Obama – One Useless +#&%#

uselessI am not sure why we have Barack Obama as President and Commander-in-Chief. He can’t lead, he won’t be held accountable for anything that goes wrong, he runs from responsibility, plays golf instead of governs and fiddles with his Hollywood benefactors while the world burns brighter and brighter.

If there EVER was a building threat it is the unchecked domination of the middle east by ISIL who have already openly slaughtered hundreds of captives on-camera and untold thousands that we haven’t seen. This threat has been confirmed building even during Hillary’s pathetic reign as Secretary of State, when it was still small and more easily eradicated, but the decision was made to do nothing. 
Obama’s current stance; “we have no strategy” and his plan; “wait and see.”
Wait for what? ISIL has already butchered many loyal allies and Christians; is that not enough? ISIL had made it clear that they plan to keep expanding their brutal regime until the black flag of Islam is flying over the White House; is that not enough?
The war news today is almost like Vietnam where we risked multi-million dollar weapon systems to destroy trucks  worth a few thousand dollars, and then reported the results like it was victory, or worse, progress to help end the conflict. Today I saw that we had engaged in FIVE airstrikes, destroyed a few vehicles and a checkpoint, as if that was a victory, or progress to help end the conflict. ISIL marches two hundred and fifty helpless people into the desert and kills them while we brag about putting bombs on the dashboard of a few Toyotas, and Obama seems satisfied.
He is one useless Mother-F+#&%#. He can’t be held responsible, won’t fight except to defend his own party, has an administration full of incompetent but very PC mouthpieces (especially in the State Department), meets every scandal and problem the same way; he makes a tepid speech and then directs his compliant media to move on. Which they do.
Imagine if a Republican President had Obama’s list of international failures; huge losses in lands, personnel and equipment to an armed force dedicated to the death and destruction of America, the active invasion by Russia into a sovereign nation after helping shoot down a civilian airliner killing almost three hundred people, the continued influx of God knows who through our purposefully porous borders as more and more illegal immigrants are allowed to roam free, or stockpiled at taxpayer expense while making sure our law enforcement agencies MIRANDIZE the illegals to ensure their rights.
Obama is just one useless +#&%#.

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