Obama Ignores Terrorism All Over the World

• Once again, our Muslim in Chief told us the challenges we are facing in regards to terrorism are nothing, ISIS is just a bunch of disaffected fighters riding around in a bunch of trucks. Perhaps it was best to tell that to the low information voters who don’t know that this president left close to $1 billion in armament and combat units because of his precipitous pullout of Iraq. He did allow that they were fanatics, but does not understand that these are determined fanatics whose only purpose is to die for Allah and have their caliphate rise from the ashes that this administration helped to make.
• There have been daily attacks worldwide over the past few weeks, but if mentioned you are called an Islamophobe looking to forward anti-Muslim hatred. It is not a phobia if someone is trying to kill you, something the progressive-socialists do not understand. It needs to be understood that these terrorists are wolves, willing to fake being sheep to meet their aims. I have written before about taqiyya and murana, where lies can be told and immigration can be used as a way to overwhelm the present laws of a country and turn them to sharia. Already we are bending over backwards to meet the needs of these people, many of whom hate us. We listen to CAIR, and Imams that preach hatred of the American way of life in the mosque while appearing to befriend the neighbors they have.
• Another part of the Islamic State that Obama did not mention was the fact that Islamic training camps already exist in the United States as admitted to by the FBI. (http://intellectualconservative.com/a-critical-threat/. Of course, due to freedom or religion, law enforcement can not enter these compounds, and the FBI refuses to keep any sort of surveillance on them. And these compounds are not alone in infiltrating the United States.
• Islam is pushing into Latin America as well, working with the drug cartels in Mexico to both make money and to infiltrate the southern border that our President has very conveniently left open. Today a great many Hispanics are converting from Christianity to Islam, most of which are women.
• Muslim Americans of Hispanic origin have the ability to move all over the Americans, both North and Latin America. The FBI has stated that many are adherents to the Islamic culture of Jihad, gaining experience and motivation from terrorist operatives. Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah have all been seen in the area of Ciudad Del Estes, an area on the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay long a no mans land of lawlessness. Called the Tri-border region it is a region where tens of thousands of Muslims live, mostly Lebanese, but some Syrians, Iranians and Palestinians. Paraguay has been considered the center of South American Jihad, although it is being effectively mentored by Iran, the global terrorism leader.
• Intelligence sources have discussed a meeting coordinated by Imad Mugniyeh who works out of bases in Iran and Lebanon with the assistance of Hamas. Mugniyeh was the terrorist responsible for the 1983 bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut.

• There are other links that deserve our close attention. One of these men, a critical link between Al Qaeda and Latin America is Adnan G. El-Shukrijumah a pilot from Saudi Arabis and a known Al Qaeda terrorist operative. El-Shukrijumah was spootd in Tegucigalpa meeting with some of the worse street gangs of Mexico, responsible for the smuggling routes between Mexico and the Unitedd States. Gain, this administration has done nothing to curtail these smuggling routes and have actually left the border open to make the smuggling easier.
• In 2014, another ISIS supporter, Emad Karakrah lead Chicago police on a chase with ISIS flag waving from his vehicle After his arrest, a tie to a narco-terrorist network operating out of El past, TX and spread all the way to Chicago. It is thought that Karakah was panicked because he thought the network was collapsing because of a Judicial Watch warning of a terrorist attack likely in the El Paso Area. Harakah was a transportation operative, moving people, weapons, drugs and money. These was transported to cells in Chicago Ill , Brooklyn, NY and Saddle Brook NJ. He also planned two terrorist attacks on oil refineries in Texas and Fort Worth.
• Karakah and an associate who was an illegal in the El Paso area Hector Pedroza Huerta met with two of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists, Jaber A. Elbaneh and the aforementioned El-Shukrijumah in Anthony NM to discuss the movement on money and people.
• The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (the ELZN) formed in the 1990’s for the purpose of forming an independent Chiapas, they have since moved into illegal smuggling and have assisted individuals associated with Hezbollah, al Qaeda and moving them within walking distance of the United States border, and perhaps into our country. The House Committee on Intelligence has established that Hezbollah has sleeper cells intelligence structures and training bases in Mexico, which may be tied to the training camps located here as mentioned above. They also are helping the drug cartels in digging the tunnels under the US-Mexico border, making them more effective, and similar in design to the tunnels that run under the Gaza Egypt border.
• The drugs wars taking place on the border, the arms that are prevalent, partly due to Fast and Furious by our own government are a result of the Jihadist movement coupled with a culture of revolution prevalent in Latin and South America and a communist ideology brought about by constant and rampant corruption and instability. Children of Latin America, are trained by the culture and the plays they play do not realize that the revolutionary way of life and guerrilla tactics are a normal way of life.
• Another particular concern is another meeting area for the Islamic terrorists, Margarita Island in Venezuela. Under Chaves, deals and a close friendship was made with Iran based on the contempt both countries hold for the United States. Our ambassador to Venezuela was expelled from the country in 2010. All we have received from Nicolas Maduro in response to sending a new ambassador is insults and yet our President wants to “normalize” relations with Venezuela. There is no mention of jihad spreading through Venezuela by the State Department or any portion of this government before trying to force this normalization on the United States. Could the purpose of this being to keep a more watchful eyes on what is happening in the area, or is it to assist them bring in even more refugees from an area that can’t be trusted.
• One of the challenges of finding all the information needed to close down the narco terrorists and put a brake on the rise of jihad in Latin America is to be able to get the different departments of this administration to work together. For too long the DOJ and State Department have fought a war over information, and actions that need to be taken. This has resulted in nothing being done and the problem continues to get worse. The “people in the know”, much like Obama have discounted the information they have been given. The information given to this administration is succinct, concise, and informative. The Obama administration has downplayed this information, as it does not fit the narrative of “comprehensive immigration reform”. Once again, we will hear from this administration that terrorism in under control.
• Once again our President, is not willing to face the reality that faces our nation. With raised chin and superior attitude, Obama declares that those who are concerned about the expansion of ISIS are Islamophobes, and trying to push the world in World War III. Yes Mr. President, they are plotting in garages, and apartments, and also at the University just found making missiles, and pipe bombs. They are plotting closer than you think Mr. President, even in our own country. Your Islamic sympathies will not be the determining factor of how the American people feel about Islamic terrorism. You told us everything was fine before San Bernardino, and no one believed you then, what possibly makes you think we would believe you now.
• It is time for you and all your Muslim Brotherhood cronies in your administration to go. Your fundamental transformation of our country did not include letting our culture, and our freedoms to be destroyed by you or any other dictator. We will stay vigilant, we will not bend, and we will win.

• John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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