regardless of actual gender differences.

Re-segregating — Anytime a group is segregating themselves by race or ethnicity in order to demonstrate their supremacy through isolation.

Gunphobe — Anyone who has a pathological fear of guns and gun owners.

Freedom Hater — Anyone who promotes totalitarianism in any aspect, and is offended by anyone who is exercising their freedom.

Concentration College — Any liberal institution more interested in brainwashing the students with Leftist propaganda than in academic freedom and the free expression of all ideas.

Political Correctness – Redefinition — You are being attacked by the person claiming to be the victim of your attacks.

Gun Free Zones — Where gun free people get killed.

Gun Freedom Zone — Where the Second Amendment is not infringed and people are not touched by government for exercising their right to own and carry firearms.

Robin Hood Economics — When you take tax dollars back from the government, through rate reduction or refund, when those taxes had previously been stolen by the government for unconstitutional purposes.

Instant Amnesty — When illegal aliens are not thought to be criminals unless they commit a crime subsequent to coming here illegally, and were granted amnesty by the government through lack of prosecution or deportation from the minute they crossed the boarder illegally.

Freedom Rifle — Any semi-auto sport rifle misnamed an “assault rifle” by ignorant liberals.

Anti-Terrorist Rifle — Same thing as a Freedom Rifle.

Defense Equality — When the people are equally armed to the government and law enforcement, and can not be coerced or intimidated because there is no difference in the quality and quantity of armaments.

Islamic Supremacist — Anyone who believes in the superiority of Islam over all other beliefs and people, and believes that Sharia Law is supreme to the Constitution.

Political Racism — This is whenever the term “racism” is used as a weapon to obtain a political objective.

Vote Frauder — Anyone who consciously engages in vote fraud while simultaneously denying vote fraud exists.

Constitutional Criminal — Any official: executive, bureaucrat, legislator, judiciary, or law enforcement officer; who violates any part of the Constitution and Bill of Rights they have sworn to uphold.

Constitutional Prosecution — Any of the above who are prosecuted for constitutional violations. See USC Title 18, Sections 241 and 242.

Thought Assault — Where someone is persecuted for what they are thinking, just because someone else disagrees.

Conservative Diversity — Where it doesn’t matter what you look like, but only that you are free to think differently, and where you are able to think freely whatever you want without thought police prosecution.

Thought Police Prosecution — Any time you are singled out by a crowd of like thinking people for having the courage to disagree and have your own thoughts, and any consequence that results from the action of that crowd against you, up to and including a thought lynching.

Thought Lynching — Anytime an angry mob takes it upon themselves to commit any act of violence against any individual for what they think or believe, or what the mob thinks an individual thinks or believes.

Involuntary Victimhood — This is where mass groups of individuals, either by race, religion, ethnicity, political belief, education level, or any other characteristic, are grouped together by a common characteristic, and made victims for political gain of the Left, whether those individuals would choose to be labeled victims or not.

Economic Treason — The willful increase of the National Debt, the Deficit, the Debt Ceiling, and maintaining a private banking system, the so-called Federal Reserve, as a guaranteed way to destroy our economy in order to insure the conditions necessary for future dictatorship.

Government Capital Control — This is where the government wants to control all capital to spend outside a free market system, in order to institute a centrally planned economy. Slogans such as “make the rich pay their fair share,” and “the government wants to invest to create jobs,” are used to disguise this program.

Media Vote Fraud — This is where the media is so biased in their coverage that the voters are disenfranchised from the information needed to make an informed decision, making a fair election impossible.

Polling — This is the desire to bring about a self fulfilling prophecy.

Diversity — This is when people of different skin colors and ethnic groups all think exactly the same.

Inclusion — This is when those same people who think exactly the same get together and include only themselves.

Total Revenue Index — The Total Revenue Index takes into account every possible source of revenue available to individuals and families, of which wages, are only a part of the index. The idea is to combine all the sources of income available to a beginning income earner, total them up for the year, divide that amount of money into months, weeks, days, and finally hours, to get a dollar amount per hour. You can figure a regular 40 hour week, and an Obamacare 29 hour week. Take the dollar amount for the Total Revenue Index and compare it to the Minimum Wage, and the results should be both shocking, and perfect for making the Mimimum Wage measurement irrelevant. Once irrelevant, there is no need to argue against it.

These next few were given to me by other people.

Fauxcritical: The use of false outrage. Using manufactured alarm over something that occurs frequently in the real world. Used to be termed “the vapors”.

Erasism (erasist): erasing or rewriting history to suit a particular narrative.

Moral posturing: acting as if you are morally enlightened, while anyone who opposes you is deplorable.

Poisoning the well: trying to discredit what a person might later claim by presenting unfavorable
information (be it true or false) about the person.

Bias by omission: the media leaving out one side of a story, or one aspect of a story to influence public perception.

Snarkism – Liberals smug answers when they think they know it all and we’re stupid.

*If you have more to add, please do.  This can be an ongoing and evolving glossary.

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