Obama adds nuke race to Mideast chaos

The Obama Administrations foreign policy is the gift that keeps on giving for the Republican Presidential candidates. Earlier this week the President was forced to admit that his goal to end the war in Afghanistan was just a 2012 election talking point. It seems that your enemies don’t stop fighting when you declare a time limit on how long you will fight.

The Middle East under this Administration has imploded. President Obama prematurely pulled our troops out of Iraq which led to the rise of ISIS. In response to their invasion President Assad crossed Obama’s redline by using chemical weapons against his people. When the President didn’t act to enforce his redline that signaled to Russia that they could intervene. Putin is now defending Assad which prove Mitt Romney right about Russia being our number one geopolitical foe.

Now, in response to the President’s disastrous Iran nuclear deal, the UAE says that it also has a right to enrich uranium. Obama has single handedly initiated a nuclear arms race in the worlds most unstable region. He has done so for the fleeting reputation as a peacemaker. The problem with making deals with nations like Iran is that they have no intention of abiding by it. That is why they demanded they have 30 days notice of any inspections of their facilities. They also demanded and received the ability to provide their own soil samples to international inspectors.

As we saw with the Syria situation, appeasement emboldens nations to test your resolve. Iran will now test the President just like Russia has. U.S Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power has confirmed that Iran conducted a medium range ballistic missile test on October 10. She has said that the missile was “inherently capable of delivering a nuclear weapon.” This portends that Iran is going to try to skirt their nuclear deal with the President. You don’t need a nuclear weapon delivery system if you don’t have a nuclear weapon.

A strong President would respond forcefully, threatening to rescind the deal until they comply with UN sanctions on their missile program. Instead we get more leading from behind from this President, leaving it up to the UN Security Council to come up with “an appropriate response to Iran’s disregard for its International obligations.” Hopefully the next 18 months is not enough time for Iran to make too much headway on their goal to the bomb.

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