Narcissism and Social Media: Where Should Conservatives Draw the Line?

nrcst2We live in an era today where practically everyone is “famous.” It’s not just reality stars anymore; anyone can have their own blog at no cost, and use social media for free, where their every word and photo is broadcast to the entire world. Activists all across the spectrum have taken to these platforms, utilizing them to influence politics. If that is where the younger generations are hanging out, it makes sense to reach out to them there. Organizations like Americans for Prosperity were ahead of the curve several years ago, encouraging and teaching activists on the right how to use the “new media” successfully.

Facebook opened up access to the general public in 2008, no longer limiting the platform to only college students. Conservative activists eagerly added as many friends as allowed by Facebook, 5,000. Then came the rise of the “selfie,” as everyone acquired smartphones that automatically came equipped with cameras. The younger generations have grown up with all the very public social media and selfies as a normal part of life, which can be disconcerting to those of us in Generation X and older.

“Facebook has really been around the whole time Generation Y was growing up and they see it more as a tool for communication,”  lead researcher Shaun W. Davenport, chair of management and entrepreneurship at High Point University, found. “They use it like other generations use the telephone … For older adults who didn’t grow up using Facebook, it takes more intentional motives [to use it], like narcissism.”

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