Nocturnal Daylight

Nocturnal Daylight


With a delirious notion of conspiracy, there is a silent promise that the government makes with the civilian: don’t ask questions. If asking questions, the overwhelming problems become the average man’s occupation. Terror, conspiracy, occultism, all the problems of the world are looking back at us. The competition of all the knowledge of the world knows when to unleash at full force, but to compare the differing beliefs of what humanity has to offer, has nothing in comparison when confronted with stories of the surreal and the lost who have come forward to say their peace. But all of it can be questioned, understood, but still the era of the lost souls might come into existence. But there is the confidence that most men have and the will to believe what they believe. The unforsaken and the righteous have always laid waste to the little man, who speaks from a microphone and manages to shout, and debate, and realize what they seem to think is not what they know. It’s either in documents released in high level moments that have opened the earth’s core and shot into the sun, but however once allocated by the searing flight of the truth seeks others, when the openness of being comes together, but as some who have decided that what could be conspiracy or not, some men choose to believe only 5 percent of the world’s conspiracy. However the world has come into being, much of what is taught as lies can be a metaphor for real life situations. Each conspiracy, or story, or short story, comes as a realization that each and every fiber of the information coming together, is bundled in a special decision to forget others who have yet to feel it in their bones. The understanding of what makes men hypothesize why the world is the way it is. The origin story. The mere understanding of what makes a person listen to the moon and talk to it as though there is a real conversation happening. Shamans were always highly respected in the field of predicting weather, or the outcome of a great battle, but however it is continually accepted the problem of belief is the same as those who chose not to believe. An action must take place in order for someone’s mind to be open to the Nocturnal Daylight. The idea that most others who have wished to confuse their own bias with others is not that we don’t believe, but we have a central line of thought that is unwilling to break. Many people believe that they can divorce a woman three times. Belief and conspiracy can sometimes be confused for one another. If someone say, “Oh, you’re crazy,” you have just presented them a truth that most others tend to forget. The realization that a conspiracy might be real is what most people subjectively believe. The condition of conspiracy and belief is that while belief is associated with a structure of rules, the conspiracy is that all might be succeptible to the corruption of most manipulation, and are we really surprised that most people don’t believe in mythology. The idea of the private world interacting with a conspiracy is when Nocturnal Daylight comes into play. If Nocturnal Daylight is the idea that most others can see with one hundred percent of their brain, they might not need to sleep, but however if sleep can help the body rest, the DMT produced with a lack of sleep can give way to what most people don’t believe. The Nocturnal Daylight is neither the same thing as belief or conspiracy, but the weapon used to create it is the mind. The mind, without sleep, can make people insane. Some who belive in conspiracies might not be that insane, but they have already allowed the insistence of what is believed outside of the pleasure incentive problem. Each understood as the main incentive is to why conspiracies make the Nocturnal Daylight seem so real. It’s living in two different shades of color and combing them until the connections in the brain are producing dreams that have yet to be seen. But is it conspiracy to think that while Nocturnal Daylight is not proven, how can it not exist within one’s own mind. Conspiracy is just another drug that allows the mind to bend the rules of perception, and while one may think they are still walking in sunlight, they might be lost in the nightmares of Nocturnal Daylight.

To believe that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, off the basis of the evidence, and the reports from MSM and all types of media, is bullshit. Considering that the man was already convicted of underage sex, and implicated many people to receive a lighter sentence, proves that he was on the take, moving against time, as he was finally found dead in his cell. The understanding of what makes a conspiracy is the idea that he was suicidal. The tape going missing is the ultimate reason why most of America is Conspiracy America. This kind of twinge is Nocturnal Daylight. It’s where two opinions can be held at the same time. It’s not quite doublethink. Doublethink is seeing two sides, but knowing that the side is wrong. Jeffrey Epstein lived in a doublethink mentality, a thug. Nocturnal Daylight is, as visually, an eclipse, where the moon is in front of the sun. That’s just one example. It’s the ability to think that all things are possible, while stil living in one reality. The comprehension of knowing it almost boggles the mind. The constant state of Nocturnal Shadows is widely believing that while presenting someone with facts, the opposite side of that is lies, and seeing it was hard to see for a long time. The problem was the lack of information. Print newspapers and books were a dominate Boomer and Gen Xer solution to what the world was, and however one had to combine the lies with the truth, but there was always a filter. The somewhat scam newspapers had the salacious stories that bordered on fiction, or were best left for fiction books, the legitimate newspapers had the truth. Both were believed and disproven or disregarded. The competent problem of what is associated with fiction is that it helps the rest of society function. Conspiracies were best left to story tellers, but even so, they are part of a world that knows how to live in separate worlds. Nocturnal Shadows, is the same as those who have yet to believe one side may exist. The perception of lies and truth is the inflection of tone, whether one might be able to say what they think is the absolute cautionary subtle touch of lies and truth. The believability exists just as much as real life. The New York Times has become a center of nonsense that even they are lost at the heart of what made Jeffery Epstein’s death an extraction of the mind. They want to believe that Trump killed him, because of theories that do not hold water. Orange Man Bad. That seems to be the only thing they have left. If the believability of a newspaper, such as the New York Times, has the inability to comprehend the idea of a conspiracy, because they have not yet seen the Nocturnal Daylight that we have come to exist in. It’s not like schizophrenics and people who had emotional problems weren’t already living in that world. The inability to trust people is certain in most schizophrenics, because what makes one live in Nocturnal Daylight is the way one with no sleep must take their life into equation. Never once awake or steadily sleeping. The problem of knowing the persistence of Nocturnal Daylight is the sense of direction or the lack of comprehension one feels. They are surrounded by facts, myth, loss of sleep, and they have yet to acquire that sense of calm. The believability of Zeus, God, Krishna, Satan, Muhammed, all are surrounded by the logic that they all exist, or temporal in the mind, always founded by the lack of dimension, as those who have comprehended a sense of what the imagination can hold. With perception comes the belief that without the sake of destruction, as all have yet to imagine it might be the same. Jeffrey Epstein, would have been a conspiracy theory around 2008, but the inclination of what makes Jeffrey Epstein tangible is that he existed, but is there the idea that without Jeffrey Epstein, the Nocturnal Daylight wouldn’t be possible. With his presence, there is the idea that such contradictions exist, and how one might never see the deception again. With the death of Epstein, the world can see the Nocturnal Daylight clearly. The impression of his death meant that seeing only one half of the world through his death, the Nocturnal Daylight can come to existence.

But how can one live in the night and day and not go crazy? Nocturnal Daylight is the observation that while a sane person only sees one way, a person suffering Nocturnal Daylight has no choice but to believe all that he can. However one might think this might only involve scandals in the Catholic Church. One might believe in aliens who come from outer space or the same who have yet to follow through in their inter-dimensional journey. A problem of those who have yet to conquer the wisdom further inclined as they know others have yet to see. Traveling further until there is no longer a sane place to follow, but moving at incredible speeds, Nocturnal Daylight consists of living as though stuck in an eclipse where the universe has bent itself over to make sure that all who live under it know they have yet to follow through with their suicide. It’s like seeing through the cracks, and the help of DMT pushing through them is the absolute conundrum as each have wrought their presence as they know it’s the sight of true horror they must face everyday. They wake up angry, thinking about things that shouldn’t concern them. Friends who did them wrong. Being hateful is the only option. To turn those who love you against you. But if one is living in the Nocturnal Daylight, they can’t help but turn themselves into the nightmare that creates them. They don’t in turn create nightmares, they are one. A job can’t hold a person who lives in the shackles of the Nocturnal Daylight. Waking up at 3 am after collapsing as those who yet concern their depths, but even now, there is nothing becoming what the Nocturnal Daylight creates. It’s living in the eclipse that one can see they are truly desperate but people can think they have ADD, and that might be a symptom of no sleep. The ability to turn over and see through the fire that surrounds them. Often they think that trees are on fire. Or the ability to concentrate without medicine makes them less desirable. A problem of having to perform routine tasks everyday becomes a nightmare as those who have understood the problem at hand, is the absolute primitive decay of those who have yet to change their destiny. How can one actually be a good standing citizen if they are apart of the Nocturnal Daylight? The question becomes a problem to those who have already changed their persistence, as each have wrought their question in the same pleasure of knowing that death is the only thing waiting for them. They can’t control themselves. They think the world is after them. But it’s not like they don’t know it. If one collapses at work, this is apart of the Nocturnal Daylight. Many with Sleep Apnea experience this type of problem. The evidence of what makes Nocturnal Daylight impossible to live with, without ADD medication, because one who lives in Nocturnal Daylight, can’t concentrate, only keeps the person working at what may feel at half speed. Problem is no one is allowed to sleep at work. The persistence of finding their anger at half mast is not the only thing available to them. The opportunity to buy a gun and kill themselves becomes the only thing they can think about. Then they think about what they have not accomplished. The ability to destroy oneself and others becomes the preoccupation of Nocturnal Daylight. The ability to take daily commands from bosses sounds like a threat from the underworld, and since all see demons in their bosses eyes, the perfunctory complication of having to follow through with those orders, when believing your boss is satan, is not appetizing. The indecision of knowing what others defy is the ability to compliment those who have otherwise found themselves lost in the insane comprehension that even work sounds like a futile mission. Try filing records all day when you have no sleep. When no one will go out with you. The ability to see through yourself and know that you are a fraud who listens to a boss who has no real persuasive arguments turn the job into a lackluster affair. You start to see a gun form in your hands and you imagine to shoot the nearest co-worker, who is working to get you fired. The gun is so real. He talks incessantly. He thinks he knows everything.

The opportunity to kill him seems like it would work. He unloads his problems and you have no real ability to work other than to just be his therapist. He gets angry over what you say when you are trying to make conversation. The anger within Nocturnal Daylight seems to come further into reality. The experience of holding oneself into the lost persuasion as they know others are ready to die as though Nocturnal Daylight calls out in succession. The comprehension of life seems further away. Looking at stacks of sheets to fill out fills one with anxiety. The Nocturnal Daylight, the eclipse, sounds more like an invitation to think one is lost in the mere assuaged anger. The competition is the only problem one has to create as those who have understood the perception of excess sugar, but even so, the sugar doesn’t help. If one is collapsing nearly all the time, shouldn’t they get checked out? Nocturnal Daylight is the reason why all must reason as to why they know they hold a gun to their head and ready the trigger. If the pain only seemed to stop for what others mistake as nothing. Yeah, if the error of misjudgement and pain reflects those who do not see it. The Nocturnal Daylight is those who have seen what the world wants of them, and it’s in the eclipse one can see, after they treat their wounds, know they can’t return to. When all inspiration and money and the world seems too insincere, it’s the ability to die that holds yourself accountable. Dying is the only next best thing after one is forced to quit their dreams.

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