Obama, Convention Speeches and Soviet Propaganda

 The Obama Convention speech wasn’t anything new because he and his fellows never have anything new to offer.  Just warmed over statism



Unlike the Republican convention speeches, this writer paid very little attention to those at the Democrat convention.  Tampa was likely to be Mitt Romney’s first opportunity to take a “national stage” and make some form of pronouncement on the direction he intended to move the nation politically and more importantly, economically.  On the other hand, I expected that there would be little new or interesting coming from the stage in Charlotte, NC. 


My expectations were realized when, the morning after the Obama acceptance speech, the morning drive time radio host featured a montage of sound bites from that speech and from one four years ago.  They were, almost word for word, the same.  Not to be out done by a local personality, the nationals I listened to later had similar features.  And to top them all, Rush Limbaugh even dug up material from a Jimmy Carter speech made in 1980 that had extremely similar language. 


The fact that Obama didn’t have anything new wasn’t surprising.  He never has had anything really new, except his assertion that he would heal the planet.  To my knowledge, no demagogue has gone that far before.  However, promises of a solving a nation’s problems are the same any politician would make.  But what made Obama’s economic promises distinctive was that they were lifted right out of the playbook of failed policies of the past.  Roosevelt had tried them in the 1930’s.  Japan was continuing to do so in the face of continuing stagnation, and now they were being tried again with predictable results. 


Because Obama had not achieved his promises, either intentionally and malevolently, or through plain ignorance, it was simple enough to expect that he would claim that things were worse than he could ever have expected, ask for more time and so on.  Bill Clinton, still a crowd favorite, set the stage for this by asserting, one night before, that he couldn’t have done it either.  But both were wrong.  It would have been easy to solve the economic issues by simply getting out of the way and letting the market forces do their work.  But that is not the Democrat way of doing things, and most of the time it hasn’t been the Republican way, either. 


But what set me thinking was the question posed by one of the radio talkers; a question of why the Democrats didn’t have anything new and different to offer at their 1012 convention.  The answer should have been obvious; that socialists never really have anything new to offer in terms of political or economic policies.  Their positions never change from year to year. They make the same promises and get the same results, which leads them to ask for more time.  


This same phenomenon was documented years ago by a critic of Soviet Russia who provided a history of the promises the Soviet government had made to its citizens, only to fall short, year after year.  The government propagandists continued to go before the people and promise that success was just around the corner, and that they should trust the government, tighten their belts, work harder, and this time prosperity for all would be just around the corner.  Of course the people weren’t that stupid.  It didn’t take too long for them to understand that it was all a farce.  They stopped following the government lead and did their best to survive, instead. 


Here in America it appears that the message still hasn’t sunk in.  Perhaps it is because we have voting rights, and a free press, or maybe P. T. Barnum was correct when he said that there is a sucker born every minute.  Perhaps we simply don’t learn from history or maybe some of us trust politicians way too much.  But for anyone to take Obama’s request for more time seriously is rank foolishness of the highest order. 


No one in their right mind would suggest, today, that Mitt Romney will solve all the nation’s problems without complications.  But in 2008 Obama had a both houses of Congress dominated by Democrats.  He could have done essentially anything and if he truly knew how to solve the economic issues, and wanted to do so, he could have done it.  If I were President and had a compliant Congress I could have done it.  The same could be said for thousands of other Americans.  It really wasn’t all that difficult. 


However, the modern Democrat Party consists primarily of statists whose number one desire is the accumulation of political power.  They will not acknowledge that they were mistaken, but will offer more of the same with the expectation that the American people are gullible enough to fall for it once again. 


What Mitt Romney can and will do remains unknown as yet, but expecting prosperity and a better future under today’s Democrats based on their immediate past record is a pipe dream. 

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