Obama And The Supreme Court

The judicial branch with the recent acceptance of Obamacare, and other unorthodox rulings, gave guarantees to the people that it can be humiliatingly swayed as puppets, to the puppeteer. 

This Administration is clueless to the fact that healthcare can be control by the federal government with all it incompetent bureaucracies, and sub intellectual vanity of idiocy. It is true, we as American citizens are slowly but surely loosing all our inalienable rights as a free nation. 

Recently, we also discovered the true colors of the Supreme Court. We now realize that our survival as a free Nation rests solely upon our own courage, convictions, judgments and defenses, with the help of the Good Lord’s Guidance and Will, “In God We Most Definitely Trust”. 

We always foolishly, in the past and present, trusted the Supreme Court to fairly and honestly interpret the Laws according to the Constitution, protecting our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, were we so naïve? Instead of performing their positions admirably, we constantly received pompous interpretations from conceited individuals willing to sacrifice the freedoms, ideologies, health and well being of the American people, by voting primarily to enhance their own selfish personal or pressured beliefs. 

One especially, so-called Conservative Judge, Chief Justice, John G. Roberts Jr., appointed by George W. Bush, broke ranks, and recently sided to keep Obamacare, stating it was a tax, allowing it to continue as law, instead of identifying it as a forced government mandate to purchase a product. His one deciding vote literally put a stake in the heart of Constitution and reduced our liberties and freedoms of choice. His vote gave the green light to forced compliance, while releasing unrestrained government control and intervention. His only logical motive anyone could see was to be well liked and seeking the approval, by the same individuals who despise his very existence.

We discovered that politics exists even in the Supreme Court of the United States of America, the Judicial Branch of our Government. We discovered that they usually vote with The President who nominated them to their position, or along LiberalConservative party lines, with a few exceptions. Most follow this creed, instead honoring their sworn oath of duty to defend America and the Constitution. 

The Judicial branch of Government was enacted, by our forefathers, to be free from political and social influences, the untouchables, rewarding them with a lifetime appointment. Yet this Branch with the recent acceptance of Obamacare, and other unorthodox rulings, gave guarantees to the people that it can be humiliatingly swayed as puppets, to the puppeteer. 

America has lost its direction. We now know that we must intelligently use our most powerful weapon we have, to determine our faith and that is to vote.  This coupled with our hunger and determination for freedom, the Constitution and the free enterprise system. We can and must change our undignified present day course of initiated government destruction. We must flex our muscles, showing these conceited demigods within our Government that we are the employers and they are the employees, who can at anytime be fired and serve solely at our discretion and pleasure. Voter apathy and voter fraud is our enemy. We must reaffirm that we are still a Government Of, By and For the People. 

Some of our civil servants in Government fail to realize that we have three separate but equal branches of Government. No branch has the supreme supremacy to rule our Country alone in a dictatorship capacity, even though some actually believe this in their own minds.  One must be dependant upon the other. Our out of control President seems to believe his own surrogates’ propaganda, which proclaims him as the absolute ruler. He circumvents the law and the Constitution whenever he so desires, unscathed by Congress and The Supreme Court. 

We the People must accept responsibility for our own destiny. We allowed, ourselves for too long, to be controlled and manipulated, by the greedy, corrupt, self serving, bigheaded, pigheaded bureaucrat These individuals have only one desire and that is to make us dependent upon their unquestionable authority. We have the unique chance to change this dismal existence of control and mandatory compliance, this November 2012, with the power of the vote! 

The power of the vote is our only hope to cut and break the shackles that bind our “Inalienable Rights.” The power of the vote is our only recourse to re-instate the precious words of our Constitution. The power of the vote is the only force to counter these adversities and to virtually stop tyranny and the egotistical forms of submission, “dead in its tracks”. The power of the vote will protect our established religions and religious freedom from bigoted discretionary selective approval. The power of the vote is the only telescope that will once again enable us to see the bright clear blue skies of freedom and liberty. Two years ago we started our quest to take back our Country, by changing Congress. Now we must change the residents in the White House and the Senate. 

President Obama back in November 2010 didn’t get the message sent to him by the people. He still danced to the beat if his own sarcastic arrogance and his conceited self admiration. He turned his back on our Country, Our Constitution and the American People. 

This self induced disparaging policy, in which we permitted for years, and escalating referring to “The Tail Wagging the Dog”, must end. Government is just our tool to use at our disposal. If we permit ourselves to be enslaved by a runaway inflated Government, with unchained, unanswerable powers then there is no hope for our survival as a free nation.  God Bless America!  Pray that The Good Lord will show us His Mercy by protecting us from our own destruction.


Copyright 2012

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