NPR’s Savage Anti-Semitic Attack

In an eery foreshadowing of things to come, NPR, the government radio station, took to the airwaves Saturday morning to blame and tie a Jew to decades old bombings in Birmingham, Alabama.

NPR started with an out-of-context radio clip of conservative talkshow host Michael Savage, who is Jewish, then proceeded with a breakout explanation of the racist bombings in Alabama. NPR opened old wounds, sowed strive and created division. And showed its underbelly.

Little did NPR know that within hours, a shooter who disliked Trump for surrounding himself with Jews would join NPR in blaming Jews for the world’s troubles.

Michael Savage never condoned or supported in anyway the bombings in Alabama or harming anyone. Savage is a well-respected medical doctor and who has published thoughtful insights about infectious diseases. He also was a civil rights activist. He was merely fodder for a political hit.

NPR never let Savage on the air to refute the anti-Semitic charges. Russia could learn from NPR.

The New York Times joined in on the hatefest the day before, fantasizing about the murdering of our president. The Old Gray Lady’s polished image is exposed, stoking hatred and discourse.

The press pushes the message of hatred and religious bigotry, blaming the victim for the strife. The press is driving the car and Trump and his supporters are the passengers. When a wreck occurs, the press blames the passenger holding any criticism of the press as anti-American and a threat to democracy.

Michael Savage should demand an apology, and we the taxpayers should demand that NPR play fair and hire people with views other than hotheaded leftist and religious bigots.

Note to remember: A leftist rule is it’s OK to be an anti-Semite as long as it’s conservative Jews you hate like Savage or Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And for goodness sakes, make sure you don’t criticize leftist Jews like billionaire George Soros.

Former Congressman Steve Stockman is a straight shooter who bravely stood against Barack Obama, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton. He paid the price as many of Clinton’s enemies often do. He is now political prisoner 23502479. Read more here.

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