No Fly, No Buy. Why?

The latest version of the Democrats strategy of denying constitutional rights and due process in the race for a socialist utopia with them in control — is “No Buy, No Fly.” The contention is that anyone on the “No Fly” list should not be able to purchase a gun. No conviction, no due process, no appeal, no knowledge of why you are on the list, no way off the list, and it’s all shrouded in government secrecy, as is all future control of your life.
But consider this…
If someone is dangerous enough to be a danger merely as a passenger on an airplane, so that they can’t fly on an airplane, and that’s why they are on the “No Fly” list, aren’t they also just as much a danger as a passenger on a bus, or a boat, or a train? So shouldn’t they also be banned from all public transportation, Amtrak, and ferry boats? Should cab companies nationwide and Uber be notified not to pick this person up for a ride under any circumstances?
If they are too dangerous to ride as a passenger, then they are far too dangerous to operate a vehicle. Shouldn’t their cars and trucks be confiscated, just in case? If they can’t be trusted to drive, they certainly can’t be trusted to operate a boat, or an airplane.
How can the person on the “No Fly” list be trusted around chemicals like ammonium nitrate, which is used for bombs. So anyone on the “No Fly” list shouldn’t be allowed in fertilizer and farm stores.
Hardware stores should be off limits as well because of claw hammers, bolt cutters, box cutters, saws, wire cutters, knives, in fact an endless list of potential weapons.
Supermarkets have to be banned from access as well, because common household cleaners containing bleach and ammonia can be combined into a poison gas.
They need to be banned from sporting goods stores because of baseball bats and other weapon sources. That would also include pepper spray, tasers, and any self defense device that could be used offensively.
If someone is on the “No Fly” list, they might be smart enough to use the internet. And that gives them endless access to terrorist weapons making, tactics, history, research, improvised explosives, and access to terrorist groups. So anyone on the list should be banned from the internet.
If they are banned from the internet, then shouldn’t they have their computers confiscated, and their photos posted anywhere they may have access to public computers, like libraries for example?
We all know alcohol impairs judgement. I think anyone on the “No Fly” list should also be on a “No Drink” list. All alcohol should be confiscated and their names added to a bar background list of prohibited persons. Medical marijuana is definitely out.
If someone is dangerous enough to be on the “No Fly” list, should they even be allowed to mix with the general public? Perhaps house arrest, or jail is the remedy? Can we really trust that someone on the “No Fly” list can really be trusted with anything at all? Isn’t that why we have such a list?
Isn’t it the height of irresponsibility and criminal negligence for the Democrat Party to insist that anyone on the No Fly list be banned only from purchasing a gun, and completely absent on all these other potential life threatening and terrorist opportunities? What are they thinking? So unless the “No Fly” list also includes: no private airplanes, busses, trains, boats, ships, cabs, Uber, Lyft, driving, chemicals, cars, trucks, fertilizer, farm stores, hardware stores, supermarkets, sporting goods stores, the internet, computers, libraries, alcohol, bars, public places, marijuana, and includes preventive detention, then why even have a “No Fly” list? Perhaps it is the “No Fly” list itself that we should be investigating? Both the NRA and the ACLU oppose the suppression of constitutional rights and due process inherent in such a list. Perhaps it is, as we all know, yet another backhanded way to take guns from civilian ownership, while the government stockpiles guns and ammunition, militarizes bureaucrats, and creates armed forces within agencies that have no business or reason to be armed. And history has taught us this trend is never a good thing.

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