Obama: A Promoter at Heart but Not Good for the Country!

obm-cmmnst2Promoter is an old fashioned term. Used by the real older generation. I guess we can call them snake salesmen etc. But a promoter was just that…  A promoter. Someone who can promote something and get people behind the idea and put it into action. A newer term some might say is an entrepreneur. 

But there is a major difference. An entrepreneur is basically out there to make money and to get financial backers or partners to help run with the idea and make money and create jobs. For the liberals let’s throw out the word wealth. Wealth is revenue, money, assets etc. that adds to the prosperity of the community and the country. 

I get the idea that promoter for the older generation was a negative connotation. It is a great idea but it isn’t going to work. But in the newer generation thanks to lobbyists and the other system suckers you can get folks to throw money at ideas that they know will not work. But the lawyers and lobbyists make money! The politicians and friends make money so they run with ideas that they know will never work (ObamaCare).   

Obviously the concept of global warming should be dead after the cold temperatures we have had for the last year or so. But the promoters are so caught up in the lie, that they still want to promote Agenda 21 like policies even though the basis of cap and trade is now gone. And the liberals are being laughed at. But they don’t care, as long as they still have promoters to lead them. 

So a promoter is someone that promotes an idea for another purpose than what it is on the face of the promotion. If they lose face, they don’t care. They march out the liberal wackos and still swear that we need to hurt American prosperity for the sake of global warming and imagining the idea of ending global poverty! 

The point of today’s lesson is that Obama is a promoter and Romney was not. Most conservatives are not promoters. It is not in their nature to lie about such basic fundamental ideas. 

For example if we tax the rich, we will get rid of poverty and the national deficit. They have been taxing the rich for years and we have more poverty and more debt then we have ever had. But let’s keep taxing  the rich! 

Did the middle class notice Obama taxed the middle class more severely with ObamaCare. He could have paid for the additional Medicaid with taxpayer money. Instead he chose to tax you and the liberal Supreme Court called it a tax as well.  This was an injustice that he needed to overcome. You obviously had too much money and way too much healthcare. 

So it is with little or no doubt that Obama is a promoter. Filled with lies, he told the people what they wanted to hear. He promoted something that he knew was not true and could never be accomplished. You can keep your doctor and your insurance. That was a lie. Sebelius a woman politician had no plans for you to keep your policy. She wants socialized medicine so all the poor will have the best healthcare and the middle class will have crappy insurance as Obama says. The premiums will double and the deductibles have skyrocketed for the middle class. Obama has equalized the injustice! 

If Obama was not a promoter he would have fixed the problem once he found out about it. Whoops there goes another rubber tree plant. 

Obama actually bought a policy of ObamaCare even though he does not need it. What a jerk. He should have given the $5,000 to some poor person in Detroit who can’t afford healthcare. A promoter would make a false display to make the public think he is a believer of the plan. God bless Obama the true promoter. 

Romney who is a Mormon and a conservative is not a promoter. And America loves a promoter. Clinton was a promoter. We are going to fix everything while the Clinton’s become billionaires. Remember Billy Bob Clinton only made about $40,000 a year as governor.  But because he is a promoter and the American people, lobbyists and foreign countries buy into his rhetoric, he is now close to being a billionaire. All he had to do is be a promoter. Have an army of liberal media pundits to repeat the lies and all of a sudden the promoter and his false ideas take flight. 

So the Republicans need to hire a promoter. Stop knocking the liberal promoters. That is not what the people want to hear. Do you have any idea how many people buy lottery tickets every day?  It is the same thing. The voter and contributors think and hope that if they support the promoter their lives will get better. So far not so good. Most people in America today are hurting and Obama can only think of one thing… expensive vacations and trips while fund raising for his future billionaire’s bank account!. 

A Republican promoter must leave all the social issues at home. Talk about hope and change and how you can make things better. Who really cares about abortions, same sex marriages and legalized marijuana. 

Promote security, prosperity and prosperity. And stop dealing with the truth and trying to prove Obama as being a lying promoter. If you can fix healthcare then promote it. Even if you can’t fix it. That’s what Obama does. And there are still about 30% of the people polled that think Obama is doing a good job. 

So there should be a paradigm shift. Republicans need to shift to promoting instead of knocking things down. It doesn’t matter if you are lying. The people who want to be promoted to don’t care! They have believed the lies of the liberals for years. And most of the liberal Meccas are failures. They have more crime and more debt than anyone else. They have to make up laws so they can hire more people to enforce them. But they don’t have enough money to pay the salaries and pensions. 

So lets find a Republican or non-liberal that can promote. That is why President Reagan was so successful. He didn’t have to knock the losers, he just had to promote a better future for America.

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