Now There is Inequality in Salaries. Hasn’t Obama Done Enough!

unmplymntIt is always amusing to see Obama micro-manage the global economy. After all a community organizer should be able to do that. So Obama wants to raise the amount that a salary must be to exclude overtime. 

The NY Times a liberal rag chimed in today and says the sky is the limit. First we must ask how many people are no longer employed by the NY Times. Their numbers are dwindling and how come the NY Times is not as large as it was 50 years ago. What happened to all those employees. Some were salaried others were hourly. Now how come the NY Times was allowed to let them go to make ends meet? Is that not inequality? They were fired because the NY Times could no longer give pay raises to their favorite workers and keep the losers. So the losers were fired. 

Believe it or not that is as close to capitalism the NY Times will ever get. The quote from the Times after blaming President Bush for the situation was: “By reasserting a meaningful right to overtime, it could lift pay for an estimated five million workers a week and, in the process, help to mitigate the wage stagnation and income inequality that increasingly plague the American economy.” 

These people are supposed to be bright and liberal. Obama is just a dumb politician that can spew this type of vitriol. But first off the accent per week does not mean that 5 million workers will see a benefit each week. It just means that 5 million workers will benefit and the week is to indicate that the benefit will occur weekly.  The key word is “could”.  Politicians and climatologists use that word to mean “fat chance”. 

So Obama and the NY Times wants  to mess with the  failing Obama economy. And neither of them are experts. Matter of fact they are experts in nothing but producing hot air. Could that be the green house gases they are obsessed with all day long. 

Let’s focus a bit on the last line: “…   help to mitigate the wage stagnation and income inequality that increasingly plague the American economy.” 

Again these guys are supposed to understand the English language. But they are admitting that Obama’s economy is stagnant and is a plague to the American economy. That is important. These idiots think the economy is getting better. Betcha they got a pay raise last year! 

So let’s use a real example. Let’s say I hire someone to work for a salary of $500 a week.

so for argument sake the person understands that they will work about 55 hours a week. Why would one want to do that? Well Obama and the Times will say they do that to screw the worker. Well this is America. China pays about a $100 dollars a month and the liberals praise the communists. But in America people are free to negotiate their salaries and are free to go somewhere else.  But in a country led by socialists there are not so many jobs out there. Obama has supported jobs in other countries… but not so much in the private sector in this country. 

So now John Q Worker decides that $ 500 for a 55 hour week is fine. So if John works 51 hours or 56 hours in a week he still knows that he will get paid $500 dollars. Minus all the payroll taxes that go to SS, Feds, State and NYC. 

The liberals and commies look at the mean wicked employer who is providing a job not the greedy politicians that keep raising all the taxes. We keep telling them if you want to fix the economy, Lower The Taxes. But the idiots keep shaking their heads and blame the stagnation of the economy on inequality and President Bush and not the fact that the liberals keep raising the taxes and the spineless Republicans go along with them because they don’t want to make waves. 

This Obama “make-believe” inequality is all about lack of jobs. If employers were making a ton of money like O’Reilly they would pay more and hire more. 

Even liberal O’Reilly almost got it last night. He predicted that these low salaried workers would just get fired or get their hours cut. And the employers will be forced to hire more part time workers to save on ObamaCare expenses and payroll expenses.  O’Reilly seems to get the argument there, but missed the boat for minimum wage which still has the same argument. O’Reilly thinks all businesses can afford to pay their workers more. What an idiot. It is fun when folks who never ran private sector real businesses don’t understand that businesses not like the government and media are forced to make a profit. If not they are forced to close their doors. 

So John Q Worker  is free to work any where he pleases. If he accepts the deal on the table it is a contract and both parties agree with the deal. Now Obama wants to become part of the deal. Like Rush said everyone should be paid $100,000 a year whether they show up or not like a lot of government workers and board members and corporate vice-presidents. 

If you make over $100,000 you pay the surplus to the government. If you make less Obama sends you a check. Isn’t that really what the Commies and liberals want in the end! 

The only way to eliminate “make-believe” inequality is to have more jobs and increase the demand for workers. Obama is quick to send our jobs overseas. To close our coal plants. And make it harder to run a business. This is the problem. Unless we get rid of all these liberals from the media and the government, America prosperity is dead and the American Dream has moved to other lands far away! 

So keep voting for  those damn liberals! And keep watching and reading those liberal media networks.  Insanity is just that. Doing the same thing and expecting different results. Good Luck with that.

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