Obama: Is He a Dope or a Liar?

obmlrObamaCare is a blessing. And ObamaCare was passed by only Democrat lemmings.

And the fact that it is called ObamaCare and not the Affordable Care Act is a bonus. The Democrats running for re-election will not be calling Obama to campaign for his ObamaCare. 

Folks like O’Reilly are way too kind or afraid to call Obama a liar. So he says Obama never read the bill. That’s not possible. Obama was the best constitutional law professor in the land. He graduated Summa Cumma who knows from Harvard Law. And a piece of legislation his signature bill for socialism Obama did not read!   

Most people will get a cancellation notice. And most people will pay more and get less. Now Obama called the old policies crap. If he knew the old policies were crap, then when did he know that.  And why didn’t he tell us that we would be paying through the nose for the “Affordable ObamaCare”. 

Whoopi had to open her big mouth this week and weigh in. She said Obama was just trying to give healthcare to poor people in Appalachia. And some people don’t give a damn. First off he wasn’t giving anything. The taxpayer and the premium payers were unwillingly giving healthcare to “poor people”.  So in essence Obama was redistributing everyone else’s wealth to the poor people in Appalachia. 

But in the end the Medicaid recipients will have to pay no deductible and you will have to pay a $4,000.00 deductible or more.  The real problem for Whoopi ‘s comment was that the poor people have been covered by Medicaid for a long time. It would be wiser if we could create some private sector jobs so these folks can be freed from the slavery of government induced poverty.  What is a 63 year old Appalachian without a job supposed to do with his Medicaid Card! 

There is another problem with Affordable ObamaCare. There seems to be an unholy alliance between Medicaid, Affordable ObamaCare and Medicare. Nobody is talking about it. And dopey Obama probably hasn’t read about it yet, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference. 

People have paid into Medicare for most of their lives and they are forced to pay about $500 a month for healthcare per couple. That doesn’t seem fair. So a pretty large chunk of their Social Security has to be used to pay for the Free healthcare. Another socialist (FDR & LBJ) dream turned into a nightmare. 

It was funny coming home from Wilkes-Barre PA last week I heard this liberal radio host tell me how great my Medicare was going to be. This kook said that Medicare was the best single payer program out there and the insurance company, the evil doer out there has nothing to do with Medicare. This guys name is Corbett. And he looks a bit like the old guy in Oliver.   Does he know that most of Medicare if not all is handled by insurance companies. He blamed special interest and said something about global warming, but if he can’t get something simple like Medicare correct then what is the point. Up in the coal region a great deal of those folks voted for Obama. They didn’t believe it when Obama said he was going to shutdown the coal business. Obama said he was going to do it. Maybe he was a dope about that and didn’t realize he was going to destroy the coal industry for the entire country as well as parts of the world. But maybe Obama didn’t read what he said. 

Now my policy is a crappy policy. But I didn’t get a cancellation notice. Oddly I was told in a letter that I was grandfathered in. Maybe they didn’t read the Obama notice. The bottom line is that my policy has a $5,000 deductible already for each family member. Now that is a lot of crap. 

One point here about evil insurance companies. The Affordable ObamaCare has placed a cap on the profits an insurance company can make. Looks like you can’t blame the insurance company. Their amount of profitability has been limited by Obama, so how can they be at fault for all the cancellations. If they can get all subscribers to have  $4 to $5,000 deductibles,  they limit their liability by a large amount and have the ability to make more money with less overhead. That Obama is a genius after all. 

Something to ponder is pre-existing condition provisions were always there. Somewhere in the 90’s the Clintonites made it disappear. Do you think maybe that was to force people to get in line for socialism and the single payer system.. Someone needs to ask the Clintons where they were when the lights went out on pre-existing conditions provisions.

Please note Affordable ObamaCare pays for pre-existing conditions but you the subscriber has to pay more for it… Thanks to the Clintons. 

There was another Obama lie that says something like this. If you are too sick to pay your premiums the insurance can’t be cancelled. Wouldn’t you like to see that in writing. Must be another dopey thing brought to you by Obama and the Commies. 

But think about this. A lot of people have been on the dole for years. They work a little but most of what they live on comes from the nanny state. So they sign up for a platinum policy almost equal to the healthcare the Feds and politicians are given for Free. So now the subscriber signs up for mental treatments. So all mental treatments are now covered by Affordable ObamaCare. So the subscriber decides that they are too “impaired” to muster up the energy to pay the insurance company. So under the Obama rules this person does not have to continue the pay the premiums and the insurance company can not cancel them. Now that sounds like crap and dopey as well. But do most of the policies of Obama fit into the same category. It all sounds good. It is all about Hope and Change but in the end the Change will not leave you with much Hope of surviving in a prosperous America. But Obama’s friends keep getting richer! 

 So the bottom line for ObamaCare is that in the end which is probably 3-6 years away, Affordable ObamaCare, Medicaid and Medicare will be under the same umbrella. If we find that  not enough people are working and paying into the insurance community  pot, Houston we have a problem. 

If ObamaCare was a real healthcare program,  it should have been written on two pages and run by the insurance companies. Since it was social engineering on a grand scale we are at  20,000 pages  and counting and Dopey Obama hasn’t read a page yet. 

So in the end you can call Obama a dope or a liar and that will not change much unless you are running for office as a Democrat in the near future. But I find less and less people admitting they voted for Obama for the second term. So who did vote for Obama and his incompetent policies. Are they the dopes or are they the liars? You make the call!

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