Obama is No Eliot Ness! Not even Close

Eliot Ness The Real StoryA book came out recently about Eliot Ness. If you are old enough you grew up watching Robert Stack beating down the gangsters in Chicago the home of our president. Or should I say where Obama has a home of sorts. There was a new book published recently about Ness. The one by Perry. I started reading it. It was a little slow on the uptake. But basically Eliot Ness was a great man, that helped to bring down Al Capone. But in the final scene, how did Eliot end up. 

I had trouble renewing the book with the library. It seems the inter-library service is no longer available if the book is not 6 months old. It doesn’t matter if the book is sitting idle in Bethlehem or Allentown public libraries. They will not lend it out until it is  six months old to other library systems. Now that makes sense if everyone at the local library  wants to read it. But if it is sitting idle in the foreign library why wouldn’t they lend it out sooner then six months. 

So you see the stupidity of the Obama administration is trickling down to all forms of government. I guess they all want to lead from (their) behind.  If someone wants to read the book, then for God’s sake lend it out! 

Back to Ness… Well there was a better book, easier to read that came out in 1997, by Paul Heimel. The title is Eliot Ness the Real Story.  This was actually an easier read.  Ness was this federal agent that may have looked more like Cosner than Stack and by all accounts Ness was an introvert. Good looking and liked to drink. (after prohibition was finally over). He was quiet but appeared to be liked by all. All except Capone and his comrades. 

Unfortunately there is more to the story. Ness became the “commissioner” of the Police and  fire companies in Cleveland. By then Cleveland was corrupt and run by gangs and the unions. Eliot was a hands on guy, had to walk the beat and be on the streets. He was not a desk person. One thing about Eliot even though he liked to socialize with the rich and famous, and partied till all hours of the night and day, he was always on the job and was a great thinker. He had the ability or the wherewithal to out think his opponents.  Capone wanted him dead but Eliot died of natural causes as did Al Capone.  But Al died a rich man while Eliot died a poor man financially. 

Funny part about all the alleged facts in the book written by Ness, it was published after Ness died and he was anxious to get it published so he never proof read the final copy. And when Robert Stack came on the screen,  literary license was running big time. But we all grew up admiring the Untouchables and wishing we could be like them. But at the end of the day they were fighting the crooks who were making money selling illegal booze which should have never been made illegal. But that’s the government for you. Doing things for the good of the country but the crooks make out big time and the middle class gets to pay. Just like Obamanomics.  When socialism is involved it benefits a select few and the rest get to pay through the nose. 

Ness was able to get the job done. Obama a loser of sorts and an introvert except for the magic of teleprompters couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag. Ness knew how to strategize and size up his opponent and win. And it helped society. Less crime, less corrupt cops, less corrupt judges and politicians. But for Obama he wants to lead from his behind. He can’t keep the immigrants out and wants all the middle class to take these people in.  Obama is so stupid he doesn’t realize socialism is very unpopular when the economy is not so prosperous. 

Now Pelosi and Obama along with the United Nations want to call all these children refugees. Do you have any idea how many children are south of the United States. And they would all be considered refugees by the liberals? There are at least 130 million children that could be labeled refugees. And wouldn’t they all be better off living in the United States the home of the endless FREE handouts! What about the rest of the world filled with children refugees and terrorists! 

If Eliot Ness was put in charge of this mess, these children and their adult counter parts would not be getting into the United States. Drugs would be at an all time low. Just what we need in this country, more dopes taking Dope. He would track down all the corrupt politicians, judges and enforcement folks and lock them up. 

He wouldn’t be blaming President Bush. He wouldn’t be blaming Clinton’s NAFTA train. Eliot would hire the right people to close down the border. If you close down the border, the people would be forced to follow the rules and stick with the immigration rules that are in effect. There is no need for reform of the laws. We need someone to enforce the laws. Obama can’t and won’t. And Ness would. Some people forget but in the Dreams book, Obama’s father was kicked out of the country and had to return to Kenya where he died a drunk. So maybe this is Obama’s pay back after all. Anyone who comes to this country for whatever reason should be allowed to stay. Sounds stupid when you write it down. It is worse when you practice it like the liberals. And most of these folks will never vote for a Democrat. No one who honestly pays taxes want to pay more taxes to a government who is out of control and corrupt. It is easy to find a politician to spend other people’s money! And is Pelosi the best that women can offer? 

Ness after leaving the commissioner’s job decided to get into business. He did quite well but was undermined by a crook. He even tried to run for mayor of Cleveland and didn’t make it. In the end even though he had taken on the best and beat them, he didn’t know how to make money.  It is tough to learn while you are working for the government unless you are a crook! Clintons never had a real job and they are worth billions. 

If you are good at something, stick with it and don’t try something else you have no experience in. Eliot broke the rule and his book was to be his saving grace. But he died at 57 because he didn’t have ObamaCare. He never saw his book published. He had a few wives and one adopted son. We can only hope that they benefited by the movies etc. that followed after the publication of his book. 

Eliot Ness was an honest man and would not take a bribe from Capone that was twenty times his annual federal salary.  And he was able to find a group of men to do the same. In his life he saw corrupt judges, police, politicians and union members. Together they supported the gangs and their crimes and illegal activity.  Not much different then today. 

But our politicians say including Obama that the problems can’t be fixed. The problem won’t be fixed until we find honorable men like Ness and George Washington to lead. And we need voters who are not zombies but want a better life for all the citizens of the United States not just a select few like the Clintons and the Obamas.   

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