I am not happy about our U.S. Women’s Soccer Team

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So our women’s soccer team won the World Cup. After hearing comments made by Mark Levin along the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh and Michael Knowles, plus some of the actions made even before all this came down; I only have Two Words for our U.S. women’s soccer team.

Suck It.

Looking at my own past

I have to admit, I am truly understanding now what it means to be the loyal opposition. You respect the office but you also respect your country and its principles regardless of your leaders of the moment. That also means when your president calls for your presence, and if you are able to make it…you come. Michael Jackson (before he was exposed as the mess that he was) accepted an award from then President Ronald Reagan for the use of his hit song “Beat It” in a PSA discouraging drinking and driving. As a child with a German liberal mother back in the day, I did not like this…but in due time I shook it off. When I started leaning right, I was disgusted with seeing our Olympic Team in a picture with then President Bill Clinton. I quickly shook that off too.

To paraphrase Joni Mitchell, I looked at Loyal Opposition from both sides now…I really don’t know Loyal Opposition at all. I shall add on to this…I know a lot better and I am wiser for it.

Why bring up Barack Obama?  Just stick with me please

Barack Obama and his administration really emboldened progressives to be as radical more than ever. Obama meant what he said about his “fundamental transformation” of America. He ran on uniting the country, and he actually did it…you just have to read and see between the lines. He united progressives (in high and low places) and their cause to make America no different than everyone else in the world, in which we would (By hook or by crook. On our own accord or by force) embrace the Gospel of Karl Marx and those who followed him, coupled that with the Gospel of John Lennon and Yoko Ono with their signature song about a Marxist one world socialist order (with no God to hold us accountable) titled Imagine.

Obama was a leftist radical through and through, mentored by the best especially open communist Frank Marshall Davis (could be his real baby daddy) and the ideals laid out by Saul Alinsky who wrote his Rules for Radicals before his untimely death in 1972. Speaking of Alinsky, another person who was directly mentored by the man himself was suppose to be Obama’s successor and finish and solidify the job he was able to get done. That person, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. But a monster of the mass media’s own creation just got in the way. That being Donald J. Trump, and the new American Progressive Order suffered a set back. Man, the progressives got so upset, and this brings us to the present day and the actions of the Women’s U.S. Soccer Team.

Making the connection between Women’s U.S. Soccer and Progressive politics

The head figure of the women’s U.S. soccer team is team captain, open lesbian radical and likely a proud member of the Rainbow Jihad; Megan Anna Rapinoe. Her hatred of President Donald Trump is no secret, but let us talk about more about Rapinoe. She came out of the closet in 2012 via an article in Out Magazine, one of the top LGBTQ rags in America. Along with her support of the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), Rapinoe is also passionate for equal pay for women especially in sports. She don’t care about the economics and popularity of women soccer which is still outshined by the men’s soccer team (and in spite of other countries that can easily defeat the respected team), not to mention long past times including baseball and Grid Iron Football (in many places in the world they call soccer “Football”) still making bigger draws.
Now Donald Trump and some of our elected officials did the right thing in congratulating the team. Now I am not President Trump or an elected official so I can actually bash back when the Women’s US Soccer team choose to bash our President, simply because they are not ideologically allied with him (but rather allied with the likes of communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Democrat opportunists Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi), but their is more to it. When Rapnoe and her team mate Allie Long dropped the America flag they were holding during their victory on the field, they simply could not treat it with the respect it deserves and just stomped on our flag like it was just another piece of cloth. At least team mate Kelley O’Hara had some respect for our country by picking it up when Rapinoe and Long failed to do so. But they they are progressives who think America is just another nation among others, and Rapinoe supports open borders. At least the Netherlands (who were beaten by the U.S. women) have more respect for their country. What does that tell you about what the leftist radicals have been doing to our nation? They taught the likes of Rapinoe and Long well.
A soccer player with more character Jaelene Hinkle is being feathered and tared not only by the soccer coaches and powers that be, but also by the fans. Just because she will not celebrate the Rainbow Jihad. That also proves the point made by Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles that with the popularity of soccer rising in the states, the love of our country is declining. Face facts people, even if you love America and you love soccer, its a sport loved by mostly progressives, globalists and CommunistMarxistSocialistStatists.


I will say that the American women won the World Cup fair and square, but I am not going to celebrate or be happy about it. I will say it one more time ladies, and this time With Feeling and Passion, and sorry for the players on the team that might have more character than Rapinoe in advance (key word: MIGHT); I Have Three Words For all of You.
Oh and more thing ladies. In the words of Daffy Duck…
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