No, A Trump Presidency wont be worse than a Clinton/Sanders Presidency

The hysteria coming from Conservative pundits over a possible Trump nomination is astounding. Some have even said that he would be worse for the country than a Clinton or Sanders Presidency. That is just ridiculous. They seem to have forgotten an important aspect of our Constitutional system. The President doesn’t have total control of our nation’s policies. Congress and the President each have a role to play and have checks on each other’s power. In fact it is the Republican Congress’ inability to successfully oppose President Obama that has led to Donald Trump’s rise.

Ostensibly a Congress and President with the same priorities should be able to work together. If we take Trump’s campaign at face value what would Congress’ agenda be? Would they allow Trump to take us down the path to fascism? Hardly. I believe they could actually work together to fix the mess Obama has made.

During his campaign Trump has said he will repeal Obama care. The Republican Congress has voted to repeal Obamacare about 50 times so it appears their priorities are in line. The other Republican nominees have pointed out his past support for single payer healthcare as reason to not believe his pledge. This could be an easy first test of a Trump Presidency, if Congress sends him a repeal bill would he sign it? Will he stick to his campaign promise or risk alienating his base and putting his chances at reelection in jeopardy?

Donald Trump has been very vocal about the need to build a wall along our southern border. Republicans for years have been calling for better border security so it would seem there is room for a deal there. If Congress doesn’t want to go as far as building a wall they don’t have to provide funding for one. If that is the case it would be a continuation of the status quo, not a disaster.

What about the Donald’s stance on trade? He has said that he believes our trade deals are bad for America. Conservative Republicans have argued that free trade is good for everyone. What happens if Trump becomes President? Absolutely nothing. Congress has a say in the Treaty making process. They can take away the President’s Trade Promotion Authority and require a President Trump to work with them. In this case it would mean the status quo stays.

Trump like all other Republicans have decried the cuts in Defense spending that have occurred under President Obama. If Trump were to become President it would become President it would seem he and Congress would seem he and Congress would be on the same page. No disaster can be seen on this front.

The issue these pundits really have with Trump is that they hate him as a person. They despise his crassness, as if Obama hasn’t been crass, calling on his supporters to ‘punish their enemies’ and that Americans are ‘bitter clingers’. They hate it that he has supported Democratic policies in the past. I think they have forgotten that most Americans want to the parties to work together. That can’t happen by throwing out the other side’s ideas. That is what the Democrats have done the past eight years.

A Trump Presidency would not be the end of our Constitutional system. His populism would be tempered by the Republican Congress. Putting a Democrat in the White House for another four years with a Republican Congress incapable of winning political battles very well could be.

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