Obama’s Reelection Will Ensure Complete U.S. Economic Collapse

The U.S. is arguably in a depression, but the government won’t admit it because it makes the government look bad. Thanks to welfare programs, it doesn’t seem as bad as the Great Depression. 25 percent of adults may be out of work, but they have welfare instead of Hoovervilles. Instead of starving Americans standing in food lines, we see Americans obese from living on food stamps.

This coming presidential election will determine whether the U.S. ends up in another Great Depression or pulls out of the economic slump. There are numerous signs indicating that the country is headed for economic Armageddon under Obama. Some analysts are predicting the crash could come as soon as next year. Obama is following the failed policies of President Herbert Hoover which led to the Great Depression.


Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh says the U.S. is on an unsustainable course; there isn’t enough money from taxes to pay everyone lifetime healthcare, lifetime pensions, and hefty incomes. The federal government now spends 50 percent more than it takes in. Social Security and Medicare are on the brink of insolvency and are little more than government Ponzi schemes. Soon there will be more people on welfare than not. Borrowing and printing more money will no longer save the country from defaulting, because our debt will soon be so high other countries will not want our dollars.


Earlier this year, three financial analysts predicted financial meltdown will take place in less than a year. Author Robert Prechter, who wrote the book Conquer the Crash, sees economic parallels to the Great Depression and predicts the illusion of a recovery will fail like it did in the 1930s. Art Laffer, the economist who invented the Laffer Curve, predicted a crash in 2011 if the Bush tax cuts were not extended. Since Obama backed down and extended the tax cuts through 2013, the crash has been delayed.


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