Obama Called All You White Folks Racists

obmrcstSo we have a 400 lb black man ends up dead after an arrest who was doing nothing but standing there minding his own business. We have a black jaywalker who ends up dead in Ferguson. And a kid in a hoodie ends up dead in Florida. And the black folks including Obama and Holder demanded justice. And before we continue the lesson, no one should have died and we should all (even you racists) grieve the loss of all these folks.

But what really went wrong! Obama and Holder want to blame profiling and the police, while they live in the Whitehouse and have around the clock security. When all is said and done the Staten Islander should have been taught by his liberal racist teachers to love the police and when they say turn around so they can arrest you, instead of resisting arrest and dying he would be alive today.

The Brown kid should have learned not to jaywalk. Not sure walking in the middle of the street is actually jaywalking and instead a public nuisance but who really cares, Brown was wrong and he died.

Now Trayvon the 60 lbs weakling that was probably more like 200 lbs should have been taught to mind his own business and keep his hands to his self. But instead he took matters into his own hands and he is dead.

So the idiots want justice. And Obama and Holder are not happy with the system. The system is racist. And we have to agree in part by what the half wits claim. The laws for the most part are written by white folks. The judges for the most part are white folks. And it just so happens that about 60% of the United States are made up by white folks.

And all these clowns in NYC and Ferguson wanted a multi-million dollar trial to find justice. And if we racists spent the taxpayer money to try the police, then we still would have had a not guilty verdict and all the jurors would be called all sorts of names. The prosecutor took a bribe. and so on.

But people seem to forget that the idiot in Florida thanks to Holder and Obama did not use the grand jury system and Zimmerman was still found not guilty. And loons said the laws were racist. Maybe all these racists should go find their own country and make up all the laws they want. But at the end of the day the laws would all be unfair to all the real racists. 

Remember when all the losers said President Bush didn’t beat Algore? The experts in Florida knew right away that Algore was a loser. But after months and years and millions of dollars spent, what did the racists find out, President Bush won.

Funny thing about all this is that Obama and Holder are supposed to be competent attorneys, and they know that the letter of the law to a “T”(tee) was followed, and the losers lost anyway. They should never have had a grand jury procedure, they knew the police were innocent even though they were white. But they wasted the money on the grand jury to appease the racists. It didn’t appease them… They still want their kind of justice!

The law is simple, unless a policeperson is a vigilante executing people on the street, they are not going to be charged. If they are doing their job in good faith, they will never be charged with a crime by a fair and honest grand jury. And that is what America is all about. It is not racism!

So what the racists really want are laws that hang the white man no matter what laws have been broken. Well that is not what the constitution is about. It is there to protect everyone. But if you want to change the laws get your black president and black caucus to make changes. The problem with that is the laws protect all Americans equally. Over 19% of the police are Black and these laws protect them from prosecution as well.

Let’s talk about Garner. Something smells about the autopsy. If you look at the extended video it looks like the police took maybe 30 seconds to hook him up. And they were sensitive enough to use more than one handcuff. And every time he allegedly said I can’t breathe, he was actually breathing. So let’s make believe that he was without oxygen for 15 seconds. This was his eighth arrest why did he want to fight 4 police officers that had him surrounded?

Maybe the arrest was untimely. Maybe NYC and liberal DeBlasio should pass a law that when someone is being arrested and it is at an inconvenient time they only have to make a timeout signal like coaches. The cops will move away and come back at another time that is more convenient for the perp. Maybe Garner had to go to a birthday party for one of his 6 kids. Maybe he had to file something for disability and the deadline was due. So change the laws in liberal NYC. Instead of three strikes, call it comeback at a later date when I am in the mood. Maybe he should have been taught by his teachers and elders never to resist arrest especially the eighth time!

If you look at the autopsy reporting, there was no damage to his neck and his airway was clear. Some idiot experts like in global warming made up some stories. But we all watch CSI and we know there has to be a cause for death. If he didn’t breathe for 15 seconds even with asthma, he should still be alive. So where is Quincy to tell us really what happened. And then in some really tiny print the examiner said obesity and heart disease were contributing factors to his demise. So what killed him: Did he die of natural causes or was he strangled. Experts: Make up your minds and show us some evidence that proves it. You can make up stories and theories about climate change, but when the life of a police officer hangs in the balance, we want facts and only facts. 

Brown and Trayvon were both high on pot. Supposedly, according to the liberals dope called pot is supposed to be a mellowing drug. What turned these 2 people into monsters while they were under the influence of dope? Why not legalize it. We have to pass it before you can find out what is in it and what ill effects it causes. Could it be that the dope called pot smoked at an early age and a fair amount screwed up the brains of these individuals causing them to lose self-control. Or is it just the anger they are taught to hate others by their teachers and parents. Or was it synthetic marijuana?

Maybe it is pot that is racist!

Since this started, we are exposed to these dopey liberal commentators that say this country was bad in the 60’s. Give or take 10 years. That is all a lot of garbage. There may have been a few corners in the south where racism or whatever you call it was rampant. Back of the bus, can’t eat or drink here, etc.

Well I was born and raised on Staten Island, in the 50’s and lived there until the 70’s. There was no racism. We learned about that racism in the newspapers. Heck we had black bus drivers. Were they supposed to sit in the back while they were driving. The liberals always think with the right side of their brain. If they say a lie enough times you must believe them. My dad had a business and hired many black workers. He even had a black salesman. And he was welcomed in potential customer’s homes. So this racist propaganda as far as the northeast particularly NYC is a lie. And all the blacks and whites should rise up and call these racists what they are. Tell Al Sharpton he is a liar.

So if the racists and non-racists want to honestly change the laws, then do so. Vote the liberals out of office and change the laws. But changing laws does not help the economy. Imagine if these folks had jobs, would they be alive today? Probably!

Where was Lady Obama. How come she wasn’t around to teach Garner how to lose about 200 pounds and work for a living. Again maybe he would be alive today. His Medicare should have had a program to work with his food stamps so he could lose the weight. Where were all the bleeding heart racist liberals when this guy really needed them. Now it is way too late. Just maybe they protest for the wrong things. Wouldn’t they really want a job that pays like Obama’s job! Then they would have nothing to protest about!

Or would they.

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