Yes, folks, there is actually a Tinseltown celebrity who tell it the way it should be told – not using the politically-correct Euro-speak of Babs Streisand or George Clooney, but instead the voice of someone who still want to believe in the American dream.

My proof, in living FaceBook outspokenness, can be found on yesterday’s entry (June 21 2014) on Voight’s Facebook page.

And here’s exactly what Mr. Voight had to say:

“Obama could be insane, but he is so consistently insane that you have to look at the pattern of consequences from the things he’s done to see if there is coherence. The one thing that is true about his decisions, whether it is releasing a malignant Al Qaeda terrorist, five Taliban leaders, or banning fishing, is that it invariably hurts this country in demonstrable and serious ways. There is a method to his madness and the intent appears to be to continue destroying the fabric of America on a daily basis.

“Perhaps Obama’s most effective weapon against his scandals is to create yet another scandal. The lag time in investigations, combined with the scandal fatigue in this country, is making it impossible to pin something on him that will stick. His polls should be in the minus numbers considering the number and kinds of scandals his presidency has produced, but they are still over 40%. If the media would report on this renegade president as the enemy to America that he clearly is, the scandal-a-day strategy would no longer work in his favor, but they (the media) are still trying to protect him; so this strategy continues to achieve Obama’s desired result.

“For those who would argue that these scandals and insane decisions will hurt the Democrats in the upcoming election, I would point out that Obama already ignores Congress and can do so with impunity because Holder is part of this coup. Control of both branches of Congress is good, but ultimately, it may only be good enough to create a constitutional crisis that Obama may actually want. A constitutional crisis is not a good thing for America … so forcing one would be consistent with his (Obama’s) pattern of being destructive to America…”


Hey, this is one Hollywood star who really does makes sense!

Has someone being spiking his drinking water with LSD?

This just isn’t the way you get invited to the latest Hollywood soirées at Aria Huffington’s mansion, or score leading-man parts in films produced by Stephen Spielberg, or get rave reviews from politically-correct (& semi-deluded) film reviewers at the “NY Times” or “Washington Post”.

And let’s be realistic here: The chances of Tiger Woods inviting you to play golf with him are as about as likely as the Democrats winning control of Congress in November (NADA!)

So congratulations to John Voight for telling it like it is, all the time and every time!

If only could America’s community-organizer-in-chief, Barack Obama, would tell the truth, even just once in a while, what a refreshing difference it would make!

Nuff said.

[Murray Soupcoff is editor and co-author of “Good Buy Canada” and author of “Canada 1984”.

He was a founding member (and senior partner) of Ian Sone & Associates Ltd — Canada’s first independent social-research company specializing in the evaluations of federal, provincial & municipal government projects in Canada.

He is also the publisher of the FREE “Soupcoff Report” investment newsletter, whose distribution is partly subsidized by paid subscriptions from former research clients.

You can e-mail Murray Soupcoff at: [email protected]]

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