Obama: Can I Take Your Guns Away!

Help your country today, educate the low information air heads.

It is always funny to see a guy like Obama try to legislate from the oval office. It wasn’t too long ago when Clinton used the oval office for recreational purposes. Obama just keeps micromanaging the country without legislative approval. And so far he gets an “A” for effort. And an “F” for results. Let’s give him another Nobel Prize. After all you can get one for desire and not for results.


The bottom line is that all these cowards would feel a lot safer if they take away your guns. And their goal is:  All your guns! We have to take away all those hunting rifles. Only the elite will be allowed to hunt.


If guys like Obama and Bloomberg are willing to give up their body guards and secret service, well why wouldn’t you be willing to give up all your guns.


The one about the feds financing 1,000 policemen is kind of superficial. There are over 100,000 schools in the nation and very few are secure. The elite school that the Obama kids attend have at least 2 armed guards at each campus at all times and that does not include the secret service protection.


One main problem is that we need to pass some executive orders that are not prejudicial against the white male for the most part. And we need to secure our neighborhoods and our schools.

Guys like Obama have been fighting illegal drugs for years. No, I don’t remember drugs being an issue in the last 2 elections. Matter of fact,  2 states have legalized marijuana.


So each state should secure its own schools, we don’t need Obama spending more taxpayer money when he doesn’t have enough money now. And the neighborhoods that are not safe, should have a right to be secure. What is the point of having FREE ObamaCare if you are not secure in your own home. And the odds of the police arriving on the scene in seconds after a 911 call is slim to none. And slim just left the building.


In NYC a Judge just shot down the stop and frisk law. And I guess that could be seen as profiling and prejudicial by liberal judges. Public safety needs to take a back seat to civil rights.  So here is a better idea.  Let the neighborhood decide. If they want a police secured neighborhood they need to vote on it. And basically the neighborhood becomes a gated community like the rich folks. And the entrance is protected and  people and cars can be searched. My guess is that all the illegal drugs and weapons will disappear in a matter of seconds.  The criminals will be forced to leave the neighborhood. When you put the notice up that the neighborhood will be secured starting on a certain date, keep an eye on all the stuff leaving the neighborhood and make the appropriate arrests. You can’t get on a military base without the right credentials, why are the crooks allowed  in your neighborhood?


Now this may be a pain in the neck at first, but crime will go way down. And the use of illegal drugs will be non-existent. The cost would be a factor, but when you weigh it against all the police time and court and prison time for these unsecured neighborhoods, the cost will be negligible. And the value of the real estate will go up!

The results will be that anyone can have a safe neighborhood. And if there are situations that are a concern like legal guns, legal drugs etc., the policeperson will be equipped with all kinds of pamphlets to hand out for that particular item. You have just cleaned up a neighborhood! Didn’t cost a whole lot of money. Didn’t have to take away the legal guns. But in the process you got rid of the illegal guns,  the illegal drugs and the riff raff that support crime!


That is a pretty simple idea. It wouldn’t cost a lot of money and no one would need to violate the 2nd amendment. And every child that Obama fakes caring about would be cared for. This would be voluntary. The majority of the renters or landlords or home owners or business owners in the neighborhood would need to vote for the protection!


Why do we need guns? There are not enough police to protect the citizens. They are quick to give you a ticket for driving while on a cell phone for $130 but not too quick to protect your neighborhood. Most police protection is responsive and reactionary not protective. Therefore you need a gun to protect yourself and your family. If someone larger or more armed than you forces his way into your home or more then one perpetrator you want to be able to have the means to ward off the attack on your home and  gain peace of mind for you and your family. Keep in mind as the Obama economy continues to cause more unemployment there will be an increase in neighborhood crimes.


After this last election, most people are wondering what shenanigans have taken place to re-seat the worse president the United States has ever seen. And there seems to be a war developing between the low information (no real information) and the capitalists. War between gun owners and  cowards.


Our founders always feared a take over for tyrannical purposes. They feared an over-zealous leader like Obama taking away the rights of freedom.   It was imperative that a militia be secured. And now there are over 300 million guns in that militia.


Guys like O’Reilly can’t imagine a war against the Army. But O’Reilly seems to forget that each state has a national guard and thousands of police and law enforcement.  There will be plenty of guns and arsenals to keep an Army of Obama at bay. And how many U.S. Marines would fight their own citizens in their own states on the orders of a crack pot leader.


So 300 million plus guns do make a difference. It did in World War II and it will make a difference now. By the way the folks donating money to get guns off the street by buying back guns for $100, instead of throwing the guns away, see if a dealer will buy them. It seems ridiculous to buy back something that is readily available for sale in this country. So why not buy more guns at a profit. Just make sure they get sold in another state or municipality. Why throw money away, who do you think you are Obama!


The Obama and the liberal feds have no business getting involved with gun laws. The states have the right, let them make their own laws. Every law or regulation made by zealots like Obama end up costing millions of dollars in personnel and costs to enforce the regulations.


So tell your federal representatives to mind their own business and let the states regulate guns and provide security for the schools and other public areas like malls and theaters.

Help your country today, educate the low information air heads. And keep America FREE! 

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