Obama’s Fiscal Cliff … Will he Ever Take the Blame for his Failed Policies!

This is really the problem in a nutshell. If the liberals make cuts in their pet projects, they are afraid that they won’t get re-elected and keep making all that great money!

The fiscal cliff is a self imposed dilemma brought to you by your congress and your president. Since Obama could not muster up the courage before his re-election bid to put his budget down on paper and up for a vote, the thieves agreed to postpone the budget decisions until after the election. Basically if they didn’t pass a viable budget then some taxes would go up and some budget cuts would be mandatory, at least on paper.  This was agreed upon for allowing the debt ceiling to be raised without a fight!


So what does this mean to the right brains: Basically the usual stuff. Older people will be forced to eat cat food. Head start programs will be cut. Women will have to buy their own contraceptives or suffer the fate of giving birth or supporting Planned Parenthoods’ abortion clinics.


For the left brains it will basically mean nothing.  Cuts never seem to happen. The different bureaucracies are so over loaded that they can cut back 10% without blinking an eye. And the top brass and all politicians will receive their exorbitant pay checks and life time benefits. And for the average worker who still has a job, their taxes may go up a few dollars. Remember the Bush Tax cuts started out as $600 a couple. Now tell me again how $600 annually is going to make a difference? It is going to throw the country over a fiscal cliff! The wacko liberals have been complaining that tax cuts were a burden on the budget. Well maybe it is time they put our money where their mouths are!


But Obama will say if we don’t tax the rich and the fiscal cliff magically occurs then the average family will pay $2,000 more in taxes. Wouldn’t it be great if those poor families had that $2,000 to spend on Christmas presents for their loved ones. What Christmas is Obama talking about?


 So this is what I mean about right and left brain. One story is a lie but appeals to the imagination. The other is just the facts ma’am. CSI looks at the evidence… How come Obama and the commies don’t want you to look at the evidence?


Of course there are a lot of folks and voters that don’t know the difference.


First off, the average family lost about $5,000 in income under the Obama golden years. So that alone would equate to a decrease in taxes paid.  The other problem is that Obama has  taken only the people paying income taxes and lumped them together to see what the tax increase caused by the abolition of the Bush tax cuts would amount to. But for the average American the tax increase would be minimal. For the rich it would be much larger. When Obama averages it together he arrives at a $2,000 figure which is absurd. But do you hear any rebuttal from the peanut gallery! Why Not?


Of course if you are a Russian Roulette winner and have lost your job due to the sacrifices we all must make under the Obama economy… You don’t have to pay any taxes on your income. 


So the problem really amounts to does the fiscal cliff actually effect the average American.  So wackos like Schumer and Pelosi can’t really imagine a tax rate that would be adequate to cover their exorbitant spending habits. In other words the sky is the limit. Ask Californians and New Yorkers …They know how it feels to pay and pay and pay! It is like a drug addiction. They really just want a blank check and they want you to cover the check. This outrageous, unconscionable and ridiculous spending has been going on since FDR and Jimmy Carter.


The real question is can the government survive with a 10% across the board cut. This should not only apply to the Federal government but also to the States and locals as well. In order to accomplish this,  folks like Pelosi and Obama would have to do some soul searching. Whoops, do you think they have a soul between them?


And that is really the problem in a nutshell. If the liberals make cuts in their pet projects, they are afraid that they won’t get re-elected and keep making all that great money!


So what would the fiscal cliff look like for the average American? Compared to the failures of Obama in the last 4 years it would look like: No Difference!


So our spineless leaders will have to ask a more important question: What will this do to the economy?  And how many jobs will it create? And the latter question is really the only question to be answered.


Obama and Billy Bob Clinton and Powell brag about the economy being on the right track. Again the economy should not be about government jobs and government handouts. It should be about private sector jobs.


As Obama’s unemployment numbers magically go down thanks to the Christmas holiday hiring, we are in for a big let down come Feb 2013. And even with the make believe numbers, there are probably 25 million people looking for work. By the end of 2013 the number will surpass 30 million. Keep in mind when people don’t work, the government must shell out money to  support them.


You can be the dumbest person on the planet, or the President of the United States and realize that if you don’t create jobs and get revenue flowing to support the people on the dole, then we do have a fiscal cliff to deal with?


The question you should pose to your elected officials would be:  Do you want to control our destiny now or would you like destiny to take control of what you must do. In other words make the cuts now while you can. The worse case scenario is that the fiscal cliff will create more jobs and improve the nation’s credit rating.


But if the governments of this great land are forced to make cuts because they are in the red, nothing good can come from that.


Let’s take the money we don’t have and start building factories here in this land. Every time Barack signs a free trade agreement with other countries if you listen closely you can hear this giant sucking sound as more American Jobs are being sent to other countries like Burma while they accept money and investments from American Businesses.


Isn’t it time for American Businesses to invest in America. Why won’t Obama encourage more businesses to invest in America so that Black, Latino and White Americans can work?


Maybe Obama should stay in Washington for a year and help businesses grow in America rather than Burma. It would be great to buy products made in America rather than products made just about anywhere else. Most of these products were originally Made in America. Your politicians drove the businesses out of the country. Isn’t it time to drive the same politicians like Obama out of the country as well?  


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