Obama’s Brave New World

Republicans who think they need to avoid social issues to have a chance at getting elected, you have to wonder what side they are really on.  
President Obama recently said the federal government won’t target recreational marijuana users in two states where marijuana use is now legal.  Combine that with the fact that Obama and other liberals are contributing to a culture of perversion by degradingly pandering to heterophobic homosexuals.  Add in the fact that on some college campuses, besides officially recognized “gay pride” student groups, there are now even officially recognized student groups devoted to BDSM (bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism)—so, if you like to smack people around, some colleges like Harvard have a group for you!
     Shouldn’t rational people wonder if Obama and other liberals are following Aldous Huxley’s “playbook”—Brave New World?  In Huxley’s dystopia, the government maintains control of its sheeple by promoting recreational sex and drug use.
     We’ve currently got a government which wants to dictate the kind of light bulbs you use, the kind of gasoline you use (ethanol, trying to buy the farm vote), the kind of mandatory “options” cars must feature (trying to buy the votes of auto union members), etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum.  It seems like our government wants to control every aspect of your life except the “sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” ones.  The government is driving up the prices of food, gasoline, cars, and many other commodities through overregulation demanded by radical special interest groups, and too many people are just taking it passively.  They should be outraged, but apparently as long as they have more sexual “freedom” (license) and some alcohol and a few drugs they don’t mind losing all kinds of other freedoms.
     In addition, in Huxley’s book the words “family” and “marriage” are almost epithets, and love and romance are effectively quaint and obsolete.  (Since, in that dystopia, the government not only breeds the children [in test tubes], but raises them, families are not only unneeded, but they are looked upon as essentially an act of defiance of the government.  And since families are discouraged, so also are love and romance.  In this dystopia, it’s better to just use others for recreational sex than to form intense emotional bonds and loving monogamous relationships.)
     Various writers have commented over the last few years about how narcissistic many young people are, and commented about the popularity of the basically loveless, sexually promiscuous “hook up” culture.  And it almost seems like families are being destroyed faster (via divorce, which politicians made easier some years ago) than they are being created. 
     We need to start seriously asking ourselves “Where are we going as a society?” and “Do we really want to go there?”  Rome didn’t fall in a day, but it did fall. 
     We need to defeat anti-family politicians who are facilitating a culture of perversion and sexual exploitation.  And we need to elect politicians who are courageous enough to take sound moral stands on issues.  Enough is enough.  It’s time decent ethical people pushed back hard.  There’s a lot at stake.
     And those Republicans who think they need to avoid social issues to have a chance at getting elected, you have to wonder what side they are really on.  Democrats use social issues to increase their base.  We should use social issues to increase our base, and also because if we only narrowly stand for lower taxes and a healthier economy we aren’t going to strongly motivate too many people to vote for us.  Besides that, Democrat values are so bizarre Republicans who stand for decent moral values and campaign wisely for those values should mop up the floor with Democrats in elections.  (The problem is that too many Republicans don’t campaign wisely for those values, by accident or by design.)
     For example, in the recent elections Democrats got away with using some rather extreme rhetoric against Republicans (e.g., “WAR on women”).  Since turnabout is fair play, isn’t it high time we draw attention to some of the wars Democrats are waging?
      First, there is the war against innocent unborn babies. Women can get abortions for any reason, even racist or sexist reasons. And while defending the war against the innocent, Democrats are against executing the guilty (criminals). Truly bizarre.
     Another war Democrats are waging is the war against traditional values and the decent moral people who hold them. For example, the whole so-called “gay rights” (sad wrongs) movement makes no sense. Thinking people have known for centuries that homosexual activity is immoral and a bad legal precedent. And bizarrely, heterophobic homosexuals themselves “discriminate” against other sexual minorities, like consenting-adult incestuous people and consenting-adult exhibitionists, by not including these other sexually aberrant people in their “rainbow,” despite the fact that consenting-adult incestuous people and consenting-adult exhibitionists can use the same basic arguments homosexuals use.  And homosexuals are getting away with this “discrimination”! 
      And Democrats are waging other wars, like the war against the oil industry (keeping gas prices outrageously high) or the war against decent wages (the latter is being conducted by pandering to illegal immigrants who work for low wages and so put downward pressure on wages).
      We need Republicans who will stand for something besides the narrow “more money” plank, who will fight hard for decent moral values.  We need Republicans who will try to attract “Reagan Democrats,” those Democrats who are conservative on moral issues, not write these voters off like Romney effectively and stupidly did.  We need better candidates than incompetents like Romney.

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