No Obama 2012

Remember the words of Albert Einstein “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. 

The Obama Administration has sold the American people a bill of goods for the past (4) four years. They have humiliated America and the American people. They have made numerous compromises to our sovereignty, by adhering to other Countries decisions and requests towards our self rule and destiny. They gave away our elite unmatched Space program to the Russians on a silver platter. Hopefully this will not be a terrible mistake, creating an atmosphere of defenseless to our National Security. 

Obama’s apology tour brought shame to America. He has accepted the United Nations policies and programs as law of the land, using them in attempt for him to eliminate our “Right to Bare Arms” circumventing the United States Constitution and the balance of powers. 

This Administration with the help of the mindless incompetent Socialist Marxists Liberal Democrats and The Progressives have ignored the wishes and outcries of the people, by ramming their own interpretations of an America molded in their image. They forced a revised unread, unproven healthcare system by throwing not only the American people overboard with an anchor wrapped around their necks, but also created increased sub-human care for the elderly and the disabled. Death panels are not a sci-fi fantasy of the future, but it is a reality with Obamacare. 

The Obama Administration left the American citizen defenseless at the mercy of the terrorist hoards at our Embassies. Any and all Americans that lost their lives, including all those who were mentally or physical disabled by these attacks are just unfortunately collateral damage for their own selfish ideologies. Their philosophy is to bow and kiss the feet of our enemies, while undermining our integrity. They are sellout to the extreme. They lie and cheat. They live the “Life of Reilly’ do what I say but not as I do, while America suffers. 

They ignore the Constitution regarding religious freedom, placing shackles around all established beliefs, except for the atheists and the ones they accept out of fearful of retribution or potential violence. They mock our religious symbols and God Himself.  They are, spineless, gutless disgrace of insensitive cretins, preying on the meek while endorsing the code of the barbarians. They are hypocrites centering on themselves with no morals or decency. 

Whether you know it or not, Obama doesn’t run the Country? How can he when he is always performing recreational activities instead his swore duty as President of the United States. It was quit evident during the Libyan crisis.

The vicious unwarranted attacks on our Embassies, Citizens and Property, was left clueless, initially condemning a film, while Obama continued to campaign as though nothing had happened.
The humiliating take down and burning of our American flag then being replaced with a grotesque flag of destruction was most reprehensible. The savage despicable murders of our Brave, Heroic Patriots Ambassador Chris Stevens, former Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith, who formerly served in the Air Force, were cruelly victimized by a hoard of malicious unconscionable misfits.  While Obama disgracefully and unsympathetically calls their deaths “Optimal” on the Jon Stewart Show. The only thing that mattered was his own conceited vanity of protecting his own selfish existence as President.
Do we as Americans have amnesia? Are we so naive that we are willing to forgive and forget these Administrations atrocities of the past and re-elect this part-time spiteful President so he can finish our ruination, as a free people and Nation.  Are we forgetting the fact that millions of Americans are out of work, homeless and are complied to take part-time jobs or low income employment just to survive? Are we forgetting that our money is worthless and inflation, no matter what they say, because I do the shopping, is rising uncontrollably?

As Thomas Jefferson once said, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty”. 

Let’s these words will bring strength of wills, anger and forcefulness into this November’s presidential election of 2012, defeating our President Barack Hussein Obama, making him a one term President. 

The narcissist regime of Obama and his merry den of Progressive thievery, with unlimited incompetence have not backed down from their Socialistic goals and agenda. Obama describes himself as a modern day Robin Hood when actually he’s Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. 

The sharp fangs of the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives have been filed down, in the past, by the power of the vote, which must never been nderestimated or taken for granted. They defeated all those who attacked our freedom, and stymied our existence as a free Nation and People, in the past and must continue to do so in the present and future. 

Only the Liberal Democrats and The Progressives have the audacity to self proclaim themselves as the purest of Judges, Jury and Executioners, convicting an individual without a shred of evidence or proof. 

We are a Country infected by an Obama disease. His disease brought us humiliation, homelessness, despair, violations of  our inalienable rights, reduced purchasing power, dictatorship, ineptness, sarcasms, fiscal depression, inflation, no budgets, regressive achievements, high gas prices, corruption, greed, trillions in debt, runaway deficits,  robbing one half billon dollars from Medicare, leaving it in shambles, to pay for Obamacare, obviously denying benefits to the seniors and the disabled, personal financial ruin, Socialism, lack of respect, elimination of businesses, layoffs, reduced salaries, unscrupulous false questionable unemployment statistics, reduction in military strength, leaving our brave troops at risk, threatened to withhold their pay and benefits to their families, no hope, empty promises, strong arm tactics, clueless leadership with a circus atmosphere, hardships, individuals graduating from college penniless with no jobs. Individuals on fixed incomes losing their savings and are broke. Pensions are going bankrupt. 401 K’s have become non-existent. No mortgages, no money. Middle class is getting strangled with high food prices. Food stamps are out of control and costing more. The poor is getting poorer, and more dependent upon the Government, worthless paper money, with portfolios rapidly decreasing. The Country is burning, while Obama Fiddles! He’s out of touch, he’s out of control? He is an empty vacant useless leader. Can you trust this President, absolutely not! Do we want another four of this, absolutely not!
He and his cohorts divided America with lies, innuendoes, hostility and violence. He brought out prejudices and discrimination between all races, creeds, sex, colors and religions. They were not the self proclaimed healers but they were the infectious virus that spread throughout our beloved Nation. Their philosophy and strategy is plain and simple, “divide and conquer”, while falsely blaming others. Unfortunately some Americans actually believed in their dangerous propaganda. This was the same course of action used in Nazi Germany’s rise to power!
Some say we know what we have? But couldn’t we do better, of course we can? Is America doomed to be walking zombies afraid to vote this tyrant out of office, because He has demoralized us for the last (4) four years? Where’s the courage that was portrayed with the American Revolution? Where is the strength and fortitude of our forefather, who risked life and property together with their families for freedom and liberty? Anything is better than this? We can achieve all this peacefully, because our forefathers took all the risks, by voting this November 2012.
If these disgraceful Obama made atrocities in social development bring a trill down your leg such as MSNBC’s station idiot Chris Mathews, then cast your precious vote, for another four years of mayhem and humble yourself to be a “boot licking” indentured servant to the Government, with no pride, honor or self respect.
Remember the words of Albert Einstein “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Let’s prove to ourselves and to the world we aren’t insane, by liberating ourselves on Election Day, November 6, 2012, by saying “NO” to the re-election of the worst demeaning President we ever had, Barack Hussein Obama? How sad we are as a Nation if we don’t?

We the People do have the power. Remember government works for us; we don’t work for the government. Voter apathy is our enemy, and must be defeated. Vote this November 2012 and every election afterwards, as your life and your family’s future depended upon it, because it does? God Bless America! No Obama 2012!

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