Obama’s Twelve Days of Christmas

What 12 things would Obama want for Christmas if he could wave his magic wand and make them happen?

On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Well no one knows who Obama really loves except for maybe himself. But what if Santa granted Obama some wishes what would he want in his stocking.


First off Obama would want world peace. There are two problems here. There is a politico-religious problem and there is  not enough money for poor countries. So Santa would make the entire world Islamic, and all laws would fall under Sharia Law. This could give rise to a political problem because the first thing Al-Qaeda and the Taliban would want to do is put women in their Islamic place. No education, no voting and probably no free contraceptives. So that takes care of the number one terrorist problem, if we were all Islamic, then there would be no infidels and we would have world peace.


In order to insure world peace so that there would be no international jealousies, all the workers would have to make the same amount of money. So Santa would take away most of the American money from all workers both private sector and public sector and give it to workers in countries like Kenya, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Pakistan.  And once each citizen in this global world was making the exact same amount of money, the world would be at peace.

At least that’s what the global kooks keep saying. 


On the Second day of Christmas all guns would be confiscated except from the military, law enforcement and Obama’s secret police/service. If anyone is caught with a gun a limb of their choosing will be lopped off immediately. You see under Sharia law that would be legal.


On the Third day of Christmas all the poor people in the United States will be given a pay check even if they don’t have a job. This paycheck will be the same as the global amount of money paid to everyone else.  Santa will deem even if these folks are not legally workers, they still get paid because they would work if only they could find a job.


On the Fourth day of Christmas all rights to vote would be eliminated. Why vote? Let the bureaucracies of the United Nations run the world. Let them run the internet and all the “Free Markets”.


On the Fifth day of Christmas Santa would empty all the prisons. There would be no reason to have prisons. If everyone was paid the same, why would anyone steal from another. They would cause no bodily harm because there were no guns. Drugs would be eliminated because who could afford to pay for illegal drugs on the global stipend?


On the Sixth day of Christmas, Santa would instruct all nations to destroy their national defenses. All nuclear weapons, tanks, missiles would be  destroyed. No country could afford to maintain an army or navy, so lets sink everything. Oh how safe the world would be.


On the seventh day of Christmas Santa would instruct all that they would have Free healthcare and Free contraceptives. It will all be free. Santa is not sure where he will get all the workers to provide the healthcare especially to bureaucrats and politicians but who cares. If everyone is making the same money and no one wants for their neighbor and her goods, then there will be no illness and no stress in the land. But if you stub your toe, the healthcare will be free.


On the eight day of Christmas all fossil fuels will be outlawed. Nuclear energy will be outlawed. The only thing that will be allowed is green energy. No wood burning will be allowed. All the people to the north will be encouraged to move closer to the equator.


On the ninth day of Christmas Santa would make the Obamas invisible to the American taxpayer. Lady Michelle would be allowed to go on as many vacations with her family as she could possibly book. No one would complain about all the money the Obamas would spend on monthly and weekly vacations. After all there really is a Santa Claus in America.


On the 10th day of Christmas … Haven’t you done enough Santa! Stop the world I want to get off. But you see this is exactly what the liberals want. And in the end they want people like themselves filling the bureaucracies and political positions.


I believe that you could be the dumbest person on the planet and you could see that the direction that Obama can wish for is not a good place. And in the end you would lose all your freedoms and liberties.


It won’t be long before you will not be able to choose your own doctor, assuming you can find one.


So I only wish for one day of Christmas. I know that most Americans are good and fair people. And they would only want the best for this country. It would be great if we could get rid of the “it takes a village” liberalism and bring back family and neighbors.  Without them all the policemen in the world will not keep you safe.


My wish is simple. Most people in the United States are not happy that Obama is still president. Most people are not happy about the way the country is being run.


My wish to Santa is that all people start to pay attention to what is going on. Understand what the liberals want to do to this country. Understand what the capitalists want to do to this country. And let’s hope that the next election will have 100% of the people voting. Wouldn’t it be a great country if all the people were paying attention. And all people stood up on election day and voted. No busing and shenanigans. But all people cherishing their right to vote so they would have their sacred say in a country to keep it Free and Democratic. To clarify “Democratic” does not mean ruled by liberal Democrats… It means ruled by the people for the people. Damn the Republic!


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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