Not all #NeverTrumpers are Scum

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OK, OK, I recently heard Rush Limbaugh’s comments on the very Republicans who are opposing Trump, and Yes he does a make point. Donald Trump is someone that is willing to fight fire with fire and is not afraid of taking on the people who have used similar tactics on the America people.

Let us be honest, the Democrats and/or progressives are only projecting their wickedness into YOU and the rest of the America People to make them fell guilty and vote for the Democrats and their fundamental transformations including the abolishment of Faith, Family, and Freedom while they promise to take care of you. Those who oppose the Democrats are just backward white males, racists, fear homosexuals and “alternative sexual lifestyles” and are afraid of change. This is just intimation and shakedown tactics by the Democrat Party of course, and yes they have gotten certain cowards to vote Democratic because of this…convincing them they are good people while they make America into another third world banana republic distopia…but hey it is for the best, cause we shall get to the promised land that Karl Marx told us about….right?

If what certain Christians said about Karl Marx being possessed by the devil himself is true, then this thing called True Communism is nothing but another lie. No different than his greater and number one lie of “You Shall Not Die & You Shall Be as God.” For Satan himself prefers to watch the human race self destruct as it encourages more and more people to do so. Kill off the human race, and you corner God and demand power.

I would agree that Mitt Romney is a scumbag, but President Trump should let his supporters in conservative media say that on his behalf. Truth be told, Mitt Romney was and always will be a politically opportunist if not a chameleon. We saw this come to light in the 2012 election and principled conservatives either voted third party or used the write in blank or worse sat out the election (which is something nobody who can and is able to vote should do). For the record I voted for Romney and looking back, I am glad he lost…but he did give Barack Obama a second term and a bittersweet legacy for our nation. I would never vote for Romney ever again…even for dog catcher. Romney is the classic example of a crony capitalist. Don’t give me this “flawed tool” BS…you Republican loyalists…One is enough with Trump and he has done more to advance a conservative cause being the anti-progressive that he truly is. Romney would have never EVER do what Trump is doing.

On the other hand, I think of the few HONEST #NeverTrumpers in principle, like David Leach and Shannon Joy. These people have always opposed Trump based on their honest convictions and support of Liberty and Freedom in America rather than claim to be conservative but plunder like the Democrats…just not as much. Well the Bush Family, and those like them have been good at doing just that, and that is only helping the Democrats in their long game. Now I think Leach is off his rocker and that does not help his cause. Sure he may not be in it for the money but it does not help his credibility either. Losing credibility is just as bad. It is the equivalent of crying wolf when their is no wolf. Shannon Joy however has been able to stay #NeverTrump herself, without going off the deep end staying rational.

Others like Steve Deace, Daniel Horowitz and Ben Shaprio have taken a different but principled stance in which Shaprio called “Sometimes Trump.” Meaning you support the things that advance Liberty and Freedom and oppose when they don’t. I think that stance makes all these people not only credible but consistent in advancing the cause of American Conservatism. We as conservatives need to be both supporter and loyal opposition.

The Democratic Party media is working overtime attacking our President and his agenda. We expect that from them. The radicals have taken over both the entertainment and news media outlets for the most part. They want this utopia in which they can be able to indulge in their personal pleasures and put those out of the way (including murder) who would deny them their personal happiness…including God himself and those who may or may not be Christians but uphold something closer to God’s agenda and I dare I say Trump is done just that. Oh yes they want the power too.

Dear Mr. President; I agree that Mitt Romney betrayed you and you should have saw that coming. This is why those who are Principled Conservatives, are not hands down loyal the Republican Team no matter what. We are loyal first and foremost to God, and when the Republican Party tries to mock God, we stand up for that very God first…even if that hurts us and our Country. Ask Daniel, ask three men in the furnace who would not bow to ‘golden image,’ and ask God’s own son Jesus Christ who was crucified for the sins of humanity.

And Mr. President if you have not honestly had a Come To Jesus movement…please have one soon. He is waiting to save you from YOUR sins.

And yes, he would do the same for Mitt Romney too…He too needs an honest Born Again experience. Something that his Faith and Church in my honest opinion just never would do.

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