My Two Bits on “Trayvonism”

Black Americans are once again allowing themselves to be manipulated into a position of greater danger and animosity by their cynical, ruthless leaders if they take to the streets over the Zimmerman trial.

I have no information or insight to offer about the Zimmerman trial’s specific evidence or its verdict.  Indeed, I’m tired of being exploited by the whole long demagogic infomercial and would like to kiss it goodbye forever… but our handlers will not let it go.  So I’ve decided to share—somewhat in spite of myself—the two things I have in abundance: questions and annoyance. 

No one has yet explained to me just what you’re supposed to do when an aggressor sees a gun butt protruding from your belt as he’s smacking your face, says “you’re a dead man” with relish, and then loses the race for the trigger (the only race of consequence in this case).  Certainly no one has commented within my hearing (or would dare comment on the air, I suppose) that, if Martin truly uttered similar words, he was the author of the gun violence as well as of the fisticuffs; for would Zimmerman have gone for the gun if his assailant had not first declared his intent to go for it?  Like 99.999% of my countrymen, I don’t know nearly enough about the struggle’s details to hazard a serious judgment in the matter.  

I will say this much as a frequent recreational walker who was almost tossed in the jug by Dallas cops thirty years ago (for the desperate crime of strolling where I “had no bid-ness”): the next time I turn a corner at night and descry a black person sauntering along a few yards ahead, I’ll be sure to reverse my course lest I be mistaken for a “stalker”.  I promise not to use the presence of a hoodie in determining my “victim’s” race… but then, what criteria can I use in the dark and at a distance?  Should I call out, “Hey, there… are you black?  If so… I just want you to know that I’m not stalking you.  In fact, I’m going to turn around right now… if you’re black.”  Would that work?  Of course, young black men have told me that they’re deeply mortified when white folks on a lonely sidewalk scamper away from them.  I’m not sure there’s any way to win this one… might as well kill myself now—which, come to think of it, is probably the lesson that the DoJ and our Chief Executive want people like me to carry away from the event.

In all seriousness—in grim seriousness—black Americans are once again allowing themselves to be manipulated into a position of greater danger and animosity by their cynical, ruthless leaders if they take to the streets over this verdict.  The rest of us are downright pissed off at the conduct of the “protestors” (and if you read my other posts, you know that I’ve never used that verb or any like it before).  Apparently only blacks may shoot blacks without consequences.  Apparently whites (or white Hispanics) may not even do so when their heads are being bashed in.  Apparently a white resident may not even tail a stranger in his much-burgled neighborhood for fear that said stranger may be black; and apparently blacks have a special aversion to being “stalked”, such that the mere suspicion of that heinous act entitles them to rush its perpetrator and beat his brains out.  Apparently the rest of us are not even to be on the street if we see a black man; and apparently, if he charges us because he’s pissed at our being white, we must hightail it out of there rather than stand our ground, because the latter proves that we’re racist trouble-makers who just want to blow away another black guy.

I first heard of this kind of dogmatic insanity about five years ago, when a student told me that I could expect to be smacked if I pronounced the word “gangster” as “gangsta” in the presence of a young black male.  Fifty years ago, black ballplayers like Hank Aaron used to chuckle among themselves because white teammates like pitcher/author Jim Brosnan (The Long Season) thought that they spoke their own lingo.  Now young black Americans reserve the right to molest any white person who trespasses into their street code, and to use lethal force upon him (or her?) if they get pissed off at this person for behaving in any way that might be construed—in the protected minority’s judgment (remember your Sexual Harassment law?)—as implying disrespect.  I call that “Trayvonism”.  And it really pisses me off.

Race relations are being set back decades by this Administration, which clearly wants us all to start hating each other on sight for reasons no deeper than what may be gleaned at a glance.  An evil man rules us, and he has expertly handpicked evil men and women to carry forth his vision.

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