No More “Islamophobia”

There was a debate last night, and some of us actually watched it. I was struck by the intelligence shown by all of the candidates, although I do not think any of the positions that they already held will change. It is my opinion that Iowa is wide open, and there will really be no answers until Monday night or Tuesday morning.
For some reason, the Republican National Committee thought having “you tube superstars” ask questions would be a good idea. Because you can have a thriving you tube does not strike me as someone who is politically savvy in all circumstances. In many ways it may even be an hindrance to looking at the reality that is politics. From the start, two were known to be there to almost certainly push far left wing ideologies, and were placed in this debate solely to attack Donald Trump who intelligently bowed out of the fiasco. Being that Trump wasn’t there, the questions were then given to Cruz whose immigration policies are much the same as Trumps.
Let’s look at these two “You Tube Stars” as they really are and not presented to the public during the debate.
The first Dulce Candy was put forth as a star on You Tube in the fields of beauty, makeup and fashion. What this has to do with politics I have no idea. She was put forth as the ideal immigrant, hard working, following all the rules, even to spending some time in the military. Not mentioned, and never to be discussed is the fact the she was an illegal immigrant. She was here against the constitutional laws of this country.
The second was Nabeal Noor, born here from Bangladeshi parents who because her parents rushed here before she was born to give birth to here in the US, she was a certified anchor baby. Noor, without any factual evidence claims that “Islamophobia” is on the rise in this country. She stated that hate crimes against Muslims are because of the political positions and statements of the Republicans. Not mentioned was the fact that she is a Bernie Sanders supporter, and has falsely claimed that there have been calls for Muslim registration and the closing of mosques. She claims that we should not call all Muslims terrorists just as we don’t call all white people the KKK. This comparison is ridiculous on so many levels. The KKK is condemned by both black and white. I don’t see Muslims stepping up to combat the infiltration of our country by Islamic Terrorists. I don’t see these same Muslims condemning the writings of the Koran that declare all infidels to be killed. I don’t see any Muslims calling for the closing of the terrorist camps in this country that this administration has told local law enforcement to leave alone. Where are they, Ms. Noor , where are these Muslims? All I see is Muslims demanding that we change to accommodate them, and trying to call any natural anger that people are feeling in this country about being rolled over by your Muslim Brotherhood friends in this administration, and CAIR trying to change the fundamental culture of this country Islamophobia.

You discuss the 2015 hate crime movement against Muslims has tripled. I would be interested to know where you got your numbers. Those numbers are filed by the FBI, and the FBI has not given out any numbers for 2015 to this point. And what do you mean that our culture is only driving ISIS to radicalize and incite violence. Is that the same for Germany? Did the culture of Europe cause women to be groped and raped on a massive scale. Do you expect us to just turn away and let Islam do what they wish in our country. And would you agree that there is such a thing as a Jewish Hate crime? In 2013, 14% of hate crimes showed an anti-Muslim bias. What was the number for Jews? 57%. Why are you not wringing your hands over the poor innocent Jewish victims? Could it be because your religion has taught you that they are pigs and dogs and that they and their country should be destroyed.
You can try to accuse White Christian males for fatal acts in the country, but will not discuss the over 5,000 Christians that have been killed by your religion of peace, and the attacks here, in San Bernardino, or Boston, of that fateful day in 2001. Truth is relevant to any discussion, but there is no truth to “Islamophobia” or those who try to use it to control and stifle discussion. The body count of Islamic terrorism is growing here, and it will continue until this country and this administration eradicate it.
Ms. Noor, you have every right to embrace the oppressive religion of Islam, you do not have the right, along with many other Muslims in this country to expect the people here to agree you are a victim, your own success belies that point. You can go on You Tube all you want to urge you followers to speak against the critics of Islam. Please try all you like. Explain why you think this country “Reeks of Hatred” and yet you still have a voice to try and destroy the country that helped you get what you have..
You lies about Mr. Trump, the candidate you described as Hitler, are beyond the pale. His words were

“Until we are able to determine where this hatred beyond comprehension comes from, until we are able to determine and understand the problem and the threat it poses, we cannot be victims of attacks by people that only believe in jihad and have no respect for human life. “

How does a candidate who is concerned about the safety of our country and our people make him comparable to Hitler? As a matter of fact, Islam and Hitler worked together during World War II, so that is a statement that is false at best. If you like I can send what has been written about that era of time by myself and others.
The future of Islam in the world is a subject that must be discussed. “Islamophobia” as specified by this administration of Muslim Brotherhood advocates will not stifle the American people. It also will not hide what must be laid bare by those who are angry and restive in the subjugation of our country by those in this administration that would like nothing more than to see the United States fall to sharia law. I will promise you, it will not happen, this country will not agree to jihad, to the subjugation of women, to throwing homosexuals off of roofs, to the implementation of sharia. And yet you state that seeing a Bumper sticker for Trump and not feel personally attacked. We have free speech here Ms. Noor and like it or not, you claim to be an American citizen. The newspaper clipping in your video, the paper you showed was an article of a Muslim in Detroit who stabbed two non Muslims and yet you stated the exact opposite. I suppose the low information voters who follow you on Twitter will just take what you say at face value, but America won’t.
Diversity does not mean putting our country at risk, nor does our compassion. It is time for the 7th century thinking of Islam to make progress into the modern world. And it is time to put to rest the lie of “Islamophobia” and Islamic victim hood.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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