Obama’s Final Report Card… We can only Hope!

Obama gets an A in fooling people about his record.

I am going to act like a liberal and give Obama a lot of A’s today. So far his grades haven’t been too good. But after all he would just hide the transcripts and documentation so you can’t see it. Obama would just like to vote present. Even that is a stretch.


I give Obama an A in pulling this off. Do you know how many people actually believe his failed policies have helped the economy! Obama and Biden while laughing have convinced a bunch of people that an increase in our national debt of $6 trillion dollars is nothing. The liberal congresses and Presidents from the 1960’s have never paid down the debt. Obama is adding over a trillion dollars to the debt each and every year. But most liberals will tell the Kool-aid drinkers don’t worry about it. We can just borrow more from China. As long as we keep sending American Jobs to China and we buy back their inferior products: For what conceivable reason would China stop lending the American liberals money!


Keep in mind evil President Bush only added about $1.5 trillion dollars to the debt in 8 years if you credit him the TARP money and the repayment of such. And keep in mind that Obama spent 50% of the stimulus money that President Bush left for him. Whoops if President Bush didn’t get credit for it, did Obama spend that money and is it included in Obama’s $6 trillion dollar deficit? No one seems to care.


Obama gets an A for fooling that 47% who will vote for Obama. They think that Obama was full boat in capturing Osama. But while Obama is bragging about killing Osama and shooting his young wife in the foot, Obama and Biden were asleep at the wheel. Obama left his left wing ambassador in Libya with no protection. I am not sure if there is an American Embassy in the world that is not protected by Marines. I guess Obama was just too busy fund raising and missed the warnings that came from Libya. Maybe next time Obama will take the time to protect the Ambassadors that represent America and Americans on American soil.

I guess Obama is proud that he only lost 4 Americans in Libya. It wasn’t the world trade center. Let’s blame the movie trailer and let the members of Al-Qaeda be themselves.


Obama gets another ‘A’ for fooling the 47%. The 47% of the folks that vote for Obama because they think he will always allow them to feed off the government teat and as long as liberals like Obama are in office there will always be a free handout or a prosperous government job with plentiful benefits. The problem is under the liberal failed policies there are 24 million people who are not working. If these 24 million folks have to work part time and can’t find that great full time job that has moved to China under Obama, this raises many issues. If they are only working part time, they are not getting ObamaCare. If they are working part time they qualify for all sorts of government programs. Like food stamps, rental assistance, energy assistance and so on. So Obama’s economy can not support all these added mouths to feed. That means only one thing, they will cut your share of the system suckling.


Obama gets an “A” for fooling the women. The liberals allowed over 16 million black children to be aborted. Wow how liberating. Obama has given nothing to women, He has bought no free healthcare for women including contraceptives. Obama has not paid for any healthcare premiums that have increased when a 26 year old was added to the healthcare policy. Obama has not paid for increase premiums caused by pre-existing conditions and life time benefits. And Women have lost more jobs under Obama then any other president. And that includes the 66% of the college graduates that can’t find jobs. But women still want to vote for Obama. Christian Biden said his personal beliefs are against abortion but he will not vote against abortion for you. What a guy!


Obama gets another “A” for fooling all the Latinos including Eva Longoria. Some Latinos wanted Amnesty for all illegals in the United States. Instead Obama gave them his American Dream. It might have been another dream of his father. What are these illegals going to do in 2 years? If they claim they were working for a company for 3 years, doesn’t the company get in trouble for hiring illegals? And where are the parents of all these illegals? Do they get deported now or in 2 years? Obama said himself that this privilege does not guarantee citizenship and it does not give them healthcare. I think the Latinos should say thanks but no thanks. Like most of Obama’s poorly thought out dreams of his father, they cause more problems and appear to solve absolutely nothing. And they are expensive to the American economy and they are detrimental to the American future.


We also must give an “A” to Obama for fooling all the liberal media. Obama has lied about almost everything in the debates. Sometimes he gets called on it. But it seems that the female moderators are protecting the lies of Obama from follow-up questions. It may work for the liberals but it only gives a ton of fodder to the internet and everyone else to question the audacity or the stupidity of these people to think that the majority of Americans will believe any of this stuff.


So hopefully this will be the last Obama report card. I give him an A for lying with such arrogance. And the Honey Boo Boos of the world may believe him. But the Average American will never trust or Believe Obama again.


To make that permanent, don’t forget to speak your mind on election day. Don’t you agree, that it is time to bid our liberal president farewell!


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