Nothing is what it seems


There is a rumor. There is always a rumor. A rumor of Donald Trump being impeached. A rumor of a rumor. No one is really sure. What I have is really just another source of power and pride, because a rumor is where I work, as a fiction writer and blogger, and have made some amateur YouTube videos (I cringe knowing this exist and I own up to it). I have heard so many, but how many are true? Rumor are beyond their own dissatisfaction, and how rumor changes is like a fragmented destruction. What you are about to admit is that is this just a conspiracy theory. Is the world going to end in twelve years, proclaimed by Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, who are reeling in horror and sickly crying for the destruction of the earth?

If there is a purpose driven onto the people, it’s to reject the mind that allows peace and creativity to supersede all. If creativity was not real and tangible, maybe it’s just up for debate. If the weather is real, then it’s another substantial demeanor, but every time one brings up the environment, where is the promise of fixing the problem, and not just screaming about it all day long. If the rumors are true, the earth will end in twelve years. Then go and eat McDonalds every day. Why is Bernie Sanders and Ocasio Cortez, or AOC, going on and on when they have no other point to make. They remind me of my cousin who never comments on anything I say unless it’s in opposition to the Democratic party. If it’s my choice, I will still continue to post it up, but however I sit on the edge of my bed and stare down at the floor is my business. How can the world live when everyone is screaming about rumors, and how the way the world is dying, and how Trump is screwing everything up. The Fine People Hoax, which led by CNN, to address and say that Trump said the supposed racists of Charlottesville were fine people, when he wasn’t addressing that at all, completely condemning the racists, and the others who were just watching and not participating in the protests.

I have no other condemnation for the way life has treated people, but to believe in what the media says, only makes the blood run colder, and if people are born out of stupidity they are about as lost as I have pointed them out. A simple regression of the facts is above the rim of retardation, and how can they successfully achieve their goals when they are just reeling in horror every day? Nothing is as bad as it seems, but what makes the world think about the days since Trumps election, feels like every day, and if people shut the fuck about their anger, maybe we would all be getting along, but however the Democrats like to act, they are Trumped and however they think is not my business, but when they have ultimately defended all the conspiracy theories to death and finally destroyed, they are a destroyed gate and now the water of reality is flooding in. Scarlett Johansen has admitted that the “Democratic Party is worse off then ever before” and this is just the beginning of what they had lost in 2016. A pleasure less world where nothing is fine, and the unending horror…is not bothering me.

Yes, maybe the Democrats, who voted, are now waking up, to continue to find meaning in their life, is not bothering me. I get up, after a long night of deep sleep, and I take my medicine (which I suggest all liberals to do) my cup of coffee, and I finish my coffee before I start writing. It’s often a hurdle to get started, but the pureness of starting a day with writing helps all the demons go away. With a full night of sleep, you can do everything you want to do. When I finish my writing, I usually find myself connected to the brim of books, and getting lost in more imagination. What had come to me is that rumors are what we make up out of the day. It’s easier to make up things about people who don’t talk. I have been at the end of people’s rumors, and I now do not confirm nor deny, but I will confirm or deny things that are true or not. But rumors are just the days we spend allowing ourselves to dream about the future, or find some final days that we might yet experience.

But after what allows rumor to confirm our deepest fears, and hatred for the unknown. I embrace the unknown and what will come after it. Knowing everything is not the way to live. If we did, then why ever go to the movies, or read books, or find ourselves lost in someone’s gaze. What we have lost is the feeling that people are new, and we should openly embrace sexuality as the new ground to take ourselves into the next phase of our lives. Most alienated people do not want to be with people, and they are not going to approach anyone in order to grow and become a better person. But rumor of the unknown, and how we are connected to the act of sex and love and marriage or the way we see rumor of the changing atmosphere collect together. As of today, the weather can be solved in a secondary notice in our phones or computers.

But if one is creating fiction, you should not have to believe that everything is happening factually. Facts are not fiction, but descriptive details are what makes the way people think and relish in the way others think and how we speak and breath. Not knowing is the pure act of selflessness. A distinct compatibility. Millennial’s are awful with this idea of having to be friendly with people their age. They would rather fuck their dad or mom than a stranger, which is equally abhorrent and disgusting, and marrying someone who looks like your mom, or if you have daddy issues, you are equally lost as well. You need to hear this. The millennials who read this may not like this, but you have not left the author much choice.

The act of pissing on my generation is not one I enjoy, but you do get mad and there is a slight continued brilliance in the way people are angered. Since Millennial’s would rather have sex with their pets and not people, reminds me of the way people want subservient creature they don’t have to have sex with. But maybe it’s all a rumor, but no sadly this is not. Maybe the world will end? No, it will not. But a rumor is nothing more the same as finding a certain element of truth in it. The way others often look for character in a film lens, rumor asks the mind to reel in the doubt and the civility of what others have not yet seen.

Each construct of a rumor, tied to what democrats may believe, is what the Republicans thought twenty years ago. They are embracing a conservative logic that is no longer in conservatism, and when they do act liberal, say as promoting Abortion, they turn people away. Another reason why rumor is so powerful is that what you have to admit is that when you have your own logic behind it, it helps the rumor exist. Rumor works when there is a point to make and it rattles the confidence of what men and women think. People now accept Fake News even if they hate it. The very word triggers leftists but it’s a truth that most conservatives have known for a long time. What I have seen is that when rumor is allowed to take control, all are curious to the point of self-doubt.

A rumor, very much like dream logic, allows all to slide through the cracks, and press through the depositions of the mind, where analysis offers some credible basis for thought, and however it might seem false, there is a truth that holds many together. What is apparent in a rumor is that while all who have continued to press through the days where all who search for the truth are just allowed to have their own beliefs, that’s how one can become free. A pleasure of dining on rumor is allowing the mind to ask questions and however they sit through constant debates, there are certain devouring signs within the person. A rumor can eat away at one’s soul and fester in the heart of the weak, and the noble warrior has to suspect that all might be concerned with his death, while all who have known what a rumor is, allows all to remain dutifully curious. It seems that no one wants to be curious. Curiosity means something is allowed to exist outside the construct of reality. While reality is a signal of peace and understanding, a rumor, is what makes fiction and writing their own. What they know is the absolute wisdom of the soul further allowed in the actions of a true despot, and however despotic they may be, they are often relatable, even to the notion of sympathy.

Why does the notion of a rumor sound so much more interesting than facts? Does it change the opinion of a fact? Does it maintain a certain decorum? Rumors and fiction are so interesting that it makes one completely inundated as they hear others learn to speak in tongues, but how can they not separate it? Rumors and fiction provide a forum for empathy. In a complete disaster, there is no way to explain what might happen or not, as each are distinctly further as they hear others by what they know and not as they see it. Designed by further inclinations to succeed or fail, have millennials given up on what they see? Is art not good enough for them or are they not good enough at all?

When people are banned off the internet, it makes no sense as to how people are even excommunicated? Dante Alighieri was excommunicated and he lived his life in exile, but people act like this isn’t the same world. It isn’t, but you can live a life based entirely off a rumor and how you can spread is up to the people who choose to live their life., is a open site when it comes to saying your opinions and not being destroyed by a censor corporations. You can experience rumor and pleasure in the same way you can operate on any public forum. You can debate with people and show relative ease in agreeing or disagreeing, and show that people can exist if everyone is allowed to say what they want.

People are turning into rumors, and this is not a good sign for the human race. But maybe it is. Maybe it’s because we want something more? Fake News is not fake unless you believe in it. It’s just a matter of opinion. The left take everything so seriously that they can’t even hear something different. It’s a conservative viewpoint that they have already devoured up. They are people who can’t take a joke and how must they know what they see as they know others are much what they know in the opposite test of strength reasoning as they keep others besotted as they burn into the hearts of mankind.

The left have destroyed what was fun in the world while all who have all allowed him to take further complications as those who have already confirmed what they see until there is nothing left to watch. That’s why Marvel movies were so popular. They blended ideology and aesthetic together and they worked so well. I would be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t see that Captain America: Winter Soldier wasn’t addressing the way veterans feel? It’s a lie if we think it’s the truth, but however a rumor might pass, there is always truth. If truth made us happy why aren’t we talking to each other?

Why aren’t independent movies a thing anymore because they want to deal with truth, and popular movies are dealing with the masses and the things we all think about. What if the idea that we are but the personal deviation as each are reliably watching it as closely as they can see. As far as it goes, rumor is the same thing is following a thread line, breadcrumbs as to each what may often give onto him, a duplicitous movement, a reason as there is no other choice but to sit as close to the television as possible?

Or stare into our surface and iPad without delay? It’s a simple connection they make are what the only purpose will come forward as they know others are not yet confirmed, without a problem associated to the same level of detail? Details are what makes facts and fiction converge. But if rumors of Russia Gate make you think of it as a bad thing, then you are only thinking about it as a leftist’s would. I think of things as artistic achievements and what they mean to society. If people took reading a book as a serious achievement, without having to have a trophy every time a page was read, maybe people would read more. If there was a trophy for reading all of Thomas Pynchon’s work, then I would be the only winner. If there were rules that people had to follow to succeed, why would I follow them when I don’t agree with their methods. Not everyone can be progressive, but why should it matter. Looking at both lenses are the same as they have come to arrive at the gestures of a private element, as they know others are not allowed to make others see their point of view?

If we are no closer to seeing what people relate to, why have a publishing company when you are only trying to find things that are relatable? As Bret Easton Ellis said, “If only being relatable” is important, why does it need to be seen? People should just get rewards based off what they do. Its what people have come to know. Not that we should all take art seriously (I do) but if we don’t then where are we as a culture. All fiction starts as rumor but then grows to legend as it is read every day. But what it means is that if you have no competition, rumor is not so bad. It can only help you out later on.

But now, the rumor of Facebook purges is real. This is where reality and rumor meet up. What others say shouldn’t be censored by any major multi-media platform ever. But since the government called on Mark Zuckerberg to testify, the wheels have begun. While this writer is happy that people are now taking notice of Minister Louis Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism to heart, this is a good thing, but to ban Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopolus, is just absurdist logic beyond all comprehension. This would be interesting but people’s lives are being ruined. There was a time when people had to just be people and not have to express their opinion, but that’s China, not the USA. The 1stAmendment is being tested and while we have to watch all the prominent media and stars be torn to the ground, there are people clapping over this, and this is the opposite of freedom of speech.

I invite anyone who promotes this type of restriction on freedom of speech to go live in China for a week and you will want to leave so quickly. They don’t care about your individuality. They don’t value your speech. They want you to admit that gay and homosexual behavior is a lie. They don’t want you to be happy, but in turn, leftists want to adopt this culture. If leftists lived in China, they would change their tune so quickly, but they would feel like overlords if they did that, because they feel the sensation of blocking people, but when will it come for them to be censored?

When will the rumor, the moment when they say, “What about my rights” then they say, “You were fine with this before. Why bother now?” Every leftist is like a extremist Jihadist. They have to be confronted, and they have to consider the consequence of their beliefs when it doesn’t make sense. The leftists have to be challenged by their own peers before they know how to wake up and finally say, “Oh no. What have I done?”

And they sadly don’t feel that way now. Just remember, when you damn others for freedom of speech, you are damning yourself. I hope someone is reading this and they know what it means to feel the sting of being kicked off the Internet. It’s not a rumor. It’s real, and while others have not yet felt it, it will come for them. Just like the evil hand in Evil Dead you will know how it feels one day.

While it is sad for Laura Loomer, and seeing her cry that her life is ruined, is saddening and some would say that she deserved it, but how did she ever deserve this? Why is the world so ready to censor people before they even had an opinion to begin with? Groupthink is not a rumor. It’s dangerous to be censored and damn others for how they think. It’s when the world is finally ready to talk, some more people are going to have to be censored in order to feel something again. And maybe some time off the Internet is a good thing. The Internet sucks compared to real life and actually talking to people. It can be done.

Books may finally come back into prominence since people aren’t allowed to say things online anymore, and maybe people will come to see that the rumor to have a fulfilling life is a good thing. It’s good to promote art and books online, and help your business, but the rumor that social media has to be your life, is false. It doesn’t allow freedom of speech nor your imagination to grow. Artistry and creativity cannot thrive on tyrannical obsession on censorship, and only allows more rumors to grow. Can you stop a rumor, can you become a better person without social media, and how does this all add up? Rumor is the basic need for art, and art and rumor must survive when the mind is not distracted by being online. Maybe the purge is a good thing? Maybe people will buy more books and read more magazines? Maybe to go forward, we must go back?





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