Newt, Can we Really Break Out of the Slump and Load the Bases?

BreakoutI enjoyed Gingrich’s book Breakout. It formulates some great ideas that may become the sliced bread of tomorrow if certain people and entities get the hell out of the way. He calls them the prison guards. 

I have written several times about the ideas of using computers to give all students a better and equal education. Once the teacher’s unions get out of the way, folks will be able to have better means for education. And college degrees could become very reasonably priced. Why not free! If we can get Free Affordable ObamaCare well the sky should be the limit. The most important part that can be played by the computer systems is to give the student immediate feedback and set them on the correct path or re-path to go back and re-educate the student on areas they didn’t quite get.  And the beauty of it all, it doesn’t hold back the whole class. 

Newt writes about flipping. But I think the whole process should be executed at home for homeschoolers  or in the classrooms. Since this is most efficient if done correctly then the students can have their evenings free to read or socialize with the family. No parent wants to come home from a hard day at work in order to pay for Affordable ObamaCare and have to hunker down with the books. That’s why we pay the big bucks to the teachers. 

The section of breakout for the government is out in left field. These folks are the biggest system suckers in the world. It is time that all folks get to vote on policy and let the Republic be damned. 

One problem that I have with the entire concept is that only a few people are “smart” enough to make it happen. And it is not for the good of the people, but it is for the good of the entrepreneur’s pocketbook. Ford invented the car factory. He ended up producing a car that the average person could afford. Horses were put out of business and Ford became one of the wealthiest folks in the world. So it takes a person who is smart enough to make it happen and in the end is greatly rewarded for his effort. I don’t think Ford’s intention was to make an affordable car and put a lot of people to work. But in the end that is what he achieved and made a fortune. 

So education in general is not going to produce a breakout. It will be finding the Fords, Salks, Gates etc. of the world and set them free. If I can be kind enough to call them geniuses, or business folks or just plain lucky, in the end their number is so few in a quantity compared to the overall population. 

So by educating everyone with mediocre education may crush the future geniuses that will pioneer a breakthrough. It is just not smarts that does it but the willingness to fail. But in the end we need to get out of their way and give them all the support they need in terms of money and personnel. So until we figure our  by genetics etc. who these people are, we need to make every effort to nourish the minds and efforts of the breakthrough artists. And hold back the government and prison guards and lobbyists who can crush any effort for a breakout. 

The section on artificial intelligence and self-driving cars seems premature. And it is not practical. Dick Tracy had Diet Smith and by now I thought we would be flying in individual cars in the atmosphere. Now that would be a breakthrough. or beam me up Scotty. But to have one car in the family doing all the driving, would be expensive and a waste of a great deal of energy. The maintenance alone might be prohibitive. 

 I always envision some special type of paint on the road and on long trips on interstates it would be great to be able to put it on automatic pilot while I go for a beer in the back of the RV. All the vehicle would have to do is follow the special paint and take you for a several hour trip. This could be at high speed if all the bugs could be worked out. At the end the car pulls over and you drive from the interstate to your final destination. That would be a breakthrough and still allow the humans to press the accelerator once in a while. But to have your car go pick up a pizza for you seems a little much and who is going to give the pizza delivery robot a job? … EZ PASS. 

The breakthrough for poverty is to stop giving out handouts and create real jobs so folks can climb out of the slavery called poverty.  You can have the cheapest education and the best education in the world but in the end you need to have real jobs. And as the world becomes more automated we need to encourage more job creation for those who have lost their jobs to automation. Some jobs will be created but the Obama numbers are a joke. We need numbers that will keep up with the growth in the work force via population. We need growth in revenue to pay with delight for all these stupid programs created by the commie liberals. 

These programs will never go away. So let’s make more money so we can make it all work. And not the FDR  type of prosperity that was only  imagined. Obama in 5 years has not netted one job. If you take away all the government jobs he fools around with, he is so far in a hole that he will never create a positive number of jobs. In other words when he took office or if you go back to when the Democrats imploded the housing market in 2008, Obama will never reach the number of full time jobs with benefits that were available at that time. He has many part time jobs. But part time jobs under ObamaCare do not have benefits and it does not create the revenue that is necessary to pay for all the liberal commie programs. We all want these programs in our hearts, but our brains tell us we can’t afford them unless we quadruple the number of jobs that Obama imagined he has created. Raising taxes has never created jobs except maybe for the IRS. 

I think you will find this book very different. And hopefully the right people will learn from this book and run with the principles. If we could nurture just a dozen or so breakout artists and give them the chorus line they need and want, we could be living in a way different world 10 years from now. By the late 1980’s the internet was nothing. Think about where it has taken us today. 

Newt writes a bit about NASA. And how some day space will be a big deal as far as cities in space. I don’t really see that as exciting. Maybe because of my ears and age. But one thing is certain that from NASA has come many innovations that we all use today. By cutting back the “innovation process of NASA, we cut back on the potential for other breakouts that may actually come sooner if NASA was properly funded and encouraged. 

Hopefully we will meet again on a Star in another galaxy somewhere in the future. Beam me up Scotty.

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