Obama is a Successful President

obmscsflFor people who think that it is obvious that the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama has been an incredible, dismal failure just is not viewing his record of successes from the viewpoint of his minority constituency. Obama has successfully performed the following;

  1. He has established a taxation system to provide his constituency with no or low cost health care that the rest of working America will pay for under the domination of the anti-conservative IRS who has incredible power to tax, assess and persecute Americans who resist giving up enough of their hard-earned monies.
  2. He has provided nearly unlimited additional welfare streams for everything from cell phones to EBT “food stamps” and ensured very limited investigations of overuse and fraud that empowers the users of welfare to abuse the system knowing that they will not be held accountable.
  3. He has demolished any impedance for unlimited and unregulated illegal immigration that now have flooded our country with aliens and God knows who else and then compromised our internal security by allowing these aliens the ability to travel with a fraction of the documentation required of an American citizen.
  4. He has turned the IRS and Department of Justice with all its subordinate agencies into selectively enforcing federal laws to support minorities, illegal aliens and persecute Americans with opposing political views.
  5. He has returned America into a pre-Hitler isolationist doctrine (and military strength) while Russia, terrorists and Muslim extremists are running rampant with the knowledge that America (by Obama’s own admission and actions) will not oppose, vigorously investigate or even prosecute those who commit international mass murder, shoot down airplanes or even kill one of our ambassadors.

6. He has reversed our successes in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Mid East by prematurely pulling out our troops, ignoring the terrorists pouring into that vacuum and the resultant pressure put on Israel as the last bastion of opposition to radical Islam.  

The bottom line is the less than 40% of America still and will continue to fully support Obama rightfully thinks that he has done a lot to improve their lives. In fact he has. The bad news is that those of us who are American citizens who work and would like to enjoy providing for our families without Uncle Sam continually digging into our pockets to give our tax dollars to record numbers of welfare families, illegal aliens and minorities that work the system, not jobs, are the ones being ignored and marginalized by this administration and its compliant liberal media. 

So don’t be surprised about how the people who still laud this worthless president who has turned this country into a socialist state where the might of the federal government no longer protects world-wide democracy but is use to establish and maintain revenue streams to support his constituency think that Obama is simply great! 

However, in the eyes of our Founding Fathers, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Obama’s successes are America’s failure. We need to stop being nice to those people who have prospered at the expense of America and start letting them know that this imbalance is unjust, unfair and needs to stop. Maybe we should tell people buying things with an EBT card that working families can’t afford that it is wrong. Maybe we should talk loud everywhere we can about how the leeches living off of our tax dollars should be excoriated. Maybe we should march, chant and even riot to show that until we secure our borders, the immigration problem will never start to be improved. Maybe we should be less PC and more patriotic based on the example of our Founding Fathers who risked their lands and lives to oppose unfair taxation and the control of this nation by an unjust ruler who could care less about Americans. 

Maybe it is time to resist and fight for our country. 

Soon, it might be too late. 

Think about it.

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